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Burradoo Wesleyan Cemetery - Bowral
Cemetery Details
Address:  Burradoo Road
 Burradoo (Bowral)
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Drive along Bong Bong Street, at the clock tower turn left. Head out of Bowral and Burradoo Road is on the left at the creast of the hill. Approximately 1km from the shopping centre.
Denomination:  Wesleyan
Responsible Authority:  Wingecarribee Shire Council
Number of Graves:  65
Names Recorded:  96
Period of Use:  1856 - 1998

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??, Harold
Alcorn, Joseph
Beer, Daniel Luther
Beer, Eli
Beer, Elizabeth
Beer, Emily Jane
Beer, Evelyne Miriam Adams
Beer, Henry Dixon
Beer, Mrs Wm
Beer, William
Bloomfield, Mary Anne
Campbell, John Joseph
Campbell, Mary Ann
Chapple, Priscilla
Chapple, William
Charles, George
Charles, George Henry
Charles, Isabella
Charles, Jane
Corry, Fred
Couper, Margaret
Dines, Lucy Alice
Dorrough, Eileen Funston
Duppez, Adolphe P.
Duppez, Louisa
Elliott, Janet Kate
Elliott, Thomas
Fiddes, Alexander
Fiddes, Maggie
Funston, Christopher
Funston, Elizabeth Jane
Graham, John
Harrison, Joseph Fielding
Harrison, Lottie
Holmes, Mary
Holmes, Thomas
Hopson, Emma
Hopson, William
Howie, Robert
Hunter, William Jeffrey
James, Ethel Marion
Jones, Angelina
Jones, Henry
Jones, Hugh Pryce
Jones, PrIce
Livingstone, Clara
Loiterton, Susannah
McBaron, James
McLean, Martha Emily
Miller, Linda Joyce
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, John George
Morris, Sarah
Offord, Susannah
Osborne, Ellis Buss
Osborne, Minnie
Osborne, Walter J
Palfreyman, John Russell
Parker, Elizabeth
Parker, James Watts
Parker, Lilias L.J.
Pearce, Jane
Pearce, William
Phillips, Ann
Piggott, Percy Henry
Piggott, Susie May
Prideaux, Leslie S.
Robinson, Arthur Bisby
Robinson, Daniel
Robinson, Emily
Robinson, Henrietta Susanna
Robinson, Mary Ann
Rumble, Joshua
Rumble, Sarah
Sibson, William
Stewart, Lilly
Taylor, Eliza Jane
Taylor, Henry William
Tournay, Arthur Aspley
Viles, Eveline Christiana
Viles, Thomas
Waine, John
Walsh, John
Ward, Bridget
Ward, Jacob
Ward, James Ernest
Ward, Sarah
Warren, Robert
Map of cemetery:



Also known as "Burradoo Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Bowral", "Burradoo Wesleyan Cemetery, Burradoo", "Burradoo Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Burradoo".

Above: View of cemetery from the road.

Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - October 2005 to July 2006.


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