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Details for the ship Mary Ann (1791)

Ship Name:Mary Ann  
Rig Type:
Build Year:
Size (tons):298
Voyage Details
Master:Mark Munroe
Arrived:9 July 1791
Days Travel:
Convicts Landed:0 males & female convicts

List of convict passengers

Allen, ElizabethFranklin, AnnMason, ElizabethStacey, Barbara
Anstey, MaryGermaine, AnnMcDougall, ElizabethStacy, Alice
Atkinson, AnnGirton, SophiaMcKenzie, MariaStanton, Elizabeth
Barnes, SarahGittens, SarahMeredith, AnnStevenson, Jane
Barnett, MarthaGreenslade, AnnMersey, BettySteward, Elizabeth
Bartlam, SarahGrithins, SarahMetcalf, AnnStubbins, Mary
Blackwell, ElizabethGuest, AnnMills, SarahSwain, Mary
Bligh, AnnGuest, SarahMitchell, BettyTalbot, Mary
Bright, BridgetGuy, AnnMitchell, ElizabethTaylor, Ann
Brown, MaryGuy, AnnMooney, CatherineTaylor, Jane
Brown, MaryHamilton, ElizabethMorgan, MaryTodd, Martha
Brown, SusannahHarper, AnnMorris, ElizabethTomkins, Ann
Burke, AnnHarris, CatherineMoseley, ElizabethTonks, Rachael
Burton, RachaelHarrison, MaryMurphy, AnnToome, Jane
Butcher, MaryHawkins, MaryMuskett, MaryTrotter, Jane
Campbell, AnnHinchy, CatherineNewland, AnnTurner, Ann
Carey, AnnHipsley, ElizabethNewman, JaneTwigg, Ann
Carleton, HannahHipwell, Mary AnnOliver, MaryVevers, Hester
Carroll, MaryHipwell, Mary AnnParker, EleanorWade, Elizabeth Ann
Carty, BridgetHodge, AnnParker, MaryWatts, Mary
Chadderton, MaryHolmes, MargaretParsons, MaryWelch, Elizabeth
Chapman, IsabellaHudder, PricillaPenlarrick, PhoebeWelsh, Mary
Chessell, SarahHughes, ElizabethPhillips, MaryWeston, Elizabeth
Close, ElizabethHumphries, ElizabethPigg, SarahWhitfield, Johanna Lot
Collin, MaryHutchinson, AnnPotter, MaryWicks, Ann
Cook, Maria AnnHutchinson, MaryPowell, ElizabethWilkinson, Hannah
Cool, SusanJackson, AnnPrangley, ElizabethWilkinson, Mary Ann
Cooley, SarahJarmy, AnnProbert, HannahWilliams, Alice
Coombes, AnnJenkins, AnnRamsay, BellaWilliams, Catherine
Cosgrove, BridgetJohnson, ElizabethRamsay, IsabellaWilliams, Lydia
Cox, MaryJohnson, MaryRichards, RebeccaWilliams, Margaret
Davis, EleanorJones, MarthaRichardson, RebeccaWillis, Ann
Dixon, AnnJones, MaryRoberts, JaneWilson, Isabel
Dixon, ElizabethJones, MaryRodwin, EleanorWilson, Jemima
Dixon, Elizabeth SarahJones, SophiaRussell, MaryWinn, Hannah
Donnelly, SarahJones, SusannahRussell, Mary AnnWoodward, Jane
Dowding, RachelKingsford, AnnRussell, Mary EWoolley, Jane
Dyer, SusannahLee, ElizabethSmith, AnnWylie, Elizabeth
East, AnnLeeson, HannahSmith, AnnYardley, Ann
Edwards, MaryLetherby, Elizabeth SSparrow, AnnYoung, Elizabeth
Evans, SarahLinton, MarySparrow, Rose
Flannagan, MaryMacgennis, SarahSpriggs, Isabella

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Mary Ann is 166 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.

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