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Burrawang General Cemetery - Burrawang
Cemetery Details
Address:  Church Street off Illawarra Highway
 New South Wales, Australia
Denomination:  General
Responsible Authority:  Wingecarribee Shire Council
Number of Graves:  
Names Recorded:  363
Period of Use:  1882 - current

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Adams, Frances
Adams, James
Adams, William James
Airey, Suszane
Airey, Thomas
Akhurst, Mary
Akhurst, Thomas Alan
Allen, Eileen
Allen, Isaac William
Anderson, William
Atkinson, Patricia Ann
Bailey, Alfred A.V.
Bailey, Lucy Bertha
Barton, Ann Jane
Barton, Florence Eleanor
Barton, Ian Anthony
Barton, Leslie Paul
Barton, William
Barton, William James
Baxter, Eliza
Baxter, James
Bell, Ashleigh Jade
Bell, Glady
Bernie, George
Bernie, George
Bernie, Gertrude Harris
Bernie, John Robert
Bernie, Rebecca May
Bernie, Sarah
Bisby, Albert Edward
Bisby, George Henry
Bisby, Ruby May
Bradshaw, E
Bresnahan, Emma Elizabeth
Brown, Albert Douglas
Bunt, Barry Foster
Bunt, Catherine
Bunt, Charles Joseph
Bunt, Fanny Constance
Bunt, George Henry
Bunt, Henry
Burn, ??
Campbell, Helen Rae
Campbell, Sharon
Cason, Robert
Cason, William
Chittick, Henry
Clancy, Elizabeth
Clarke, Alfred Ernest
Clarke, Rose Mary
Collins, Anthony
Collins, Gladys Edna
Collins, Kevin John
Collins, Sydney Lauder
Cox, Arthur
Curran, Bertha Pearl
Delamore, Gordon William
Elliott, Barbara Ellen
Elliott, Brian William
Elliott, Florence
Elliott, Maude
Elliott, Patricia
Elliott, Phyllis May
Elliott, Robert
Elliott, Robert J.L.
Elliott, William Henry
Ford, Arthur Ernest
Ford, Frederick H
Ford, Gwenda L
Gardner, Albert Arthur Lindsay
Gardner, Allan Wilfred
Gardner, Elizabeth
Gardner, Elizabeth
Gardner, Elizabeth Annetta
Gardner, Iris May
Gardner, Samuel James
Gardner, Stanley Carlyle
Gardner, Stephen
Gibson, Phyllis May
Gilbert, Emily Jane
Gilbert, George Parkinson
Gilbert, Rachel
Gilby, Ian Neville Fraser
Gilby, Ian William
Gilby, Margaret Eileen
Gilby, Sandra Elaine
Gilroy, Ronald Raymond (Dick)
Graham, Fred
Grice, Elizabeth
Grice, Joseph
Grice, Margaret Marion
Halfpenny, Dulcie Lachlan
Halfpenny, Robyn Elizabeth
Halfpenny, Victor C
Halfpenny, Victor John
Hall, Fenton
Hardie, John
Hayes, Cecil William
Hayes, Doris May
Hayes, Lillias Pauline
Hayes, Walter Harrison
Hayes, Walter Kenneth
Hayter, Ann Matilda
Hayter, Samuel
Hazelwood, Charles Harold
Hill, Amber Callie
Hill, Arthur J
Hill, Christopher Harold
Hill, Daisy Elizabeth
Hill, Ernest
Hill, Gordon Christopher
Hill, Mary A
Hill, Thelma May
Hill, Veta
Hill, William J
Hughes, William B.S
Irvine, Crosby Mortimer
Irvine, Elizabeth Ellen
Irvine, Ellen
Irvine, Gerard
Irvine, Gerard
Irvine, Joseph Richard
Irvine, Marcia
Irvine, Mary Ann
Irvine, May
Irvine, Richard Hezlett
Irvine, Robert
Irvine, Robert
Irvine, Winnie
Irving, Florence Grace
Irving, J.A.
Irving, Margaret
Irving, Samuel
Jackson, Amelia Elizabeth
Jackson, William Henry
Jamieson, Graeme Robert
Johnson, Dane Francis
Johnson, Eric George
Johnson, John Thomas
Johnson, Lucas Charles
Johnson, Margaret Caroline
Johnson, Virginia
Jones, Charles Andrew
Jones, Madge Eileen Elizabeth
Jones, Sarah Jane
Jones, Walter Cecil
Julian, Ethel Ivy
Kent, Ernest
Leeds, Joan Florence
Leeds, John Henry
Leonard, Evan John
Lewis, Dan
Lewis, Elizabeth
Limond, Ellen
Limond, Elsie M
Limond, James
Limond, Priscilla Celia Ethel
Limond, Troy
Limond, Victor R
Mackey, Jean Barbara
Mackie, Agnes
Mackie, Henry
Mackie, James
Marchant, Jessie Jane
Martin, Casimir
Masters, Ann
Mauger, Georgia Ellen
McCaughey, Margaret
McCaughey, William
McDonald, Colin
McDonald, Janet
McKnight, Jean Isabel
McLean, Daniel
McLean, Gladys
McLean, Jack
McLean, John Lachlan
Menzies, Alice Annie Laurie nee McLean
Menzies, John William
Miller, Valerie
Milne, Ruth
Moore, Archie Matthew Lawrence
Moore, Dalas Molly
Moore, Edward James
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Paul
Mortimer, Ivy
Mortimer, James
Mortimer, Jessie Agnes
Mortimer, William
Mortimer, William R
Mortlock, Hazel Ellen
Moses, Agnes
Moses, Ann
Moses, Edward
Moses, J.M
Moses, Robert Wilson
Moule, Albert
Moule, Alf
Moule, Catherine T
Moule, Charles Augustus
Moule, Daniel Herbert
Moule, Edward J
Moule, Nancy
Moule, Nell
Mumberson, Albert Ernest
Mumberson, Arthur Charles
Mumberson, Barbara
Mumberson, Daniel
Mumberson, Eva
Mumberson, Joseph
Mumberson, Louisa Catherine
Mumberson, Minna Rubina
Mumberson, Susan
Mumberson, William
Murray, Elizabeth
Murray, Jessie Olive
Murray, Marjory Pearl
Murray, Robert
Murray, Rollo MacDonald
Murray, Sidney Walter
Napier, Margaret
Napier, William James
Norman, Gregory James
Parnell, Florence K
Parnell, Norman C
Payne, Louisa
Payne, William Elliot
Payne, William J.E
Perkins, Annie
Perkins, Arthur William
Perkins, Frazel Ruth
Perkins, Ida May
Perkins, Raymond Joseph Vane
Perkins, Stanley Edward
Pound, Lillian Ellen
Pull, Daisy Jane
Redman, Dorothy May
Redman, Francis Raymond
Redman, Louisa Catherine (nee Moule)
Redman, Mary Martha
Redman, Maud
Redman, Walter William
Redwood, Joseph William John
Ritchie, Clarice Jane
Ritchie, Doris Winifred
Ritchie, Edna
Ritchie, Harold James
Ritchie, Lorraine
Ritchie, Rodney James
Ritchie, Thomas John
Ritchie, William
Rosenow, Arthur
Rudge, Alma Fay
Rudge, Edith Margaret Abigail
Rudge, George Henry
Rudge, Kenneth Styche
Rudge, Mary
Rudge, Oswald Bertram
Rudge, Ronald H
Rudge, William Barry
Rule, Betty Elizabeth
Rule, Roy
Scarlett, Clifford Noel
Scarlett, Dorothy May
Scarlett, Ethel Mabel M
Scarlett, William Robert
Shepherd, Phillis Annie
Shepherd, Ronald Leslie
Sherborne, Barbara Zilpha
Sherborne, Edward
Sherborne, William
Smith, Betty
Smith, Henry B
Steinhauer, Florence Nellie
Steinhauer, William John
Steinhauer, William John
Stephenson, Meta Clarke
Stephenson, William Andrew Wilson
Stephenson, William Bamford
Swan, Betty Nita
Swan, Edward A.
Swan, Ellen
Swan, Emily
Swan, Frederick
Swan, William
Teodorovic, Anna
Thompson, Brooke Hilary
Truckell, Arthur Leonard
Truckell, Irene Olive
Turnbull, Frances Anne
Turnbull, Helene Marion
Turnbull, William
Vance, Emma Amelia
Vance, Jane
Vance, John James
Vance, Mary Jane
Vance, Rebecca Ann
Vance, William
Vance, William Lindsay
Virtue, Amy Elsie
Virtue, Arthur Joseph
Virtue, Grace Elvina
Virtue, Joseph
Virtue, Nellie Lillian
Wain, Lavinia Hill nee Shepherd
Warner, Beatrice Napier
Warner, Frederick Charles
Warner, Lucinda Mary
Waters, Agnes J
Waters, Charles Francis
Waters, Harry
Waters, Henry Benjamin
Waters, Joseph William
Waters, Leslie
Waters, Marjorie
Waters, May Evelyn Theresa
Waters, Sarah Ann
Waters, Sarah Ellenor
Waters, Thomas Reginald
Waters, Walter
Watling, Benjamin William
Watling, Florence Jane
Watling, Joan Emily
Watling, Olive
Watling, Oliver James
Watling, Robert James
Watts, Charles
Watts, Frank Frederick
Watts, Lillian
Watts, Mary
Watts, Olive May
Watts, Septimus
Whatman, Clifford Mark
Wilson, Coralie Gertrude
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Eva Beatrice
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Irvine James
Wilson, Irvy
Wilson, Jane
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Thomas Llewellyn
Wilson, William Francis
Wilton, Frederick Ernest
Wilton, Mary
Woods, Charles
Woods, Dulcie Edna
Wright, Charles Stanley
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, John Himalaya
Wright, Madge Eileen
Wright, Megan Jane
Wright, Rebecca
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Samuel
Wright, Susannah
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Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - November 2005 & January 2010.


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