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Details for the ship Lord Eldon (1817)

Ship Name:Lord Eldon  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1802
Size (tons):583
Voyage Details
Master:James T. Lamb
Surgeon:James Bowman
Sailed:9 April 1817
Arrived:30 September 1817
Route:Madeira, Rio
Days Travel:174
Convicts Landed:215 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Adams, FrancisEdmonds, JamesLock, JamesSewell, Joseph
Allen, JosephEdwards, EdwardLodge, JamesSheppard, Isaac
Aston, DanielEdwards, GeorgeLord, JamesShoebridge, William
Bailey, SamuelEdwards, ThomasLouch, CharlesShort, Barnaby
Baines, HenryEdwards (2), EdwardLuke, JamesSimpson, Robert
Batts, ThomasEighteen, JamesMaher, JohnSimpson, William
Baylis, DanielFilkins, JamesMahuffey, JamesSmart, John
Beckley, RichardFlack, JohnMansfield, WilliamSmith, John
Belcher, CharlesFletcher, FrancisMars, JohnSmith, Joseph
Belty, JosephFletcher, WilliamMarshall, JohnSmith, Thomas
Best, WilliamFord, DanielMartin, JohnSmith (1), John
Bidwell, ThomasFoster, SamuelMcAllister, JohnSmith (2), John
Biffin, JohnFoster, ThomasMcCornell, GeorgeSmith (3), William
Bird, RobertFranks, JamesMcDowell, RobertSquires, James
Bowen, SamuelFreare, ThomasMcKinlay, WilliamStafford, John
Bowen, WilliamFreeman, JamesMcLean, JohnStephens, Charles
Bowling, JohnGarden, JohnMeek, AmosStephens, Richard
Boyd, RichardGibbons, ThomasMiller, JohnStewart, Charles
Brady, DanielGleed, JamesMunton, JamesStone, William
Brougham, WilliamGooch, RobertMurray, ThomasStrange, William
Brown, JamesGoodall, ThomasNeil, JohnSummers, Thomas
Brown, WilliamGower, JohnNeilson, AndrewSutterthwaite, William
Browne, ThomasGranger, ThomasPallet, JohnTaylor, John
Brownutt, SamuelGreen, JohnParker, IsaacTennent, David
Butt, WilliamGreen, WilliamParker, SamuelThompson, William
Cabelow, DavidGroves, JohnParsons, WilliamTilly, James
Camels, RobertHanchett, JohnPaton, JohnTodd, John
Carter, JohnHanlon, PeterPerry, WilliamTodd, William
Casey, RichardHarris, JamesPhillips, FrancisTownshend, John
Chettle, SamuelHawker, GeorgePilkington, Samuel JamesTravis, James
Clark, JohnHawker, SethPlummer, JohnUnwin, John
Clark, WilliamHighet, WilliamPollington, WilliamWalker, Francis
Clarke, JamesHiscock, JohnPrescott, JosephWallis, James
Clarke, JohnHollands, JohnPrichard, JamesWarwick, George
Clement, WilliamHolstrum, JohnPriest, JohnWarwick, John
Clinch, RobertHookey, JohnQuinlan, WilliamWathen, John
Clutton, WilliamHopkins, SamuelRatchford, RobertWatson, William
Cochrane, JohnHorn, SamuelRells, PhilipWatts, William
Cockrom, JamesHudson, RobertRichards, JamesWells, George
Cohen, JamesJohnson, WilliamRichardson, JohnWesson, George
Coldwell, RogerJohnston, PeterRichardson, RobertWeston, John
Constable, FrederickJones, JohnRiddiford, LukeWhite, William
Cooper, JosephJones, ThomasRidout, JohnWhitehead, Daniel
Cooper, ThomasKeens, JosephRoberts, RobertWilliams, John
Crow, JamesKerton, ThomasRobinson, JamesWilliams, Robert
Cummins, JamesKimber, WilliamRobinson, RobertWilliams, William
Dalton, WilliamKnight, EdwardRobinson, WilliamWilson, James
Davidge, RichardLacey, ThomasRobinson, William (The younger)Wilson, Thomas
Dawson, GeorgeLamond, JohnRogers, DennisWinter, John
Dawson, JosephLatham, JohnRolfe, JacobWinters, John
Donald, AndrewLawrence, JohnRosewell, JamesWittingham, James
Dougherty, RobertLees, WilliamRoutledge, JohnWood, William
Dowling, WilliamLewis, GeorgeRule, JohnWoodley, James
Drew, ThomasLindon, JosephScutt, WilliamWright, Joseph
Dunn, WilliamLittle, BenjaminSeawood, WilliamYoung, John

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Lord Eldon is 220 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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