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St Peters Catholic Cemetery - Burrawang
Cemetery Details
Address:  Church Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located on Church Sreet, about 200m south of Hoddle Sreet at Burrawang behind St Peters Catholic Church (On right hand side travelling towards Wildes Meadow).
Denomination:  Catholic
Responsible Authority:  Under the administration of Moss Vale Parish
Number of Graves:  108
Names Recorded:  169
Period of Use:  1871 - current

Register: ?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
Akers, Elizabeth Mary
Akers, Francis Edward
Akers, Henry
Bath, Bernard Francis
Bath, Bridget
Bath, Francis John
Bath, John Francis
Bath, Mary Jane
Bell, Elizabeth
Bell, James
Bell, James Christopher
Bell, Mabel
Blake, Finbar
Bresnahan, Anne
Bresnahan, Daniel
Bresnahan, Daniel T.
Bresnahan, Edward
Bresnahan, Edward James
Bresnahan, James Adrian
Bresnahan, John
Bresnahan, Margaret Catherine
Bresnahan, Margaret Mary ""May""
Bresnahan, Mary Jane
Bresnahan, Michael George
Bresnahan, Susan
Bresnahan, Thomas
Bresnahan, Thomas Edward
Bunt, Thomas Francis
Cleary, Alice Margaret
Cleary, Annie
Cleary, Cornelious
Cleary, Edward
Cleary, Elizabeth Hannorah
Cleary, Johanna
Cleary, Leo
Cleary, Mary Winifred (Winnie)
Cleary, Patrick John
Costello, James
Costello, Mary
Costello, Norah
Cunningham, Francis
Cunningham, Mary Ann
Dennis, George Thomas
Deveson, Sydney A.
Dodd, Ann
Dwyer, Ellen
Dwyer, Winifred
Easdown, Little Man
Edwards, Mary Honora (Colleen) nee Minehan
Egan, Hannah
Egan, Laurence
Ferguson, Pte. T.
Haadgsma, Margaret
Haley, Clement
Haley, Maria
Hannan, Horace Matthew
Hanrahan, Agnes
Hanrahan, Edmund Loftus
Hanrahan, John
Hanrahan, Michael
Hanrahan, William
Heffernan, Ellen Margaret
Heffernan, Patrick
Kasza, Eugene Leonard
Kenny, Mary
Kent, Beatrice Kathleen
Kent, Herbert Henry
Kerwick, Catherine
Kerwick, Johanna
Kerwick, Margaret
Kuhn, Conrad Charles
Lee, Mary
Lee, Michael
Lee, Michael John
Limond, Catherine
Lyons, Michael
Mackey, Alice Evelyn
Mackey, Herbert Patrick
Mackey, John
Mackey, Julia
Mackey, Mary Agness
Mackey, Mary Ann
Mackey, William
Maloney, Hannah
Maloney, John
Maloney, Mary Agnes
Maloney, Mary Ann
Maloney, Michael
Maloney, Patrick
Maloney, Roger John
Maloney, Vincent Joseph
Maloney, Winifred Ann
Mannix, Catherine
Mannix, John
Mannix, Patrick
Martin, John Arthur (Jack)
McEvilly , Charlotte
McEvilly , Walter Daniel Sport
McGrath, Colma
McGrath, Elizabeth
McGrath, Fran
McGrath, James
McGrath, John
McGrath, John Hilary
McGrath, Margaret
McGuinness, Catherine
McGuinness, Edward
McGuinness, Elizabeth Gertrude
McGuinness, John
McGuinness, John A.
McGuinness, Sarah
McLean, Bridget
Minehan, Dennis
Minehan, Edith Jean
Minehan, John Joseph
Minehan, Lillian Mary
Minehan, Margaret
Moses, Joseph
Moses, Rosie
Moses, Shalba
Murray, Clement Bernard
Newstead, Christopher Frederick
Newstead, Gladys Victoria
Newstead, Pte. T.B.
Newstead, Thomas Edward
O'Brien, Catherine
O'Brien, John
O'Donnell, James Henry (Hal)
Parks, Eunice (Peggy)
Peters, Phyllis Marcia
Pull, Allan Thomas
Pull, Dorothy Mary
Pull, Marguerite Maria
Quinall, Catherine
Rogers, Paul Anthony
Royston, Trooper Michael P.G.
Ryan, Anne
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael James
Ryan, Phillip
Ryan, Thomas
Schofield, Eilish Elizabeth Cleary
Seery, Alphonsus
Seery, Francis
Seery, Isadora
Seery, Letitia
Seery, Letitia Ann
Seery, Michael
Seery, Thomas
Sniegowski, Aaron Nathan
Sniegowski, Toby Douglas
Spain, Johanna
Spain, Rodger
Taylor, Cecil Henry
Taylor, Patricia Joan nee Fallon
Thirlwall, Julian Robert
Turner, Edward A. (Teddy)
Van Gelder, Karl
Van Gelder, Margaret Mary (Bath)
Verhaeghe, Albert F.C.
Verhaeghe, Elsie May (Nee Jessup)
Virtue, Maud Alicia
Virtue, Michael Keith
Walsh, Mary Anne
Walsh, Richard
Whyte, William
Map of cemetery:



Above: Sign for St Peters Catholic Church, Burrawang

Above: St Peters Catholic Church


Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - October 2005 to March 2007.


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