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St James Marriage Register 1885 - 1891  
Church Register Details
Church:  St James
Address:  Bathurst Street
 Pitt Town NSW 2756
Denomination:  Church of England (now Anglican)
Register:  Marriages
Register Dates:  1885 - 1891
St James - Pitt Town


No Date of Marriage Surname Names Conjugal Status Birthplace Occupation Age Usual Residence Parent's name (inc Mother's maiden name) Father's Occupation Witnesses Ceremony performed by Notes
47 15 April 1885 WHITMORE John Bachelor Rouse Hill Farmer 25 Rouse Hill John Whitmore & Sarah Chapman Farmer Thomas Curtis & Elizabeth Curtis W Wood Married in the Church of St James Pitt Town
CURTIS Mary Jane Spinster Pitt Town   20 Pitt Town John Curtis & Mary Morgan Farmer
48 April 1885 STUBBINGS Cain Bachelor NSW Printer 22 Moss Vale Matthew Stubbings & Sophia Coleman Labourer William Owens & Martha Owens W Wood Cannot decipher wifes mothers maiden name
OWENS Sarah Ann Spinster NSW   24 Pitt Town James Owens & Mary McClutcheon Farmer
49 October 1887 WOODS Alfred Bachelor Pitt Town Wood Cutter full Pitt Town Robert Woods & Harriet Giles Wood Cutter Thomas Brown & Amelia Woods John Morgan Married in the Church of St James Pitt Town
SMITH Eliza Blanch Spinster Pitt Town   full Pitt Town Hannah Smith  
50 5 April 1888 PENTON Benjamin Bachelor Upper Colo Farmer 29 Upper Colo William Penton & Louisa Lord Farmer Charles Penton & Annie Gee John Morgan Marriage at Robert Gee's residence Central Colo
GEE Ruth Spinster Central Colo   25 Central Colo Robert Gee & Sophia Hayman Farmer
51 15 August 1889 BOYTER George Henry Bachelor Upper Colo Farmer 30 Upper Colo George Boyter & Sophia Gosper Farmer Benjamin Gosper & Thomas H Gosper W A Marsden Cockerill Marriage at Mr Wood's residence Upper Colo - Angelina is the adopted daughter of Mr Wood
WOOD Angelina Kate Spinster Upper Colo   minor Upper Colo Mary Ann Mahoney   
52 28 August 1889 JONES Jacob Bachelor Caddai Wood Cutter 21 North Rocks near Pitt Town Robert Jones & Selina Gough Wood Cutter Daniel Weaver & Moses Jones W A Marsden Cockerill Married in the Church of St James Pitt Town
WEAVER Mary Susanna Spinster Pitt Town   22 Pitt Town Richard Weaver & Mary Ann Smallwood Farmer
53 30 October 1889 JONES Joshua Bachelor Pitt Town Farmer 35 Sackville Reach Wm Jones & Catherine Hobbs Farmer Norman Tuckerman & Rowland Hutchinson W A Marsden Cockerill Marriage at the house of Mrs M C Hutchinson Sackville Reach
HUTCHINSON Maria Spinster Sackville Reach     Sackville Reach Wm Hutchinson & Maria Simpson Carpenter
54 20 February 1890 KIRBY Thomas Leslie Bachelor Cape Town Draper 27 Marrickville Thomas Leslie Kirby & Marie Milford/Mitchell Captain Florence Ada Lewis & Walter Moncrieff Lewis W A Marsden Cockerill Cannot decipher grooms mothers maiden had both surnames
LEWIS Annie Rebecca Spinster Petersham   25 Surry Hills David Thomas Lewis & Annie Marian Moncrieff School Teacher
55 20 August 1890 BLUNDELL John Bachelor Central Colo ?? 26 Lower Portland Joseph  Blundell & Louisa Turnbull Farmer Peter Kemp & Sophia Jones W A Marsden Cockerill Marriage at the church of St John Lower Portland.  A note on the entry also states that the portion was cut out to carry on horseback to Colo
JONES Emily Anne Spinster Lower Portland Domestic at home 21 Lower Portland William Jones Farmer
56 23 May 1891 BROWN Thomas Arthur Bachelor Pitt Town Labourer Full  Pitt Town George Brown & Ann Wemban Labourer ?? ?? further details were missing on copy
BLACK Bennett Rosina May Spinster Newcastle   Full Wilberforce George Black & Sarah Jones Labourer
57 20 July 1891 HIBBERT Albert Uriah Bachelor Freeman's Reach Railway Porter Full Windsor Joseph Hibbert & Harriet Shapton Farmer William Campbell & Amy Campbell John Morgan Married in the Church of St James Pitt Town
GRIFFITHS Mary Ann Spinster Richmond Bottoms   Under age Richmond Bottoms Thomas Griffiths & Mary Ann Cornwell Farmer


Credits: Transcriptions by Kristine Wood and Lynece Hawkins - March 2005.



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