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Rouse Hill Cemetery - Rouse Hill
Cemetery Details
Address:  Aberdour Avenue
 Rouse Hill
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located approximately 250 metres from the corner of Windsor Road and Aberdour Avenue
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  Rouse Hill Anglican Church
Number of Graves:  84
Names Recorded:  199
Period of Use:  1874 - 2002


?? Unknown ??
Agnew, John McNeil
Antrobus, Edith
Bennett, Dinah
Bennett, James
Brien, John Robert
Brown, Alice
Brown, Cecil
Brown, David
Brown, Edgar Stanley
Brown, Eleanor Maria
Brown, James
Brown, Oswald
Café, Ina Winnifred
Cockram, Sarah Frances
Cooper, Ruby
Cooper, Walter
Cornwall, Charlotte
Cornwall, Thomas
Cornwell, Alice
Cornwell, Elizabeth
Cornwell, Herbert
Cornwell, James
Cornwell, Louisa Ann
Cornwell, Maria
Cornwell, May
Cornwell, William Henry
Cornwell, William Henry
Cornwill, Arthur Thomas
Cornwill, Francis
Cornwill, Robert
Dargin, William
Davies, Llewellyn Lloyd
Davies, Ruby Alma
Davies, Thomas Arthur
Dodd, Mary Elizabeth
Finley, Joseph Sherrard
Firth, Anne Elizabeth
Firth, Clara
Firth, Thomas
Firth, William
Fletcher, Henry
Fletcher, Norman
Flint, Jane
Flint, Thomas
Flint, Thomas
Flint, William
Ford, Herbert John
Ford, Laura
Fowler, Grace
Gibbs, Jean May
Goddard, Ernest George
Griffin, Edward John
Griffin, Rachel
Hay, Lizzie
Higgs [nee Schofield], Clara
Hillas, Amelia Frances
Holme, Leonard Winter
Holme, Maggie
Horsley, Annie Mary
Horsley, Charles D.
Horsley, Mary Ann
Horsley, William
Horsley, William Henry
Hunter, Ada Charlotte
Hunter, Alice Maud Elenor
Hunter, George
Hunter, James
Hurdis, Anthony William
Hurdis, Roy Shackleton
James, Amelia Ann
James, James
James, Matthew
James, Rebecca May
Jones, Hilda
Justelius, Isabella
King, Amy
King, Frederick
Lamont, Doris Thelma Sherwood
Lamont, Janet
Lamont, John C.
Lamont, John Campbell
Lamont, John Marr
Levey, Fredrica Josephine
Mills, Herbert Francis
Mills, Mary Jane
Mills, Thomas E.
Moulds, Constance
Moulds, George Francis
Moulds, Jenrietta
Needham, Thomas
Nicholls, Sampson
Nichols, Ellen
Nichols, Henry
O'Rielly, Robert Emmett
Pearce, Effie A.
Pearce, Euphemia Jessie
Pearce, Eva E.
Pearce, John H.
Pearce, Robert
Peddie, Jane
Pritchard, Annie
Pritchard, Olive Lily
Robbins, James
Robbins, Lucy
Robbins, Margaret
Robbins, May
Robbins, Sarah
Robbins, Thomas
Roberts, Caroline M.
Roberts, Henry E.
Roberts, Lucy
Robertson, Roy Kenneth
Rose, William
Roughley, Albert C.
Rumery, Ada
Rumery, Alfred
Rumery, Arthur
Rumery, Eleanor Catherine
Rumery, Emma
Rumery, Ernest
Rumery, Frederick Thomas
Rumery, Harold
Rumery, Ivy
Rumery, John
Rumery, Margaret Ann
Rumery, Mary Ann
Rumery, Percy
Rumery, Richard
Rumery, Thomas William
Russell, Una May
Sargeant, Sophia Ann
Sargeant, Thomas William
Schofield, Elizabeth
Schofield, Grace
Schofield, Jane
Schofield, Joseph
Schofield, Lily
Schofield, Mary
Schofield, Raymond Richard
Schofield, Samuel
Schofield, Susan
Sherwood, Albert
Sherwood, Alfred
Sherwood, Arthur
Sherwood, D'arcy Francis
Sherwood, Earnest
Sherwood, Elizabeth
Sherwood, Elizabeth Betsy
Sherwood, Frank
Sherwood, James Charles
Sherwood, Jean
Sherwood, John Francis
Sherwood, Joseph
Sherwood, Joseph
Sherwood, Margaret Mary
Sherwood, Stella
Sherwood, Susannah
Sherwood, William
Sherwood, William
Simpson, Mary Ann
Skinner, Ann
Skinner, George
Skinner, Gertrude May
Skinner, Henry
Skinner, John
Skinner, Thersa Jane
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, May Sherwood
Stanley, Lilian Juanita
Stewart, Lorna D.
Stranger, Amy Eliza
Stranger, Cecil
Stranger, Elihu
Stranger, Elizabeth
Stranger, George
Stranger, Harriet
Stranger, John
Stranger, Leslie
Stranger, Marion
Stranger, Minnie
Terry, Geoffrey Rouse
Terry, George Alan
Terry, Gwendoline Julie
Terry, Nina Beatrice
Turner, Cyril William
Turner, Jean Elizabeth
Wells, Arthur Beckx
Wells, Ernest
Wells, Gertrude Anne
Wells, Harriet
Wells, John Richard
Whitling, George
Whitling, Mary
Whitmore, Ada Agnes
Whitmore, Arthur Edward
Whitmore, John
Whitmore, Mary Jane
Whitmore, Samuel T.

Map of cemetery:


Cemetery is also known as "Rouse Hill General Cemetery, Rouse Hill", "Mile End Road Cemetery, Rouse Hill", "Christ Church Cemetery, Rouse Hill" and "Rouse Hill Anglican Cemetery, Rouse Hill"

Above: Plaque for the Heritage Trail located outside the entrance to Rouse Hill Cemetery.

Transciption of Heritage Trail plaque reads:

Heritage / Trail / Rouse / Hill // Rouse Hill Cemetery // In 1888, the thriving village of Rouse Hill / consisted of quite a few homesteads, a / roadside post office (known as the Vinegar Hill / Post Office), several taverns, a police station, / public school, a church and a cemetery. / Along with Christ Church at the corner of Windsor and Mile End Roads, this cemetery / is one of the few elements to survive from / that time. / Established in 1874 the layout of the / cemetery with its circular driveway and graves / arranged on both sides is considered to be / unusual for the time. // The land on which it stands was originally granted to Thomas / Clower and was later acquired by Robert Fitzgerald who / married Elizabeth Henrietta Rouse, the youngest child of / Richard Rouse. Robert donated the land to the United Church of / England and Ireland (a forerunner to today's Anglican Church). // Before the establishment of this / cemetery the colonials would bury their / dead at Parramatta or Windsor and / before that the early settlers buried / family members in secluded corners of / their properties like the example in / nearby William Harvey Reserve. / The cemetery is the final resting place / of a number of the districts pioneers / and their descendents arranged in / family plots.


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - April 2005, October 2005 and July 2009.


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