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The Old Man's Valley Cemetery - Hornsby
Cemetery Details
Address:  off Quarry Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  .
Responsible Authority:  Hornsby City Council
Number of Graves:  20
Names Recorded:  27
Period of Use:  1871 - 1933


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Gundlach [nee McKenzie], Myra May
Harrington, Ann
Higgins, Albert
Higgins, Ann Elizabeth
Higgins, George
Higgins, Harrold
Higgins, Norman
Higgins, Percy
Higgins, Spencer E.
Higgins, Thomas Edward
Higgins, William
Jansson, Alfred
Jansson, Linda Anne
Jansson, Linden
Jansson, Loretta
McKenzie [nee Higgins], Clara
McKenzie, Albert William
McKenzie, Edward Percy
McKenzie, Marion E.
McKenzie, Peter
McKenzie, Susie
Rowe [nee McKenzie], Clara

Map of cemetery:



Also known as "Higgins Family Cemetery, Hornsby"

Above: Sign at front of The Old Man's Valley Cemetery

Classified by "The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales)" in 2006.
Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - April 2007.


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