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St Phillips Cemetery - North Richmond
Cemetery Details
Address:  Bells Line of Road
 North Richmond
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  1 km north-west of the Bells Line of Road and Terrace Road / Grose Vale Road intersection, 200m past Crooked Lane on the left hand side
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  St Phillip's Anglican Church Cemetery Trust
Number of Graves:  149
Names Recorded:  311
Period of Use:  1864 - current


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Allen, Amy Clara
Allen, Annie May
Allen, Charles
Allen, Charles William
Allen, Clara Caroline
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Enid Elva
Allen, Fred
Allen, Roland
Atkinson, Geoffrey Alan
Barber, Ethel Daisy
Barnes, J. C.
Bennett, Benny Bruce
Bennett, Helene F.
Bennett, Mavis
Bennett, Nellie Mavis Flora
Bennett, Norman Charles
Bentley, Edith Jeanette
Blundell , Amos H.
Blundell , Amos J.
Blundell , Dorothy
Blundell , Elizabeth C.
Bottle Snr., Kenneth Edward
Bottle, Albert Norman
Bottle, Alice May
Bottle, Eric Henry
Bottle, Gladys Veronica
Bottle, Henry Claude
Bottle, K.
Bottle, William Claude
Bottles, Alfred J.
Bottles, Eva
Bottles, Harold
Brown, W.
Cane, Betsy
Case, ??
Case, Albert Bruce
Case, Clarence Hulbert
Case, Harvey Belmore
Case, Hilda May
Case, Joyce
Case, Minnie
Case, Sylvia Maureen
Clements, Edith
Clements, Hanbury
Clements, Marianne
Clements, Percy Edmund
Clements, William Henry
Cullen, Catherine
Cullen, Edward
Douglass, Burgess
Douglass, Claude
Douglass, Claude
Douglass, Ethel
Douglass, Gertrude May
Douglass, Harold
Douglass, James
Douglass, James
Douglass, Louisa
Douglass, Mary Elizabeth
Douglass, Walter
Eather, Deborah
Eather, Emmaline Rachel Elizabeth
Eather, Joan Margaret
Eather, John Wesley
Eather, Kate Eliza
Eather, Spencer Allan
Eather, Walter
Ezzy, Catherine
Ezzy, Clara Amy
Ezzy, Edwin James
Ezzy, Herbert Charles
Ezzy, Louisa Mary
Ezzy, William John
Faithful, Florence Hope
Goddard, Vera Winnifred
Gooding, Alfred Edward
Gooding, Alice Victoria
Gosper, Alvina
Gosper, Charles Reuben
Gosper, Ida
Gosper, William Henry
Grainger, Elizabeth
Grainger, William
Hammond, Jean Halley
Hardie, Susannah
Hayman, Cecil
Hayman, Gladys Sylvia
Hayman, Rudolph
Heywood, Wayne Robert
Home, Louisa
Hopkins, Elizabeth
Hopkins, Ethel May
Hopkins, John
Hurst, Mary Jane
Jones, Elsie May
Jones, Ezer T.
Jones, Henry Oliver
Jones, Matilda Anna
Kent, Peter P. C.
Khan, Chajjoo [Charlie]
Khan, Jessie
Khan, Naby Box
Kingston, Fanny
Knott, Thomas Henry
Lavender, James Victor
Lavender, Joseph Albert
Lavender, Marjorie
Lavender, Ronald
Lawson, Amy
Lawson, George
Lawson, Miriam
Lawson, Phillip
Lee, Ellen
Lee, Henry
Lee, Thomas
London, Albert
London, Matilda
MacRae, Lillian Bertha
MacRae, Murdo
Madden, Ethel Grace
Madden, Harold Thomas
Madden, Hazel Melba
Madden, Steven Leslie
Madden, Walter
Mahoney, Daniel
Mahoney, Ethel
Mahoney, Katherine
Mahoney, Thomas
McCabe [nee Mitchell], Shirley Margaret
McCabe, A.
McCabe, Alvina
McCabe, F.
McCabe, Hazel May
McCabe, John
McCabe, Noel
McCabe, Roland
McCabe, William Henry
McKeown, Abraham
McKeown, Hannah
McMahon, Ivor
McMahon, Leonard Reynold
McMahon, Maud E.
Miller, Clarice Amelia
Miller, William James
Mitchell, Alice
Mitchell, Edith
Mitchell, Ernest
Mitchell, Ernest Robert Arthur
Mitchell, F.
Mitchell, F.
Mitchell, Hilda Margaret
Mitchell, M.
Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, William Edward John
Murray, Lona Eva
Murray, Thomas Mawson
Myers, Clara Edith
Myers, Edward
Myers, Mary Ann
Nichols, Annie
Nielsen, Isabella
O., J.
O'Donnell, Sergeant J. H.
Overton, Arthur
Overton, Clara
Overton, James
Overton, James
Overton, Jane
Overton, Roy P.
Overton, Sarah
Overton, Sarah Ann
Overton, Thomas
Packer, Albert
Packer, Amelia
Packer, Daniel
Packer, Daniel
Packer, Eliza
Packer, Elizabeth Rebecca
Packer, Henry
Packer, Jonathan
Packer, Richard
Packer, Sydney
Packer, William
Penfold, George
Penton, Bertha Louisa
Penton, Charles
Penton, Charlotte
Penton, Louisa
Penton, William
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Matilda
Phipps, Albert George
Phipps, John
Potts, Nancy Margaret
Pye, Ashur Pye
Quigley, Mavis Joan
Read, Jean Anne
Read, William Henry
Riley, Warrant Officer II F. W.
Roberts, Elizabeth
Rohan, Hilda
Saunders, Emma
Saunders, Mary Annie
Saunders, Thomas
Scott, Minnie
Scott, Percy
Shaw, Harold George
Shaw, Isaac Edward
Shaw, Jessie May
Shepherd, Agnes Annie
Shepherd, Alma Bessie
Shepherd, Audrey
Shepherd, D'arcy Allan
Shepherd, Edgar John
Shepherd, Elsie Grace
Shepherd, Elsie M.
Shepherd, G.
Shepherd, Gladys Annie
Shepherd, Harold B.
Shepherd, Harriet Lilllian
Shepherd, Herbert
Shepherd, Izetta
Shepherd, James
Shepherd, Jesse
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, K.
Shepherd, K.
Shepherd, Marion Elizabeth
Shepherd, Phyllis
Shepherd, Ralph W.
Shepherd, Rouland
Shepherd, Susannah
Shepherd, Vera Uldarenne
Shepherd, William
Shepherd, Wyila
Small, Charles James
Small, Mary Minnie
Stone, William Arthur
Taylor, David Bruce
Tierney, Alice Elizabeth
Tierney, Arthur
Tierney, Darcy Allen
Tierney, Edith Marion
Tierney, Elizabeth
Tierney, Elsie Miriam
Tierney, Ernest
Tierney, Ernest Albert
Tierney, Ernest Gordon
Tierney, Hannah
Tierney, Horace Frederick
Tierney, John
Tierney, Mabel
Tierney, Phyllis Rita
Tierney, Reginald
Tierney, Thomas
Tierney, Thomas Darcy
Timmins, Florrie
Timmins, Mary Ann
Timmins, Thomas John
Turner, A.
Turner, Henry C.
Turner, Mary Ann
Turner, Reuben Thomas
Turner, William J.
Wakeling, Helenea Rachell
Ward, Ann
Ward, Patrick Needham Bass
Ward, Ruby Evelyn
Waters, Iris Elsie Lilian
Waters, William Richard
Watson B.E.M., William Alfred George
Webb, Edward
Webb, Elizabeth
Wheeler, James
Wheeler, Mary
Wilson, Alma Jean
Wilson, Cinderella (Ella)
Wilson, Hilary Herbert
Wilson, Timothy
Winter, George
Winter, Henry
Winter, Henry
Winter, John
Winter, John
Winter, Martha
Winter, Mary
Winter, Mary
Wisbey, Elizabeth
Wisbey, Susan
Yarnell, Charles
Yarnell, Mary
Ziems, Jane Elizabeth

Map of cemetery:


Above: North-west view of St Phillips Church (now a private residence), taken from the rear of the old church hall

St Phillips / Public Cemetery / Visitors Welcome / All enquiries to the Minister on / 4573 2183

St Philip's Anglican Church / Cemetery Trust / North Richmond / The cemetery grounds are maintained by volunteers / from the local parish church. / Upkeep of actual graves (headstones, kerbing etc.) is the / responsibility of families whose relatives are buried here. / Please help keep the grounds clean and tidy. / Monumental Work & Interments / All monumental work including the erection, modification, or addition of any / memorials, and any interments, must be approved by the Cemetery Trust / Applications must be made in writing: / C/- Parish Council, Kurrajong Anglican Church / PO Box 61, North Richmond 2754 / For more information, and with all other inquiries regarding / the cemetery, please phone (02) 4573 2183

Above: View of St Phillips Church (now a private residence) from the cemetery

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - January 2005.


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