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Woodbury, Margaret  
Grave Details
Name:  Margaret Woodbury
Died:  25th November 1904
Age:  65 years
Cemetery:  St Thomas Cemetery, Upper Mangrove Creek
Location:  row 3 plot 6

Additional Notes:

[Left headstone] SACRED / TO THE MEMORY / OF / GRIFFITH W. PARRY / WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE / AUGUST 11 1859 / AGED 60 YEARS / All you who come my grave to see / Prepare yourselves to follow me / Farewell dear Wife and Children / I quit this world and so must you / I hope in Heaven to meet around / When Jesus will His Trumpet sound // [Middle headstone] In / Memory of / ALBERT BENNETT / DIED 8TH SEPT. 1900. / AGED 23 YEARS. /Dearest loved one we have laid thee / In the peaceful graves embrace / But thy memory will be cherished / Till we see thy heavenly face // [Right headstone] In Loving Memory / of / MARGARET WOODBURY / DIED 25TH NOVEMBER 1904 / AGED 65 YEARS / Oh how sweet will it be in that beautiful / land / So free from all sorrow and pain / With songs on our lips and harps in our / hands / To meet one another again / We shall sleep, but not forever / There will be a glorious dawn / We shall meet to part no never / On the resurrection morn


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