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Pitt Town Cemetery - Pitt Town
Cemetery Details
Address:  Old Stock Route Road
 Pitt Town
 New South Wales, Australia
Denomination:  General
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  28
Names Recorded:  36
Period of Use:  1901 - current


Register: Agst, Bruno
Agst, Ottelie
Baker, May Elizabeth
Baker, Tom
Bowd, Mary
Brown, Keith
Brown, Violet
Brown, William (Bill)
Clark, Daisy Ethel
Cocks, Robinson
Gill, Anthony Norman
Gill, Donald Bruce
Gill, James Richard
Gill, William Michael
Hanckel, Anna Pauline
Hanckel, Frederick William
Hanckel, Louisa Augusta
Hawkins, Charles William
Hawkins, Doreen Mary
Hawkins, Mary Emma
Johnston, Elizabeth Emily
Johnston, Kenneth William
Laurence, Linda Ella
McLeod, Esther Frances
Rafferty, Josphine Mary
Sanders, Jane
Smallwood, Edith Grace
Smallwood, Joseph Charles
Smallwood, Virginia
Taylor, Luke Thomas
Wanders, Ian
Wiese, Alma Ida Augusta
Wiese, Arthur Eric
Wiese, Elizabeth Ann
Wiese, Friedrick Wilhelm
Wiese, Johann Friedrick Wilhelm
Map of cemetery:

 Also known as "Pitt Town General Cemetery, Pitt Town" and "Old Stock Route Road Cemetery, Pitt Town".

Located within the cemetery is a small columbarium (marked as "wall" on the cemetery map) with 33 (3 rows of 11) niches. At the time of the cemetery survey, all niches were empty.

Research undertaken by Jonathan Auld has shown at least three additional persons buried at the cemetery from the "List of Funerals conducted by J.W. Chandler Pty Ltd (1920-1987)" showing burial at Pitt Town Cemetery, where no headstones exist today. They include :

  • (stillborn) GILL died 20 April 1936. Buried Presbyterian section.
  • Sophia JOHNSTON died 6 September 1958 aged 90 years. Buried Independent section.
  • Alexander Bain MACLEOD died 10 October 1955 aged 67 years. Buried Presbyterian section.


Credits:  Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Carolyn Auld - December 2004.


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