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St David's Cemetery - Kurrajong Heights
Cemetery Details
Address:  Bells Line of Road
 Kurrajong Heights
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Corner of Bells Line of Road &            Douglas Road. Approximately 50m south of Kurrajong Heights post office
Denomination:  Uniting (previously Presbyterian)
Responsible Authority:  St David's Uniting Church, Kurrajong Heights
Number of Graves:  30
Names Recorded:  46
Period of Use:  1857 - 1999

Panoramic of St Davids Cemetery


Beresford, Leslie (Smezzy)
Beresford, Lona Doreen [nee Warr]
Boatwright, George
Brown, Emily Caroline
Burges, Mary Orr
Douglass, Joseph
Dyster, Colin McKenzie
Dyster, Edith Emma
Ford, Arthur Thomas
Ford, Arthur Thomas
Ford, Jessie H. M.
Frederick, Janet Doris
Frederick, William Lloyd Ludwig
Green, Benjamin
Green, Mary
McLeod, Mary Ellen
McPherson, David
Peck, Alice Elizabeth
Peck, Alwin
Peck, Doris Irene
Peck, Elizabeth Eunice
Peck, Hannah
Peck, Henry
Peck, Mary
Peck, Richard Ernest
Peck, Robert
Pitman, Charles
Pitman, Charles Albert
Pitman, Fairlie Frances
Pitman, Frederick William
Pitman, Minnie Gertrude
Pittman, Clement
Pittman, Daisy Ann
Poole, Albert Llewellyn
Poole, Clara Mabel
Poole, Dorothy May
Poole, Ella May
Scott, Ronald Malcolm
Smithers, William Frederick
Telford, Juliana E.
Telling, Frank
Telling, Gertrude May
Wilson, Edward
Wilson, Maude Amelia
Wilson, Rowland Edward
Wilson, Susannah

Map of cemetery:



Panoramic of St Davids Cemetery


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - September 2003.


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