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Lower Mittagong & Marist Bros Catholic Cemetery - Lower Mittagong
Cemetery Details
Address:  Diamond Fields Road
 Lower Mittagong
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located on Diamond Fields Road which runs off Old South Road just north of Mittagong. The Marist Bros property is opposite the cemetery gates.
Denomination:  Catholic
Responsible Authority:  Marist Bros
Number of Graves:  103
Names Recorded:  142
Period of Use:  1861 - current

Register: ?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
Allen, Annie May
Allen, Mary Ann
Berrell, Edgar
Bingham, Senan
Bradley, Charles Conroy
Breen, John
Breen, Mona Victoria
Broe, Vincent
Burke, Bartholomew James
Burke, Edmund
Burke, Family
Burke, Mary
Burke, Susan
Cereseto, Sylvester
Chalker, Edward W.
Chalker, Edward William
Chalker, George
Chalker, James
Chalker, Patrick
Chalker, Sarah
Clews, Ann
Clews, William
Crawley, Ellen
David, Paul
Dearman , Arthur (Jnr)
Dolahenty, Alfred
Dolahenty, Francis
Donoghue, Michael
Drinan, Josephine
Dubois, Henri
Dunleavy, James (Jnr)
Farrell, Stephen
Fitzgerald, Donatus Joseph
Forde, Catherine
Forde, Jane
Forde, Mary Catherine
Forde, Walter Mary
Forster, Sevard
Foster, Raymond
Francis, Hilary
Fulham, Josephine
Galavan, P.
Gaymard, Casimer
Gleeson, Martin Joseph
Gleeson, Sarah Winifred
Gorman, Susan
Greenless, Roderick
Harvey, David Gould
Hazlett, Romanus
Heffernan, Moreton Eric
Izard, Mary Isabella
Jeffreys, Philip
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Thomas
Kavanagh, Owen
Kavanagh, Septimus
Kelly, Bernard (Jnr)
Kelly, Rupert
Kelly, Xavier
Kinahan, Margaret
Lancaster , Hermann
Leeney, Leonard
Ludeke, Thomas
Ludeke, Victor
Lyle, Berchmans
M., M.L.
MacRae, Barbara
MacRae, Catherine
Maguire, Alan Joseph
Maguire, Alice
Maguire, Allan Joseph
Maguire, Doreen Camillus
Maguire, James
Maguire, Joseph
Maguire, Lucy
Maguire, Thomas
Mahoney, Marcellus
Mahony, Camillus
Mannes, Augustinus
May, Mark
McBarron, Cornelius
McCann, Fergus
McFadden, John
McGlynn, John
McGlynn, Joseph
McGlynn, Mary Ann
McGlynn, Thomas
McGonigle, Kevin
McMahon, John
McRae, Andrew
McRae, Benjamin
McRae, Catherine
McRae, Christanna
McRae, Christopher
McRae, Ellenor
McRae, Farquahar
McRae, John Frederick
Middleton, Linus
Minton, James Walter
Minton, Mary Nora
Mitchell, Edward
Mitchell, Hanorah
Mitchell, Mary
Mullan, Finbar
Mullins, Sergius
Murray, Clement
Murray, Eusebius
Myers, Daniel
Nichols, Edward Harold
Nichols, W
O'Donnell, Canice
O'Neill, Doreen
Pelosse, Papinien
Pope, Edmund
Power, Andrew
Prowse, Hubert
Prulhiere, Bardonien
Quinn, Canute
Quirk, Patrick
Reedy, Pius V.
Rigby, Gonzaga
Riley, Kathleen Therese
Riley, Stanley Charles
Roberts, John William
Rouillac, Peter
Serret, Jean
Sinclair, Frank Bernard
Smith, Martin
Stenz, Andrew
Stenz, Eva
Sullivan, Arcadius
Timoney, Francis Leonard
Wade, Bede
Walsh, Denis
Webb, Cassandra Ellen
Welsh, Ellen
Welsh, Mary Ann
Williams, James
Williams, Mary Ann
Map of cemetery:


View of the cemetery from the cemetery drivewa

Above: View of the cemetery from the cemetery driveway.

History of Lower Mittagong Marist Brothers Catholic Cemetery

“The earliest reference … to the (Lower Mittagong, Diamond Fields Road Catholic) Cemetery in any legal document is in Edwin Chisholm’s Application to Bring Lands Under The Provisions Of The Real Property Act (26 Victoria No. 9), dated 3rd May, 1898. This document states ‘that the owners and occupiers of adjacent lands are as follows:- … part by the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Cemetery c/- Rev. Father Sheridan, Mittagong …’

It would seem that in the 1850’s the Burke family which owned the property at Lower Mittagong set aside about one acre of their land for a Roman Catholic Chapel and burial ground.

Mittagong at this time was part of the Berrima Parish established in 1847. in the Marriage Register for Berrima we find that Marriages were celebrated not only at Berrima and Sutton Forest in the 1850’s but also in private homes in Mittagong, Bungonia and Marulan.

The Chapel was built about 1859 for the earliest headstone indicated that the first burial took place in 1861. The Chapel lay east-west.

The road leading to the Cemetery was then called Chapel Lane and the hill known as Chapel Hill.

About 1907 the Cemetery was closed and remained so until 1917 in an extract from Mittagong Argus 1st November 1902 we find: “Sydney Water and Sewerage Board stated that the C of E and R.C. Cemeteries Lower Mittagong were on Catchment area and their closure was demanded.

From 1910 until 1918 six Brothers were buried in Welby Cemetery on the south side of Mittagong; from 1919 a section of the old Cemetery was set aside for the burial of Brothers, usually those who have spent a number of years in the Marist Brothers training Centres at Mittagong.

While Brother Arcadius Sullivan was Provincial, this Cemetery was made over to the Marist Brothers by the Burke Estate.

The donor, Edmund and Mary Burke are buried in a double grave just in front of the old Chapel of Ease... the grave faced the entrance to the Chapel, the Sanctuary of which faced due east.”

Extract from “Cemetery – Lower Mittagong” by Brother Francis - Marist Publishing 15th August 1990.

View of the Marist Brothers section

Above: View of the Marist Brothers section in the cemetery.


Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - October 2005 to February 2008.

The Cemetery is maintained by the Marist Brothers. Appreciation is extended to Br Francis for his gracious assistance in working on this cemetery.


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