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Richmond Presbyterian Cemetery - Richmond
Cemetery Details
Address:  Jersey Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Cemetery is located in Jersey Street, overlooking the flood plains of Richmond.
Denomination:  Presbyterian
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  107
Names Recorded:  282
Period of Use:  1863 - current


??, ??
Anderson, Eliza Jane
Andrews, Edward James
Ashton, Ann Jane
Ashton, Emily
Ashton, John
Bell, Olive Margaret
Bell, Thomas
Bennett, Arthur G.
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, L.Sgt Frank William
Bennett, Olive G.
Bennett, William B.
Benson, John
Benson, John Alexander Murray
Benson, Maria
Biddle, Arthur Paul
Biddle, Emily Frances
Biddle, Rhona Caulton
Bowman BA MLA, Alexander
Bowman JP, George
Bowman MD FRCP, Robert
Bowman, Alexander Wolsely
Bowman, Eliza Sophia
Bowman, G. A.
Bowman, Gunner George Richmond
Bowman, Joanna
Bowman, Mathew Hobart
Bowman, William
Bowman, William Pearce
Brookes, Andrew Fairgrieve (Addie)
Brookes, James (Jim) Cameron
Burger, Erwin Anthony
Burton, Signaller Lewis N.
Cameron (nee Bowman), Mary Ann
Cameron MA DD, James
Cameron MD, Andrew R.
Cameron, Clarissa
Cameron, Eliza Sophia
Campbell, Sara
Campling, George
Chalmers, Charles John
Chalmers, Janet
Chalmers, Mary
Chalmers, Mary
Chalmers, Thomas
Chalmers, Thomas Muries
Chalmers, William
Chandler, Agnes
Chandler, James Rowland
Chandler, Stephen
Charley, Philip
Christie, Alexander
Christie, Magdalena
Clemson, Jane A.
Clemson, Ronald J.
Collins, Daniel
Collins, Elinor
Collins, Elizabeth Henderson
Collins, Mary Elizabeth
Collins, Michael
Cornwell, Albert
Cornwell, Albert Edward
Cornwell, Albert Edward
Cornwell, Edward
Cornwell, Ellie
Cornwell, Frederick Crowley
Cornwell, Maria Jane
Cornwell, Maude
Couling, Joseph Douglas
Cruikshank, Eliza
Cruikshank, Samuel
Cruikshank, Thomas Robert
Dalgleish, Catherine Grace
Dalgleish, Emanuel Flew
Dalgleish, Margaret M.
Dalgleish, Sister Jessie Margaret
Dalgleish, William T.
Davey, Roger Thomas
Davey, Thomas Swinburn
Davidson, Alice Jane
Davidson, May
Dickson, Alfred James
Douglass (nee Richardson), Jessie
Douglass, Albert
Douglass, Captain W. Bowman
Douglass, Donald
Douglass, Ellenor Jane
Douglass, Florrie
Douglass, George
Douglass, George
Douglass, Harold Darcy
Douglass, Louisa
Douglass, Mary
Douglass, Nellie
Douglass, Nina
Douglass, Robert
Douglass, Robert George
Douglass, Sarah
Douglass, Sarah
Douglass, William
Douglass, William J.
Downey (nee Ritchie), Jessie Margaret
Drew, Daphne Hazel
Dunston (nee Taylor), Ivy Vine
Dunston [nee Roberts], Martha Emily
Dunston, Hilton Claude
Dyer, ??
Edwards, Andrew
Evans, Sarah Elsie
Evans, Sydney Albert
Ewin, Mary A.P.
Ewin, Thomas
Ewin, Victoria
Ezzy, ??
Ezzy, Audery A.
Ezzy, Grantle
Ezzy, Sadie Clotho
Ezzy, Septimus Charles
Ezzy, Sidney Clotho
Fergusson M.A., John James Foote Lumsden
Fergusson, Margaret Taylor
Fergusson, Maurice Cameron
Fletcher, Eliza Jane
Fletcher, William
George, Margaret Isabella
Giles, Alfred Bristo
Giles, Dorothy E.
Giles, Eliza Jane
Giles, George Frederick
Giles, Gladys Elizabeth
Giles, Herbert Henry
Giles, Jessie Eileen
Graham, Elizabeth
Gray, Nellie Elsina
Harrower, Eric Andrew
Henderson, George
Henderson, Martha
Higgins, George Patrick (Tim)
Higgins, Muriel Adelaide
Higgins, Timothy Wallace
Hyslop, Amelia
Hyslop, James
Johnson, Roy
Kidd, Claude Charles
Kidd, Harry Theo
Kilpatrick, Catherine Florence
Kilpatrick, Private H. R.
Kilpatrick, Rosina June
Lamrock JP, William
Lamrock, Elizabeth
Lamrock, Louisa
Lane (nee Hulbert), Margaret Matilda
Lane, Brian Leonard
Lane, David J.
Lane, Joan Evelyn
Lane, Noel Gordon
Lane, Robert
Lewis, Albert Victor
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Julia
Lindsay, Albert Hugh
Lindsay, Marian Mary
Lucas, George
Lucas, Mary
Lucas, Olive Ann
Lucas, William Lawson
Mackenzie DCM, Forbes Burnside
Mackenzie, Isabel McIntyre Alexandra
Mackenzie, Roger Burnside
Mackenzie, Ruth
Maxwell, Andrew
Maxwell, Richard Wesley
McClintock MD FRCSE, Charles
McIvor, Angus John
McKay, Alexander
McKay, Sarah
McKernan, Iona Florence
McPhee, Arthur
McPhee, Isabella
Medcalf, Bernard
Medcalf, Leila Mary
Medcalf, Neville Royce
Miles, Agnes
Miles, Grace Isabella
Miles, Harlow
Miles, Philip Harlow
Miles, Phillip James
Mitchell J.P., William
Mitchell, Alex Forbes
Mitchell, Andrew
Mitchell, David W.
Mitchell, David W.
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Margaret Pringle
Mitchell, Mary Jane
Mulligan, Cicely
Mulligan, William Charles
O'Kelly, John Charles
O'Kelly, Matilda J.
Parker, Charles
Parker, Ellen
Parker, John Andrian Dudley
Paterson, David Livingstone
Paterson, Jeanie
Perry, Alice Elizabeth
Perry, Ann Tucker
Perry, Elizabeth Ann
Perry, Mary Jane
Perry, Sybil Septimum
Perry, Thomas
Pittman, Blanche
Reid, Herbert Henry
Reid, Jane
Richardson, James
Richardson, Lewis Thomas
Richardson, Margaret
Richardson, Sarah
Ridgewell, Louise Anne
Ritchie, Margaret Elizabeth
Ritchie, William
Ritchie, William David
Roberts, Alexander John
Roberts, Edith Kate
Roberts, Ernest George
Roberts, Frances
Roberts, Harold James
Roberts, James
Roberts, James Thomas
Roberts, Norman Selwyn
Roberts, Rebecca
Roberts, Sarah Ann
Roberts, Thomas Charles
Rogers, Mary Elizabeth
Scott, Agusta
Scott, Annie
Scott, Edward
Scott, Ellen
Scott, Isabella
Scott, John
Scott, Mary Jane
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert Edwin
Sherwood, Linda May
Skillen, Ellen
Skillen, William
Skuthorpe, Reginald Thomas
Smythe, Mary
Stewart (nee Cameron), Septima
Stewart, Blanche Miriam
Stewart, Ivy
Stewart, Myra Charlote
Stewart, Wilton
Strachan, Edith Francis Josephine
Strachan, Frederick
Taylor (nee Reid), Amy Ollive
Taylor, John William
Teale, [Baby]
Teale, Jean
Teale, John Henry
Tilling, Isabella
Tilling, Robert
Walker, Beatrice Margaret Chrestiena
Walker, Charles Mahoney
Walker, Edith E.
Walker, Thomas William
Walker, William
Ward, Lenord John
Warnock, Andrew
Warnock, Mary
Warren, Kate
Warren, Townsend
Watson DD, Walter Carter
Watson, Augusta Frank
Watson, Harold Rendall
Watson, Isabel
Wilson, Edith Marian
Wilson, James Bain
Woodhill, Alma Florence
Woodhill, Bertie Meredith
Woodhill, George Stanley
Woodhill, Stella

Map of cemetery:


Unmarked Burials

Information collected from various sources, including death certificates submitted to the Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register team list the following individuals as being buried at Richmond Presbyterian Cemetery, where no headstones exist today. They include :


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - December 2011 & January 2012.


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