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Robertson General Cemetery - Robertson
Cemetery Details
Address:  Missingham Parade
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Situated on Missingham Parade, Robertson. Rows and plots are approximate. A number of headstones are hidden under trees making accessibility difficult.
Denomination:  General
Responsible Authority:  Wingecarribee Shire Council
Number of Graves:  179
Names Recorded:  231
Period of Use:  1870 - current

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Anderson, Elizabeth Charlotte
Anderson, George William
Anderson, Thomas
Andrew, John Lansdown
Armstrong, Annie Mary
Armstrong, Percy William
Ashcroft, Jane
Atkin, Norma
Atkin, Reginald Noel
Bailey, James
Balch, Eliza
Balch, James Henry
Barrett, Wallace Alexander
Barron, Margaret Jane
Bisby, Annie Amy
Bisby, E.L.
Bisby, George Henry
Bisby, Robert Ernest
Blackert, Allan Victor
Blackmore, Betty May Caroline
Bolack-Harvey, Daisy Olive
Bowles, Ellen
Bowles, John Henry
Boyer, George Pochin
Brandon, Anne
Brown, Jane
Brown, William
Bunt, George Henry
Bunt, Helen
Bursill, Elizabeth
Bursill, Ernest Harold
Bursill, Percy
Bursill, T.E.
Butler, Owen David
Carter, Sarah
Chadwick, Ivy
Chittick, John
Clarke, John William
Clivery, John Ashton
Cole , Henry
Cole, Elizabeth.
Cole, Mary Ann
Cole, Walter Joseph
Cook, Esther
Cook, Henry
Cupitt, Alice
Cupitt, George
Davis, John
Davis, Matthew John
Dawson, Daphne Doris
Dell, Eric Gilbert
Denney, Herbert Henry
Denney, Marcia
Dillinger, Joseph Dixon
Dodd, Thomas
Donovan, Allan Francis
Ebbs, Ann Clark
Ebbs, May Rosena Mary
Ebbs, William J
Edmonds, Alison Mary Agnes
Edmonds, Alison Mary Agnes
Excell, Frank
Excell, Jessie May
Fisk, Jeffrey George
Fittler, Roy D
Flemons, Elsie
Flemons, John Kenneth
Flemons, John Robinson
French, Hester
Frew, Lily Lawther Wilson
Frew, Robert
Frost, Keelen Wade
Gagin, Elaine Margaret
Gay, Henry Stanley
Gay, Lucinda
Gay, Matthew
Gay, Robert
Gilroy, Alfred James
Gilroy, Annie Agnes Mary
Gilroy, Arthur Henry
Gilroy, Eva Mary
Gilroy, William Leslie
Graham, Emily
Graham, William
Hamilton, Esther
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, William
Handley, James David
Handley, James Henry Vincent
Handley, Jean
Haynes, Jessie Louise
Haynes, Joseph Dixon
Henderson, George Albert
Hetherington, Elliot
Hetherington, Jane
Hill, Emily Frances
Hindmarsh, Arthur William
Hindmarsh, Charles Edwy
Hindmarsh, Emma Ann
Hindmarsh, Eva
Hindmarsh, Muriel Agnes
Hindmarsh, William Edward
Hindmarsh, William Rutter
Humphries, James
Humphries, John
Iveson, Christopher
Johnston, Edward
Johnston, Edward
Johnston, Ethel Mary
Johnston, James Henry
Johnston, Jane
Johnston, Jane Emily
Johnston, John
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Mary Johnson
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Johnston, William
King, Charles Lewis Edward Ronald
King, Edith Stella
King, Emma
MacDonald, Charlotte Jane nee Mauger
Marchant, Isabella
Marchant, William Thomas
Marshall, Ernest William
Marshall, John
Marshall, Letita Jane
Marshall, Letitia Mabel
Marshall, Mary Ronaldson
Masters, Sidney George
Mauger, Bridget
Mauger, Daphne
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Edward L.
Mauger, Ethel Muriel
Mauger, James Charles
Mauger, Norman
McBarron, Elizabeth
McBarron, John
McBarron, Mary
McDonagh, Leslie
McDonald, John Davis
McDonald, Melissa Inge
McGill, Neil
Missingham, James Ross
Missingham, John
Missingham, John Turner
Missingham, Margaret Ella
Missingham, Mary
Missingham, William
Mitchell, Robert E.
Moffitt, David
Müller, Willy
Nethery, James
Nethery, Jim
Nethery, M.A.
Nethery, Robert A
Noble, Anna Maria
Oxman, Jo-Anne Margaret
Payne, Dorothy
Payne, Elizabeth
Payne, John
Payne, Leslie David
Payne, Mabel
Payne, William John
Planer, Roy Leslie
Popp, Isolde
Popp, Johann
Potters, Bill
Potters, Emily
Potters, Emma Jane
Potters, George
Potters, Mary Selina
Potters, Sarah
Potters, William James
Roberts, Elsie Christie
Robson, David
Sherborne, ?
Shierlaw, Henry
Shierlaw, Isabella
Shierlaw, Mary
Shierlaw, Thomas
Shierlaw, William
Shierlaw, William Steward
Shipman, Marion
Shipman, Tony
Simmonds, Audrey
Simmonds, Tom Ellis
Smith, Richard John
Snow, Hulda Marie
Stone, Elizabeth
Stone, George Ernest
Stone, James Turner
Stone, John
Stone, John William
Stone, Margaret Daisy
Sweaney, James
Sweaney, Jeremiah
Sweaney, Sydney Irvine
Sweaney, William
Tatlow, Anthony
Tatlow, Marthann
Tilse, Harriet M
Vandenbergh, Alice
Vandenbergh, Arthur James Charles
Vandenbergh, Basil Edward
Vandenbergh, Bertie
Vandenbergh, Beryl Grace
Vandenbergh, Claude
Vandenbergh, Eva Alice May
Vandenbergh, Henry
Vandenbergh, John
Vandenbergh, Kate
Vandenbergh, Mary Ann
Walmsley, Elizabeth Mary
Warby, Clara Julie
Warby, Walter George
Weir, William
Wood, Alfred
Wood, Elizabeth
Wright, Adelaide
Wright, Susannah
Wright, Thomas
Young, Barry James
Young, James
Young, Martha
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Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - January 2010.


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