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Tallong Cemetery - Tallong
Cemetery Details
Address:  Long Point Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Located approximately 5 kilometers from the freeway turnoff at the corner of Wingello and Long Point Roads.
Denomination:  General
Responsible Authority:  Goulburn/Mulwaree Shire Council
Number of Graves:  53
Names Recorded:  70
Period of Use:  1908 - current

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Anderson, Frances Edith
Apter, Mabel B.
Byrne, Emeline Agnes
Clancy, Peter John
Clout, Louisa
Craig, Betty Honora
Craig, Emily E.
Craig, Thomas
Davenport, Albert Edward
Davenport, Charlotte Grace
Davenport, Edith Maude
Davenport, Harry Philip
Davenport, Lucy Hope
Davenport, Lucy May
Eirth, Emily Roslyn
Eirth, Harold (Bill) Austin
Eirth, Kevin John
Eirth, Mark
Farrelly, Albert A.
Feldtmann, Charles Ernest
Fletcher, Private C.M.
Fletcher, Maxwell Colin
Follent, Alice Lily
Follent, Bridget
Follent, James
Follent, James H.
Follent, John
Gardiner, Elizabeth
Gardiner, George
Gardiner, Jack
Godfrey, Margaret May
Hatter, Eliza Ann
Hatter, William
Hoare, Ada May
Hoare, Agnes Belle
Hoare, Albert Edward
Hoare, Albert J. G.
Hoare, Jabez James
Hoare, Joseph Gibson
Hopkins, Arthur John
Hopkins, Charlotte
Hopkins, Ivy Eileen
Hopkins, James
Hunt, Sergeant A. L.
Hunt, John Alfred
Hunt, John Henry
Johnson, Walter Robert
Kettle, Sarah Ann
Luke, Victor H.W.
Middleton, Charles Arthur Jacob
Parkinson, Kenneth (Ken) John
Rippon, Henry Ellis
Rumsey, Arthur Charles
Rumsey, Bruce
Rumsey, Hilary C.
Rumsey, John Herbert
Rumsey, Marise Moyna
Rumsey, Mary Ann
Rumsey, Mary Elizabeth
Rumsey, Michael
Smerda, Olga
Spark, Harold
Weir, Private Frederick Robert
White, Thomas Alfred Howard
Wombey, Dorothy Rose
Wombey, Ida Rose
Wombey, Reginald Claude
Map of cemetery:



Above: View of cemetery from the road.

Transcriptions and photography by Frances Cashman - December 2005 to January 2007.


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