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Big Hill Cemetery - Big Hill
Cemetery Details
Address:  Big Hill Church
 Arthursleigh (Upper Lachlan Shire)
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Turn off the Goulburn freeway at Marulan, follow Brayton Road for about 20 kms then right fork to Arthursleigh for 1.1 kms (about 22 kms from the Goulburn freeway).
Denomination:  Uniting
Responsible Authority:  Uniting Church
Number of Graves:  45
Names Recorded:  75
Period of Use:  1882 - current

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Ayre, Annie Louise (Birdie)
Bunter, Albert
Bunter, Anne
Bunter, Richard Thomas
Bunter, Robert
Cockburn, Helen
Cockburn, Henry
Cockburn, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Cockburn, William
Cocks, Baby
Cordingley, Amelia
Cordingley, Glenn Ayre
Cordingley, Ivy Jessamine (nee Ayre)
Cordingley, Joseph Kitson
Cordingley, Thomas
Cordingley, William Kitson
Ellis, William E.
Grono, Millicent Emily
Hollands, Catherine
Hollands, George
Hollands, Sarah
Irving, Edna Eileen
Irving, Effie Bernice
Irving, Eric Whitton
Irving, John William
Irving, Maude
Jeffery, Albert
Jeffery, David
Jeffery, Ethel
Jeffery, Harriet Louise
Jeffery, Herbert Thomas
Jeffery, Lindon George
Jeffery, Mary Anne
Jeffery, Milbah Winifred
Jeffery, Philip David
Jeffery, Ronald Albert
Manning, Helen
Martin, Peter James
Martin, Selina May (nee Thompson)
McWhirter, Val
Menzies, James
Menzies, John
Menzies, Mary Ann
Ney, Emma
Phillips, Anne Elizabeth nee Dixon
Phillips, David Austin
Phillips, Eulalie Mary
Phillips, George T.
Phillips, John
Phillips, Moses
Phillips, Phyllis
Phillips, Verda
Rowe, Arthur William
Rowe, Clara
Rowe, Louisa
Rowe, Thomas
Thompson, Emily
Thompson, Fred
Thompson, Frederick J.
Thompson, Glenwyn John Selby
Thompson, John Arthur
Thompson, Marie Florence
Thompson, Mary Anne (nee Menzies)
Thompson, Thomas Albert
Thompson, Thomas Albert Fairlamb
Thompson, William John
Vincent, Alice Mathilda
Vincent, Charley Edward
Wrightson, Ma Elsie Amelia formerly Dive nee Phillips
Map of cemetery:



Also known as "Big Hill Cemetery, Arthursleigh".

Above: View of the Bill Hill Cemetery

Above: Plaque for the time capsule, located in the church grounds.

Capsule reads:

This time capsule commemorates the / 125th Anniversary of the / Big Hill Church. / Dedicated by Rev. N. Wakefield. / on 14th September 2003. / Capsule to be opened 14. 9. 2078.


Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - January 2007.


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