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Vandals Destroy Headstones at Wilberforce Cemetery


Information: Vandals destroyed or severely damaged headstones in mid September 2003 at the historic Wilberforce Cemetery. About 25 headstones recording about 50 names were affected. Some of the headstones were smashed into pieces whilst others, pushed over. Wilberforce is one of the oldest surviving cemeteries in Australia with many pioneering families including 3 First Fleet arrivals. Fortunately the information has been transcribed by local historian, Cathy McHardy and most of the headstones photographed. Check the full list of names of the damaged graves below.

The newly formed Friends of Wilberforce Cemetery are keen to make contact with descendants or families connected to the damaged graves. Send your contact details to the following : 

Friends of Wilberforce Cemetery
PO Box 7154
Wilberforce 2756 NSW

Please feel free to pass this information on to interested person and groups.

List of Damaged Graves:
Surname Given Name(s) Date of Death
ASPERY Thomas 21.9.1847
BENNETT John 18.7.1882
BENNETT Sarah 27.8.1897
BENNETT Susanna 4.2.1894
COBCROFT John Frederick 17.9.1875
COBCROFT Mabel Constance 14.12.1865
CURTIS Arthur Alfred 6.6.1876
CURTIS James 19.12.1878
CURTIS John 8.1.1905
CURTIS John 4.4.1878
CURTIS John 14.6.1849
CURTIS Mary 19.4.1889
DUNSTAN Ann 8.6.1879
DUNSTAN Benjamin 16.11.1910
DUNSTAN Charlotte Mary 5.11.1865
DUNSTAN David Charles 8.10.1946
DUNSTAN Maria Martha 16.9.1939
GRAHAM Elizabeth 15.9.1936
GRAHAM Jacob 15.9.1929
GREENTREE Eric Charles 20.4.1912
GREENTREE Fanny 5.9.1956
GREENTREE Olga Daphne 9.6.1983
GREENTREE Reginald Clifton 14.6.1938
GREENTREE Rueben Charles Nicholls 13.6.1962
IZZARD Sarah 25.11.1847
LOCKHART Lucinda 11.5.1938
MILLER William George 30.7.1941
NICHOLLS Ada Louisa 20.8.1958
NICHOLLS Frederick 18.10.1941
NICHOLLS Linda 18.10.1969
NICHOLLS Louisa 30.5.1920
NORMAN John 5.11.1839
PHILIPS Daniel 3.1.1833
PHILLIPS Margaret 14.5.1838
PHILLIPS Thomas 6.5.1836
SALTER Arthur 22.1.1896
SALTER Elizabeth Ann 5.7.1948
SALTER Thomas Jerome 21.11.1921
THOMPSON Ada May 10.8.1946
THOMPSON Ellen 24.10.1918
THOMPSON Thomas H. 1.7.1975
TURNBULL Edith Grace 22.12.1866
TURNBULL Reuben 20.6.1869
TURNBULL Sarah 8.11.1898
TURNBULL Sophia 8.8.1881
WALDEN Adam 22.7.1841
WALDEN Eliza 26.9.1834
WILBOW Elizabeth 16.6.1926
WILBOW Joseph 28.11.1937
Reference: Cathy McHardy and Hawkesbury Gazette, Wednesday 24 September, 2003


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