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Sackville Cemetery - Sackville North
Cemetery Details
Address:  437 Sackville Ferry Road
 Sackville North
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  4.4km from the Wisemans Ferry Road / Sackville Ferry Road turnoff, or 5.6km from Sackville Ferry.
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:  Baulkham Hills Shire Council
Number of Graves:  24
Names Recorded:  41
Period of Use:  1921 - 2001

Panoramic of Sackville Cemetery


Alcorn, Rebekah Marian
Becroft, Edna Jessie
Brown, Wilhelmina Elizabeth
Buttsworth, Adelaide
Buttsworth, Joshiah George
Douglas, Ephram H. A.
Douglas, Francis Ellen
Douglas Jenny
Gallagher, Catherine
Gallagher, Cheryl Anne
Gallagher, Joseph L.  
Gallagher, Mary
Gallagher, Robert J.
Gallagher, Violet M. J.
Gardiner, Ada V.
Johnston, Olive Lillian
Kemp, Maria
Kemp, Nellie May
Kemp, Peter Henry
Mitchell, Frederick G.
Mitchell, Pearl V.
Noble, Amelia
Noble, Carema May
Noble, Cecil Strummy
Noble, Christopher John
Noble, Edwin
Noble, Elmer
Noble, Florence Emily
Noble, Gertrude Emma
Noble, Harold Gilbert
Noble, Jane
Noble, John
Noble, Mary
Noble, Norma Joan
Noble, William Edward
Peters, Harry
Sheen, Phoebe
White, Claude H.
Willoughby, Charles
Willoughby, Charlie
Willoughby, Eva

Map of cemetery:


Sackville Cemetery was dedicated on 2nd December 1899. Also known as "Maroota General Cemetery" and "General Cemetery, Maroota".

The cemetery is set back off the road (Sackville Ferry Road - formerly Sackville Road) by approximately 120 metres. There is an entrance gate at the road as well as a relatively large sign for the cemetery. The main section of the cemetery is enclosed by a fence.


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