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East Kangaloon Cemetery - East Kangaloon
Cemetery Details
Address:  Kirkland Road
 East Kangaloon
 New South Wales, Australia
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  Wingecarribee Shire Council
Number of Graves:  64
Names Recorded:  94
Period of Use:  1886 - 1986

Register: ?? Unknown ??
Alcorn, A.R. Pte
Alcorn, Alan Montgomery
Alcorn, Eva
Alcorn, Isabella Grant
Alcorn, James
Alcorn, James Carson Pte
Alcorn, Lucy Isabel
Alcorn, Margaret
Alcorn, Robert
Armstrong, Margaret
Armstrong, Margaret Isabella
Armstrong, Thomas
Atkinson, Christopher
Brenning, Catherine
Brenning, George Frederick
Brenning, Minnie
Brenning, Wilhelmina
Brenning, William Frederick
Brooker, Eliza Jane
Brooker, Frederick Donald
Brooker, Henrietta
Brooker, Herbert Murdo
Brooker, Janet
Brooker, John
Brooker, John Frederick
Brooker, John James
Brooker, Jonathan
Brooker, Margaret
Brooker, Mary
Brooker, Mary Helen
Brooker, Murdo
Brooker, William
Burnham, Jane
Burnham, Peter
Burnham, Peter
Cullen, Rebeckah
Cullen, Robert
Diggins, Frederick
Diggins, Frederick Levi
Diggins, Sarah
Dorrough, Martha
Emery, Elizabeth
Gibson, James
Gilroy, Elizabeth
Gilroy, Louisa
Gilroy, Richard
Haley, William
Hamilton, Mary
Hardie, William Thomas
Harrigan, Annie Amelia
Harrigan, James Edward
Harrigan, Louise
Howel, Elizabeth
Irving, Amanda
Johnston, Elizabeth
Johnston, James
Johnston, John
Johnston, Rebecca
Johnston, William
Keys, Charles
Keys, Elizabeth
Keys, Margaret
Keys, William
Kirkland, Alexander Berrie
Kirkland, Ann
Kirkland, Annie
Kirkland, Archibald
Kirkland, Archibald
Kirkland, Elizabeth
Kirkland, Janet Berrie
Kirkland, William
Kirkland, William
Lindsay, Andrew
Lindsay, Elizabeth
Lindsay, Jessie Ann
Lindsay, John Henry
Murray, John
Porter, Matthew
Renton, Matthew
Sawtell, Albert
Sawtell, Infant twins
Sawtell, Infant twins
Sawtell, Mrs Thomas (Mary)
Sheppard, Margretta
Simpson, Catherine
Sorrell, Thomas
Thompson, Allan
Thompson, James E.
Thompson, Janet
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Robert
Vandenbergh, Charlotte
Virtue, George Edward
Map of cemetery:



Also known as "St Matthews Cemetery, East Kangaloon" and "Kangaloon East Cemetery, East Kangaloon".

Above: View of cemetery sign.

Above: Back entrance gate to cemetery.

Above: View of cemetery, looking back towards St Matthews Church of England.

Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - December 2005 to January 2007.


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