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Lone Grave of Susannah and Joseph Fernance - St Albans
Cemetery Details
Address:  1795 St Albans Road
 St Albans
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located on private property approximately 1.8km south on the St Albans Road from the St Albans bridge. Grave is located in open grassland behind the main house.
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:   (private owner)
Number of Graves:  1
Names Recorded:  2
Period of Use:  1878-1893

Panoramic of Lone Grave of McFarland at Wisemans Ferry

Register: Fernance, Joseph
Fernance, Susannah Jane
Map of grave:



Photo of Susannah and Joseph Fernace grave taken by Ena and John Norris in 1992.


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld, Michelle Nichols, John Norris and Ena Norris - April 2006.


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