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Lone Grave of John Anthony Fernance - St Albans
Cemetery Details
Address:  313 Upper Macdonald Road
 St Albans
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located on private property approximately 3.3km north on the Upper Macdonald Road from the St Albans bridge. Grave is located at the rear of the house, up towards the fence and wooded area.
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:   (private owner)
Number of Graves:  1
Names Recorded:  1
Period of Use:  1894

Panoramic of Lone Grave of McFarland at Wisemans Ferry

Register: Fernance, John Anthony Map of grave:



Above: Grave is located just behind the house up on the hill, just before the tree line.

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld, Michelle Nichols, John Norris and Ena Norris - April 2006.


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