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Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery - Windsor
Cemetery Details
Address:  Church Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Cemetery is bounded by George, Bell and Church Streets on the South Windsor side, overlooking the Windsor Railway Station.
Denomination:  Presbyterian
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  101
Names Recorded:  232
Period of Use:  1838 - current


?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
?? Unknown ??
??, Eddy
Adam, Agnes
Adam, James
Adam, Mary
Adam, Mathew
Arndell, Henrietta Elizabeth
Books, Jean Irene
Bushell, Arthur
Bushell, Barbara
Bushell, Bruce Oscar
Bushell, David Oscar
Bushell, Joshua
Bushell, Kate Elizabeth
Bushell, Mary Alice
Butler, Doris
Cadell, Agnes Annie
Cadell, Anne M.
Cadell, Catherine
Cadell, Catherine
Cadell, Francis
Cadell, George Robert
Cadell, Thomas
Cadell, Thomas James
Campbell, Amelia
Campbell, Florence E.
Campbell, Rebecca Adeline
Chaseling, Amy Florence Leonie
Chaseling, Cyrus
Chaseling, Mary Jane
Chaseling, Mary Lena Ruth
Clarke, Minnie
Clements, Herbert Australia
Clements, Mary Ann
Clements, Miriam Clarice
Conley, George
Conley, Mary Moore
Cortis, Annie Muriel
Cortis, Henry Ernest
Cowdroy, Milicent
Crawford, William Lindsay
Cross, Rozetta
Crothers, Linda May
Cunningham, Maria Hall
Davison, Henry Marshall
Davison, Sarah Mary
Dick, Elizabeth Maria
Dick, James Adam
Dick, John Benson
Dick, Margaret Lindsay
Dick, Robert
Dick, Robert Charles
Dickson, Andrew
Dickson, Euphemia Grace
Dickson, Thomas
Doering, Nellie Irene
Doering, Otto Robert
Douglas, Ellen
Douglass, William
Duncan, Elspet
Duncan, Peter
Duncan, Williamina
Findlay, Lieut E.R.
Findlay, R.N.
Gam, Noel
Gardner, John
Garrad, Beatrice A.
Garrad, Cecil Stanley
Garrad, Percival A.
Gibson, William John
Gordon, Alfreda Irene
Gordon, Norman
Greenfield, Edwin
Greenfield, Irene
Greentree, Elizabeth May
Greentree, Janet Enid
Greentree, Nancy
Guidoux, Maude Mercer
Guidoux, Valentine John
Harkness, Caroline Mary
Harkness, Samuel
Hassall, Mary Cover
Hillier, Daisy E.
Hollingsworth, Margaret
Holmes, Ernest
Hughes, Amelia
Hughes, Henry
Hutchinson, Catherine (Cissie)
Hutchinson, Elvie Elsie
Hutchinson, Frederick Robert
Hutchinson, Harriet Ann Cathcart
Johnston, Ernest John Hall
Johnston, Henrietta Kennedy
Johnston, William Herbert
Kenton, Harriett
Lamond, Ada Amanda
Lamond, John
Lamond, John (Tid)
Lathlean, Alexander
Lathlean, Jane
Law, George Victor
Law, Margaret Signa
Lenskyj, Michael
Liddell, Charlotte
Liddell, Frederick Alan
Liddell, Hannah
Liddell, James Allan
Liddell, Jane
Liddell, Jessie
Liddell, William Allan
Liddle, Edwin Charles
Marsh, Jessie Lyle
Mathie, Catherine Hoggan
McCourt, Henry
McKay, Helen
McKinnon, Kate
McKinnon, Roderick
McNab, David
McNab, Olive
McPherson, Owen Neil
Melville, James
Melville, Mary
Melville, Samuel
Mitchell, Oswald Denver
Mitchell, Pearl Hanslow
Mitchell, Thomas Moore
Moses, Ruby E. H.
Munro, D.R. (Nick)
Munro, Jessie Euphemia
Munro, John
Murray, Bella
Murray, Kate
Murray, Sarah
Neilson, Alexander Brodie
Neilson, John Thomas
Neilson, Mary
Nicholls, Isabella
Nicholls, William
Orr, Joseph T.
Orr, Louisa
Orr-Douglass, William Wallace
Otts, Daryl James
Parks, Jean Ruth
Podusteanu nee Vissas, Adele Emelie
Podusteanu, Vladimir
Pye, Charles Ward
Pye, David
Pye, Esther
Pye, Janet
Pye, Robert Adam
Pye, Robert Dick Gibson
Reid, Lawrence
Rhodes, Olive
Rien, Charles Stephen
Rien, Martin Wilhelm
Rien, Mary Ann
Robertson, Donald Marshall
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robertson, George Anderson
Robertson, James Brunel
Robertson, Mary Ann
Ross, Catherine
Ross, Charlotte
Ross, Donald
Ross, Thomas
Russell [nee Doering], Betty Mae Worner
Ryan, Elizabeth Jessie
Sanday, Nicholas Blair
Sanday, Phyllis May
Simmons, Celia
Simmons, James Edward
Simpson, Gordon Liburne
Slaughter, Alice
Slaughter, Sarah
Slaughter, William
Smith, Elizabeth (Bessie)
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, John Dick
Smith, Mary
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert Dick
Smith, Sarah
Spears, John
Spilsted, Ethel
Sternbeck, Hazel Jessie Elizabeth
Stewart, Elizabeth Mary
Stewart, Elizabeth Victoria
Stewart, Helen Lottie
Stewart, Jessie
Stewart, Jessie Ann
Stewart, John
Stewart, John Malcolm
Stewart, John Roy
Stewart, Margret Randolph
Stewart, Roy Rowan
Stuart, Charles MacDonald
Stuckey, Ada P.
Tarrant, Eva
Timson, George
Veness, Arthur Thomas
Veness, Jean Muriel
Walker, Alfred William
Walker, Archibald George
Walker, Elizabeth Ferguson
Walker, Elizabeth Henrietta
Walker, George
Walker, George Jonathan Hassall
Walker, Isabella
Walker, Judith Anne
Walker, Lucinda Isabel
Walker, Mary Catherine
Walker, Matthew Adam
Walker, Muriel
Walker, Robert Bruce
Walker, Robert Dalglish
Walker, Ronald Bruce
Walker M.L.C., William
Walters, Jane
Walters, Joseph
Walters, William Henry
Williams, Alice
Williams, James
Williams, William
Wilson, Bella
Young, Carlotta

Map of cemetery:

Above: Plan of Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery - note location of row 11 near railway tracks (refer to Notes section at bottom of page for further information), away from the main cemetery (see plan below).

Above: Exploded view of the main cemetery showing rows 1 to 10.


Row 11

Located away from the main cemetery, over near the railway station, covered in tall grass and bush.

During the cemetery survey in December 2004 and January 2005, only two plots were located in this area - a damaged vault of the Walker family (with the inscriptions for Walker, Alfred William, Walker, George Jonathan Hassall and Hassall, Mary Cover), plus a plot for Court, Henry M. that included a broken headstone and footstone.

Above: Location of Row 11 in relation to Windsor Railway Station

Reference to an earlier cemetery transcription carried out in 1984 do not list the two plots in row 11 located in this survey but do list three additional plots that could not be located in this area during this current survey. The inscriptions for these missing plots are included below.

Sacred To The Memory of JENNET RITCHIE WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE ON THE 27/12/AD 1842 AGED 62 YEARS (1 footstone and 1/2 headstone unreadable)

SAMUEL WILLIAM 2?/12/?? AGED 4 YRS Also EDWIN SH... AGED (41 or 11)


Unmarked Burials

Information collected from various sources, including death certificates submitted to the Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register team list the following individuals as being buried at Windsor Presbyterian Cemetery, where no headstones exist today. They include :

Flemming, William
James, Humphrey [aka Whirlpool VC, Frederick]
Johnson, Frederick Ernest
Johnson [nee Moston], Pearl Violet Elizabeth Annie
Mclean, Eliza
Mclean, Mary
Ritchie, Jennet
Sh??, Edwin
William, Samuel


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - December 2004 & January 2005.


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