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McGraths Hill Cemetery - McGraths Hill
Cemetery Details
Address:  Cnr Charles & High Streets
 McGraths Hill
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located on the corner of Charles and High Streets. Entrance is off High Street.
Denomination:  Methodist / Wesleyan
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  89
Names Recorded:  185
Period of Use:  1839 - current

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Alderson, Elizabeth
Allen, Eliza
Allen, William
Anderson, Charlotte
Anderson, Harry Gordon
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Rebecca
Anderson, Thomas
Beard, Hannah
Beard, Harriett
Beard, Lucy
Beard, William
Beard, William
Beveridge, Jane Ann
Beveridge, Jane Ann
Beveridge, John
Black, Harriett Rebecca
Black, Humphrey Gunn
Black, Jane
Blandford, Catherine
Blundell, Albert Charles
Blundell, Elsie May
Blundell, Eric Edgar
Bolton, Anna Amy
Bolton, Henry
Bolton, Mary Maud
Bourke, Lucie Matild
Bow, Mary R.
Burton, Elizabeth
Buttersworth, Sarah Mary
Caddan, Hannah Jane
Caddan, Harriet Watkin
Caddan, Jessie Wood
Caddan, Walter John
Callaway, Ellen Wall
Callaway, Ellen Wall
Callaway, Mary Anne Childe
Callaway, Samuel Lacon Childe
Cavanough, Lily May
Cavanough, Rebecca
Chandler, Alice Hannah
Chandler, Alice Martha
Chandler, Charles
Chandler, Ernest John
Chandler, Esther
Chandler, James
Chandler, James W.
Chandler, Margaret
Chandler, Sarah Emmeline
Chandler, William
Clark, Alfred Ernest
Clark, Mary
Cooke, Alfred Arthur
Cooke, Francis George
Cooke, Mary
Crew, John
Crew, Sarah
Dean, John Dawson
Dean, William
Douglass, Ada May
Douglass, Anne
Douglass, Arthur Ernest
Douglass, Charles
Douglass, Ernest Alfred
Douglass, Humphry Taylor
Douglass, Roland A. G.
Douglass, Sarah
Douglass, Seth Green
Douglass, Susan
Douglass, Teresa Ann
Dyer, Richard
Entwisle, Lucy
Faux, Eliza
Faux, Thomas
Ferriday, Sarah
Ferriday, William
Field, James
Field, Louisa Ann
Field, Lydia Ida
Field, Mary Ann
Field, Rachel
Flowers, Edward Samuel
Flowers, Feargus Samuel
Galloway, John
Gates, Cyrus
Gates, William Henry Smith
Greenwell, Dora
Greenwell, George
Greenwell, Mary
Herps, Elinor Lillian
Husband, Eliza Ann
Husband, Tobias Faux
Johnson, Charlotte Josephine
Johnson, Clara Isabelle
Johnston, Aubrey William
Johnston, Bessie Louisa
Johnston, Lydia Ida
Jones, Ann
Jones, David
Jones, John
Jovnt, Ellenor Jane
Jovnt, Henry Christopher
Julian, Alice Amy
Julian, Ellen
Julian, Emily Emelia
Julian, Fanny Louisa
Julian, Joseph
Julian, Mary Jane
Kelk, George Henry
Lane, John
Lane, Margaret
Lane, Martha
Lindsey, Sarah
Linsley, William Farmer
Luxton, John
Maisey, Annie
Maisey, George Benjamin
Marsden, Betty
Marsden, Samuel
Mason, Esther
Mason, Thomas James
Mills, Anna
Mills, John H.S.
Moon, Charles
Moon, Edward Arthur
Moon, Edward C.
Moon, Hannah
Moon, Sarah S.
Moon, William
Moon, William
Morgan, Thomas Leslie
Nay, Linda Emily
Nay, Michael
Owen, James
Owen, Jane
Owen, Mary
Owens, William
Price, Elizabeth E.
Purnell, Albert
Purnell, Charles N.
Purnell, Charles W.
Purnell, Eliza A.
Purnell, Evelyn
Robinson, Edmond Newton
Robinson, George Frederick
Robinson, Henry Faux
Robinson, William
Ross, Joseph
Ross, Mary Ann
Schofield, Hilton
Schofield, Joseph
Schofield, Mary
Schofield, Rosetta
Schofield, Thomas
Schofield, Vida
Sheen, George
Slater, James Rhodes
Slater, Martha Ann
Smith, Francis
Smith, Robert
Soole, Charles
Soole, Hannah
Thomas, Elizabeth Celia
Thomas, William
Turner, Ada E.
Turner, Frederick
Turner, Mary
Turner, Reverend Peter
Turner, William
Walker, Emma
Walker, Matthew
Walla, Edward Alfred
Watt, Maria
Wicht, Harry Ferdinand
Williams, Evan Clyde
Williams, Ian Gary
Wood, Selina Jelina
Woods, Adolphus
Yates, Sarah
Map of cemetery:


Cemetery is also known as "McGraths Hill Methodist Cemetery, McGraths Hill", "Methodist Cemetery, McGraths Hill", "McGraths Hill Wesleyan Cemetery, McGraths Hill", "Wesleyan Cemetery, McGraths Hill", "Windsor Methodist Cemetery, McGraths Hill", "Windsor Wesleyan Cemetery, McGraths Hill" and "Methodist and Congregational Cemetery, McGraths Hill". Also note that there are several variations in the way McGraths Hill is written, including Magraths Hill, Magrath Hill and Macgraths Hill.

Above: View of McGraths Hill Cemetery from High Street.


The site is located on the corner of Charles & High Streets at what is now known as McGraths Hill. (It was originally called Magraths Hill) The Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery for the Windsor parish was established at McGraths Hill in the early 1850s. Prior to this date the Wesleyan and Methodists of the area were buried elsewhere, including the Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery near the Windsor railway Station.
In 1850 the Wesleyan Burial Ground Trust was established with members from the local Methodist church appointed as trustees. A small piece of land was purchased from local identity, Mr Crew. Although several headstones exist prior to 1850 including William Robinson 1839; Richard Dyer 1842 and Matthew Walker 1850, these are possibly memorials and were more than likely established at a later date. The headstone of Rebecca Cavanough who died in 1851 is possibly the oldest headstone in the cemetery. There are 185 names recorded from surviving headstones. Research is currently being undertaken on persons buried at the cemetery without a surviving headstone. To date there are about 30 names confirmed.
The cemetery was operated by a trust with members from the Methodist Church and later the Presbyterian Church. In 1977 the Uniting Church in Australia was established with the merging of theMethodist Church, most Congregational CHurches and the majority of congregations of the Presbyterian Church. In the 1960s-1970s, the control of many cemeteries in NSW were transferred to local government therefore the Hawkesbury City Council is now the operating body of the cemetery at McGraths Hill.

Unmarked Burials

Information collected from various sources, inlcuding death certificates submitted to the Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register team list the following individuals as being buried at McGraths Hill Cemetery, where no headstones exist today. They include :

Fuller, George
Gambrill [nee Ransley], Sarah
Gambrill, William
Sutton, Thomas


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols, assistance with transcriptions by Joyce Nichols and Dylan Lloyd - November 2007 to January 2008.


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