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St Gregory's Catholic Cemetery - Kurrajong
Cemetery Details
Address:  Old Bells Line of Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  100 metres on the left from the intersection of Old Bells Line of Road with Bells Line of Road
Denomination:  Catholic
Responsible Authority:  Catholic Parish of Richmond - St Gregory's Cemetery Committee
Number of Graves:  107
Names Recorded:  202
Period of Use:  1845 - 2000


?? Unknown ??
Bromage (nee Masters), Lillian Francis
Buckett [nee Hungerford], Natalie Lois
Buckett, Austin William
Buckett, Benjamin Bill
Buckett, Daniel Bernard
Buckett, James Austin
Burgess, Mary Therese
Butcher, Alfred P.
Butcher, Christopher
Butcher, Elizabeth Mary
Butcher, Nellie
Butcher, Phillip
Butcher, Sarah A.
Butler, Lilien Ethel
Butler, Margaret Mary Agnes
Butler, Richard
Butler, William
Calvey [nee McMahon], Sheila
Cartwright, Earl
Cartwright, Matthew A
Coghill (nee Masters), Sylvia Veronica
Cooke, Oswald Francis
Cross, Catherine
Cullen, Edward
Cullen, Jane
Deleaney, Thomas
Dighterow, Anna
Dollin, Clarice Mary Ellen
Duffy, James
Dyall [nee Buckett], Mary Margaret
Fitzpatrick, Eileen Norah
Gosper, Annie
Granger, Alfred
Granger, Alfred John
Granger, Fanny
Greentree, Mary Theresa
Hancock [nee McMahon], Dacia
Hanlon, John James
Hanlon, Phyllis
Harwood, Bridget (Delia)
Harwood, Frederick W.
Hawkins, Athol John Edward (Jack)
Hawkins, Hanorah
Hawkins, Reginald William Gregory
Hennessy, Elizabeth Jane
Hennessy, Julia
Hennessy, Margaret
Hennessy, Mary Ann
Hennessy, Michael
Hennessy, Richard
John, Mary
Kearney, Cecil Reay
Kearney, Joan Gwendoline
Kennedy, Andrew Thomas
Kennedy, Archibald Joseph
Kennedy, Ceccelea
Kent, E.
Kirkton, Catherine
Lary, Charles
Lawlor, John
Lynch, Catherine
Madden, John
Maguire, Edmond Bernard
Mahon, Andrew
Mahon, Ann
Mahon, Edward
Mahon, Edwin
Mahon, Elizabeth
Mahon, Thomas George
Mahoney, Martha Kennedy
Maloney, Michael
Maloney, Sarah
Mason, John Valentine
Mason, Mary
Mason, Patrick
Masters, Father John Thomas
Masters, Joan Mary
Masters, Lillian Mildred
McCabe, Enid Cathleen Camira
McCabe, Leslie Lawrence
McDonald, Edgar Leslie
McKeown, Charles
McKeown, Gerald Michael
McKeown, J.A.
McKeown, John
McKeown, Malcolm John
McKeown, Phyllis
McMahon [nee Gosper], Dora Beal
McMahon, A.C.
McMahon, Abraham Michael
McMahon, Alice
McMahon, Austin Stephen
McMahon, Caroline
McMahon, Clement Joseph
McMahon, Cornelius
McMahon, Dorothy Elena
McMahon, Edward William
McMahon, Elizabeth
McMahon, Emily Maude
McMahon, Essie
McMahon, Florence May
McMahon, Francis Patrick
McMahon, Gertrude
McMahon, Gertrude
McMahon, Iolena Ena
McMahon, James
McMahon, James Edward
McMahon, Johanna
McMahon, John
McMahon, John
McMahon, Joseph
McMahon, Josephine Mary
McMahon, Leanore Margaret
McMahon, Leo John
McMahon, Marie
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, Mary
McMahon, Mary Ann
McMahon, Mary Ann
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Michael Stephen
McMahon, Stephen
McMahon, Thomas
McMahon, Thomas Clarence
McMahon, Thomas J.
McMahon, Thomas William
McMahon, Vincent Stephen
McMahon, W.G.
McMahon, W.R.
McMahon, Walter Kevin
Micock, Julia Ann
Monteith [nee Quinn], Eadith Genieve
Moulds, Albert
Moulds, Mary Melvena
Murray, Catherine
Murray, Catherine
Murray, Frances
Murray, John
Murray, Linda
Murray, Mary
Murray, Michael
Murray, Vera
Newton, Kathleen M.
Norris, Edith Agnes
Norris, Ellen
Norris, Frederick Joseph
Norris, Lawrence Stephen
Norris, Thomas
Norris, Tressie Mary
Norris, Vincent
Ogle, Mildred
O'Loughlin, Annie Elener
O'Loughlin, Leo Austin
O'Neill, Kathleen Emma Gent
Onley, Albert Charles
Onley, Marie
O'Reiley, Edward
O'Riley, Mary Ann
Quinn, Anthony Joseph
Quinn, Austin (Geg) Gregory
Quinn, Bridget
Quinn, Kathleen Martha
Quinn, Thomas Bernard
Riley, George
Riley, John
Riley, Lexie
Riley, Maria
Riley, Mary
Riley, Michael
Riley, Patrick
Riley, William Marcellus
Shelton, Catherine E.
Shelton, Sarah Ann
Shelton, William Thomas
Sinclair, Mary Ann
Smith, John
Stevens (nee Masters), Monica Millicent (Noni)
Taylor, Mary Ann
Toomey, Aubrey Patrick
Turner, Amos J.
Turner, Annie
Turner, Eileen A.
Turner, Geoffrey W.
Turner, Stella A.
Turner, William
Upton, Bernard Frederick
Upton, Frederick George
Upton, Helen Marion
Upton, Maxwell Bernard
Walker, Phyllis Mildred
Want, Robert George
Want, Thelma Elizabeth
Wholohan, Alma
Wholohan, Alma Madoline
Wholohan, Ethel
Wholohan, Ethel Mary
Wholohan, Henry Joseph
Wholohan, Mary Ann
Wilson, Daphne

Map of cemetery:

The above register includes transcripts of the Old Section only. This section of the cemetery is closed but people with existing burial rights may still be buried in the old section. Ashes may also be added with permission of the Committee.

Many headstones in rows 1 to 4 were repositioned in the 1970s. Original locations not known. 

A transcript of the Columbarium and Lawn Cemetery Sections containing recent burials, is not available at the present time. Researchers wishing to locate individuals in these sections should contact the St Gregory's Cemetery Committee directly.

Credits: Transcription by Rita Crane, Cathy McHardy and Nicholas McHardy, photography by Cathy McHardy and cemetery plan by Nicholas McHardy - February 2005.


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