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Lower Portland General Cemetery - Lower Portland
Cemetery Details
Address:  West Portland Road
 Lower Portland
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  9km from the King Road, West Portland Road turnoff
Denomination:  Various
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  145
Names Recorded:  199
Period of Use:  1899 - current


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Aldridge, Sarah Sylvia
Allerton, Robert Mervyn
Andrews, Marjorie Anita
Andrews, Rex
Atkinson, Rev. Reg
Babos, Erno
Barlass, Kathleen Heather
Barnett, Bryan William
Barsfoot, Barbara
Bensley, Douglas Volney
Bensley, Judith (Judi) May
Blundell, Cecil George
Blundell, Elma May (Kate)
Blundell, Emily Ann
Blundell, Glen Vincent
Blundell, John
Blundell, Lorna
Blundell, William John
Bonser, Neale Mark
Boyle, Dorothy Wearne
Britton, Rev. Samuel John
Britton, Ruth Eleanor
Bromley, Gunner G.M.
Bruce, Robert Byron
Burcher, Elsie May
Cameron-Nix, Alan Bruce
Carrey, Yvonne
Cartwright, Gunner Athol Maurice
Case, H.
Case, Harold Arthur
Chapman [nee Jimmie Marr], Zena Lupin
Chapman, Corporal C.
Cobcroft, Charley
Collingwood, George Henry
Cooper [nee Gotts], Dora Grace
Cooper, Alfred Eric Leonard
Cooper, James
Cropp, George Robert
Cropp, Joan Marie
Davidson, Brian (Moose)
Davidson, Trevor
Dean, Judith
Dick [nee Green], Violet Jane
Dick, John William
Dixon, Patricia
Douglas [nee Case], Ivy
Douglas, Charles Gordon
Douglas, Kenneth
Douglass, Evelyn Joy
Eley, Elsie M.
Eley, Horace A.
Everingham, Dorothy Belle
Everingham, Matilda Rebecca
Everingham, Thomas
Frost, Agnes
Gambrill, Allan
Gambrill, Clara Muriel
Gambrill, Clive
Gambrill, Ethelene Australia
Gambrill, Wesley Charles
Gellatly [nee Wallis], Dorothy H.
Gellatly, Capt. Lindsay (Tim)
Gosper D.F.C., Lee Gordon
Gotts, Esther Annie
Gotts, Gladys Irene
Gotts, Gordon Roy
Gotts, Margaret Ellen
Gotts, Pte Eric Aubrey
Gotts, Pte Hilton Kenneth
Gotts, Reuben Francis
Gotts, Robert Ashley
Gotts, William Paul
Green, Agnes Mary
Green, Reginald C.
Griffin, Emily Charlotte (Lottie)
Griffin, Gerald Haswell
Herps, Clara Jane
Herps, Fletcher
Herps, Grant Andrew
Herps, John A.
Herps, Minnie Agnes
Herps, Oswald Burnett
Herps, Pte M.B.
Herps, Thomas James
Hughes, Craig
Hulbert, Eric Floyd
Humphries, Edna Vera
Humphries, Harold Searle
Jeffrey, Kathleen May
Jennings, Geoffrey Thomas
Johnson, Helen Joyce
Johnson, Roy
Jones, Amelia Cardwell
Jones, Annie Melville
Jones, Keith Lorraine
Jones, Leslie George
Jones, Margaret Anne
Jones, Rona Ethelene
Jones, Ronald George
Jones, Valentine Vincent
Jones, William
King, Bruce W.
King, Jessie May
Leet, Dorothy Mary
Leet, Gladys May
Leet, Jonathon Robert Jacob
Leet, Mary Anna Grace
Lorincz, Elizabeth
Lorincz, George
Lowe O.B.E., Harvey
Lowe, Annabelle Ruby
Lowe, C. M. (Connie)
Lowe, Percy Arnold
Madden, Joyce Edna
Madden, Raymond Thomas
Marr [nee Grono], Margaret
Marr, Albert Malcolm
Marr, George
Marr, Laurel Lupin
Marr, Private Norman George
Marr, Sargent Alexander Percivle
Marr, Sgt. Albert
Marsh [nee Barber], Christina Pricilla
Marshall [nee Uren], Linda
Marshall, Arthur Harflete
Marshall, Arthur Harflete
Martin, Lionel Henery
Martin, William George
McBride, Recarda
McDouogall, Edward Clyde
McDouogall, Florence Maud
Medek, Robert Bohumil
Metherell, Elizabeth
Metherell, Emma
Metherell, Frederick
Metherell, Herbert William
Metherell, James Trenance
Mitchell, Kate Elizabeth
Mitchell, Owen Frederick
Mitchell, Russell Edward
Mitchell, Theo
Morley, Vera May
Musgrave, Violet
Paul, Jonathan Victor
Quarmby, Bruce Frederick (Hoppy)
Romano, Dinora
Sanders, C. E. (Ted)
Sanders, Melvie
Scott, R. V.
Shelley, Elva Dunstan
Shelley, Ronald
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Alvin
Smith, Bartholomew
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Chester R.
Smith, Eileen Florence
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ephraim C.
Smith, Helen
Smith, Hunter Ernest Booth
Smith, John
Smith, John Burrows
Smith, Nance
Smith, Reuben Moss
Stickney, Frederick Gibson
Tierney, Thomas James
Toms, Dani
Turner, Ivy Sarah
Turner, Roy
Uren M.B.Ch.M.Syd F.R.C.S.Ed, Cecil
Uren, Alberta
Uren, Alfred
Uren, Alfred
Uren, Arlene Mabel
Uren, Cecil Howard
Uren, Mabel Clarice
Watkins, Albert Victor
Watkins, Alfred
Watkins, Aubrey Alfred (Jim)
Watkins, Sarah Ann (Topsy)
Watkins, Thomas Wesley
Watkins, Verlie Grace
Weige, Carl John
Wells, Benjamin James
Wells, Darcy
Wells, Louisa Bedlia
Whaley, Colin Lloyd
Whatley, Joseph
Whatley, Mary Ann
Whiteman, Roy Simons
Zemars, Karlis Guntis

Map of cemetery:



 The Lower Portland General Cemetery includes the following five sections:

  • Other Denominations

  • Presbyterian

  • Catholic

  • Methodist

  • Church of England

The cemetery also includes two columbarium, located just inside the gates of the cemetery. Each one containing 24 niches (4 rows of 6).

Above: View of the left and right columbarium taken from the entrance gate of the cemetery.

Credits: Transcription and photography by Jonathan Auld and Carolyn Auld - February 2005.


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