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Upper Colo Cemetery - Upper Colo  
Cemetery Details
Address:  Comleroy Road
 Upper Colo
 New South Wales, Australia
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  
Number of Graves:  53
Names Recorded:  90
Period of Use:  1837 - 2002


Register: ??, John
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Anderson, Maureen
Blundell, Cecilia [nee Caterson]
Blundell, Charles
Blundell, Ivo Vere
Blundell, James Caterson
Blundell, Joseph
Blundell, Mildred Maud
Blundell, William Bligh
Boyter, George
Boyter, John
Boyter, Sophia
Bruce, Cedric George
Bullock, William
Caterson, Catherine
Caterson, Grace Belle
Caterson, James
Caterson, Thomas
Cavanough, Lilian Amanda Chlories Annie
Cavanough, Mary Ann
Coles, Mary
Cribb, Ann
Eales, Margaret
Gilbert, Isabella
Gill, Charlot
Gill, Charlotte
Gill, Emily Amelia
Gill, James
Gosper, Amy Jane
Gosper, Ann
Gosper, Hilton Reid
Gosper, Jane
Gosper, Joseph
Gosper, Mary Anne [nee Hipwell]
Gosper, Robert
Gosper, Thomas
Gosper, Thomas Roker
Habermann, Arthur Hugo
Habermann, Frederick William
Habermann, Kathleen Mary
Hollis, Sidney G.
Hulbert, David
Hulbert, David (Jack)
Hulbert, Hilton Edgar
Hulbert, Kenneth Wilfred
Hulbert, L. K.
Hulbert, Lilias (Babe)
Hulbert, Norman Henry
Hulbert, Olive Clara
Hulbert, S. E.
Hulbert, Viena Evelyn
Hulbert, William Edwin
Hulbert, William Henry
Jones, Dulcie Irene
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Loyde
Jones, William Henry
Males, R. J.
Maxwell, Eather Brian
Phipps, Angelina Jane
Phipps, Dora Irene
Phipps, Henry
Phipps, Margaret
Ridge, Robert
Rootham, Herbert
Simmons, David George
Simmons, Eileen Mary
Simmons, Eva
Simmons, Richard Thomas
Simmons, Thomas Francis
Stone, Melva Ann
Stuart, Jessie Caroline
Stuart, Lewis
Stuart, William Lewis
Turnbull, Robert
Ward, Claud Stanley
Ward, Edna Harriet
Ward, Esmeralda Anna
Ward, Harrison Claud
Ward, Muriel Edna
Ward, Wallace Austin
Map of cemetery:

Yet to be completed.

Notes: Previously Church of England, now known as Anglican. Comes under the Wilberforce Parish.
Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - June 2003.

Special thanks to Cindy Kuo [nee Simmons] for her assistance in providing a transcription of the cemetery that she had previously undertaken.



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