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Details for the ship Surrey I (4) (1823)

Ship Name:Surrey I (4)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1811
Size (tons):443
Voyage Details
Master:Thomas Raine
Surgeon:Charles Linton
Sailed:5 October 1822
Arrived:4 March 1823
Days Travel:150
Convicts Landed:157 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Acott, WilliamCollingford, PeterHill, JosephRowan, William
Adams, CharlesCollins, ThomasHodgson, ThomasSeelie, Edward
Annesley, JamesCone, JosephHopkins, JosephShepherd, Charles
Arnold, JohnCottle, WilliamHorseington, JohnShipman, John
Ashby, Thomas (the younger)Craggs, RobertHoyle, JohnSilvester, James
Ashley, JohnCroker, CharlesIbbetson, RobertSimons, Richard
Atkins, ThomasDavid, DavidJessop, IsaacSimons, William
Atkins, WilliamDavis, JamesJones, JamesSimpson, John
Balls, JohnDaynes, EdwardJones, JamesSmith, James
Barber, WilliamDeakin, RobertJones, JohnSmith, William
Barrett, JohnDival, RobertJones, RichardSmith, William
Bassett, WilliamDoggett, JamesJuliffe, HenrySnowling, William
Bateridge, JohnDougherty, JohnKerns, JohnSpencer, William
Bayley, JohnDrew, SamuelLatham, HenryStanmore, James
Biggs, William the youngerDyson, WilliamLester, ThomasStevens, Alexander
Black, WilliamEades, WilliamLing, JamesStileman, James
Bolton, GeorgeEarley, JohnMagg, JohnSwan, John
Boswell, LewisEdwards, WilliamMarsh, CharlesSwansborough, James
Bradley, WilliamElwell, SaulMawdsley, JohnTaylor, William
Brammer, WilliamFerry, PatMiddleton, JohnThomas, Samuel
Brazell, EdwardFinnegan, MichaelMills, JohnThompson, Henry
Brennan, JohnFlower, JamesMorris, JohnThompson, John
Brewster, JohnFlynn, EdwardMoses, IsaacThompson, William
Briggs, RobertForrester, ThomasNorris, IsaacTimbury, William
Brown, JamesFuller, JohnNunn, James Edward HenryToogood, William
Brown, ThomasGale, WilliamPalmer, RobertTownsend, Job
Bush, JohnGates, JosephParker, WilliamTrevor, James
Bussill, Robert (the younger)Gibson, GeorgePatterson, ThomasTrickey, Henry
Calcomb, WilliamGrinfield, JamesPearce, WilliamTufley, Thomas
Carden, FrancisGrist, JamesPenny, JohnVorsey, Robert
Caton, WilliamHammond, EdwardPerkins, EdwardWarne, John
Challen, RobertHancock, EnosPerry, JohnWebster, Robert
Chambers, JohnHands, GeorgeReed, ThomasWelford, Robert
Chard, JamesHardy, JohnRees, DavidWells, Samuel
Chorlton, DavidHarman, WilliamReeves, WilliamWhite, Joseph
Church, JohnHart, WilliamRichardson, JohnWilliams, John
Clayton, JohnHarvey, JohnRichardson, JohnWilliams, John
Cocksedge, ZachariahHayward, IsraelRimmer, ThomasWood, Jacob
Cole, ThomasHerbert, WilliamRoberts, WilliamWood, John
Colley, GeorgeHewson, JamesRobinson, JohnWright, William

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Surrey I (4) is 160 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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