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Details for the ship Mary II (1822)

Ship Name:Mary II  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1813
Size (tons):547
Voyage Details
Master:Charles Arckell
Surgeon:John Rodmell
Sailed:5 September 1821
Arrived:23 January 1822
Days Travel:140
Convicts Landed:176 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Adams, WilliamEarles, WilliamHughes, JohnRoberts, William
Anderson, RobertEwer, EdwardIrwin, EdwardRoe, James
Ashcroft, GeorgeFeetom, SmithJohnson, JosephSanders, William
Asling, John (the younger)Firmin, JeremiahJones, WilliamSavory, George
Astbury, WilliamFisher, GeorgeJosselyn, ThomasSellers, Martin
Austin, WilliamFletcher, JacobKelley, JamesShepherd, George
Avery, JohnFletcher, JamesKennedy, DuncanShipley, James
Bacon, WilliamFlyn, MichaelKnight, JohnShore, Edward
Bailey, JohnFreeman, JohnLang, JohnSmith, George
Barnett, WilliamFrench, GeorgeLangford, ThomasSmith, Job
Bennett, CharlesFrench, RichardLangford, WilliamSmith, Joseph
Bennett, GeorgeFrudd, DavidLawley, WilliamSmith, Samuel
Best, ThomasGallagher, AndrewLeach, JobSmith, Sidney
Beswick, JosephGatehouse, SamuelLee, JohnSmith, Thomas
Bolter, WilliamGee, John WilliamLee, JosephSmith, Thomas
Bramble, WilliamGeorge, ThomasLester, WilliamSmith, William
Brennen, PhilipGermany, ThomasLewis, ThomasSmith, William
Brice, JamesGodfree, GeorgeLlewin, Frederick WilliamSnow, John
Brown, SamuelGorst, JamesLovett, JohnSolomons, William
Butcher, JohnHargreaves, JohnLumby, JamesSpencer, John
Carlow, WilliamHarper, JamesMarriott, WilliamSplatt, Thomas
Carly, JohnHarris, ThomasMatthews, BenjaminStark, Matthew
Caton, ThomasHarris, WilliamMayes, ThomasStephens, Henry
Caton, TimothyHarris, WilliamMills, GeorgeStratford, William
Cavanaugh, JamesHarrison, JohnMitchell, RobertSymonds, David
Clark, ThomasHarrison, JohnMoore, EdmundTacey, James
Collier, WilliamHartley, JohnMortimer, WilliamThomas, John
Cook, GeorgeHartlin, WilliamMould, LotThorpe, Charles
Cooper, WilliamHayes, RichardMurphy, MatthewThorpe, Robert
Cotterill, IsaacHeness, WalterNewson, GeorgeTimmins, John
Cox, WilliamHerbert, JosephNewton, ThomasTomlinson, John
Craske, ThomasHerne, JohnNoblett, JohnTurner, John
Cutts, JohnHeron, WilliamNorth, SamuelWapshott, William
Dawson, ChristopherHodges, ThomasNorton, ThomasWaters, James
Day, TimothyHolden, ThomasOgden, JohnWaters, James
Dearlove, WilliamHolland, DanielOrams, JohnWatson, Isaac
Dickinson, IsaacHolland, SamuelOwen, SamuelWatts, Thomas
Doge, JohnHollinshead, JohnPalmer, JohnWeavers, James
Douglas, DanielHolloway, WilliamPearson, JamesWhitehouse, Joseph
Dowdy, JosephHooper, JohnPennington, John WilliamWilbraham, Peter
Downs, WilliamHover, StephenPriest, JohnWilliams, James
Drewitt, ThomasHoward, JamesRatcliffe, JohnWinchester, Henry
Dudley, JohnHowlett, CharlesReynolds, StephenWoodbridge, Thomas
Eacott, JohnHughes, GeorgeRichardson, JohnWoolf, Isaac

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Mary II is 176 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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