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St Jude's Cemetery - Central MacDonald
Cemetery Details
Address:  St Albans Road
 Central McDonald
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  1km south of the Central Macdonald Public School on the west side of St Albans Road. Cemetery is located on private property.
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  Private Property
Number of Graves:  4
Names Recorded:  7
Period of Use:  1883 - 1904


Boake B.A., Joseph Anthony
Fleming, George
Fleming, Margaret
Jurd, John
Jurd, Mary Ann
Jurd, Vida S.
Jurd, Vivien L.

Map of cemetery:


Also known as "St Jude's Anglican Cemetery, Central MacDonald".

Above Left: St Jude's Church was built is 1918.
Above Right: Side view of church showing graves of Boake and Jurd under the tree.

Further information:

  • Henry FLEMING acquired land at "The First Branch" (Macdonald River) prior to June 1816.
  • Henry established himself at the Branch with his wife Elizabeth HALL in 1833.
  • Henry FLEMING died in December 1838 and his land was left to his eldest son Joseph.
  • Joseph eventually left the Macdonald Valley, selling his and his father's land to his brothers John, Henry and George FLEMING.
  • In 1869 George FLEMING transferred 2 roods of land to the Lord Bishop of Newcastle for the consideration of 10/-, to be used as the site for the St Jude's Church.
  • Rev. Joseph Anthony BAOKE became the incumbent minister at St Albans in 1876.
  • John JURD married Mary Ann FLEMING (George's sister)

Above: Fleming and Jurd graves, with views overlooking the valley at the rear of St Jude's Church.

Above: View of the Boake and Jurd graves besides the St Jude's Church.

Above: Plaque commemorating the centenary of the death of John, the first Australian born Jurd.
Erected by The Descendants of Daniel & Elizabeth Jurd Association on 25th July 2004.


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - August 2005.

Special thanks to Peter Stewart and Norma McLean (both descendants) for their assistance in providing further information about St Jude's Church and the families associated with the church.


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