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Details for the ship Mangles (3) (1824)

Ship Name:Mangles (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1802
Size (tons):594
Voyage Details
Master:John Cogill
Surgeon:John Crocket
Sailed:13 July 1824
Arrived:27 October 1824
Days Travel:106
Convicts Landed:190 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Abbott, AlfredCoombs, Peter (the younger)Hudson, DavidRobinson, Richard
Alderman, ThomasCooper, HenryIngham, JamesRockall, James
Allen, WilliamCooper, JohnJackson, WilliamRogers, James
Ashton, ThomasCooper, WilliamJames, WilliamRossam, James
Atteridge, WilliamCotton, JamesJeffes, ThomasRossam, Thomas
Bailey, EdwardCox, JohnJeffkins, GeorgeRule, Abraham
Baker, JamesCoy, GeorgeJenden, Thomas SteelSaunders, William
Baldwin, ThomasCranfield, WilliamJohnson, WilliamScarratt, Richard
Balls, JohnCross, WilliamJones, EdwardScott, John
Balls, MarkCrowther, JonathanJosephs, PhilipScrivener, Walf
Bartholomew, JosephDavey, LazarusKing, JosephSherwood, James
Barton, WilliamDavey, RobertLea, ThomasSilly, Robert
Bennett, James (the younger)Davies, WilliamLeach, JamesSkipper, Thomas
Bennett, JohnDeane, JosiahLevett, JohnSmall, George
Berwick, JohnDolman, ThomasLong, WilliamSmart, John Chiddle
Biggs, RichardDonovan, DanielLoveridge, JohnSmee, John
Bint, HenryDrewitt, RichardLucas, WilliamSmith, James
Bint, JosiahEdwards, EdwardLynn, WilliamSmith, John
Blandford, WilliamElliott, WilliamLyon, JohnSmith, Richard
Boon, JamesElsworth, CharlesMail, JohnSouthgate, David
Boon, RichardFeatonby, HenryMare, RichardStart, Thomas
Botson, HenryFisher, EdmundMaynard, JamesStevens, Aaron
Boxall, GeorgeFisher, WilliamMelton, RichardStonestreet, Levi
Brandy, IsaacFlynn, JohnMiller, JohnStonestreet, Moses
Breaker, CharlesFox, JohnMissingham, ThomasStonestreet, William
Breaker, DanielFox, JohnMorgan, WilliamSwallow, Thomas
Bridges, WilliamGarnham, JamesMunroe, ThomasTaylor, Thomas
Brookes, ThomasGnosill, ThomasNewell, CharlesTaylor, William
Brown, GeorgeGodden, JamesNicholls, JamesThomas, Thomas
Brown, JamesGoodyer, JohnNorgrove, JohnThompson, Gabriel
Brown, ThomasGore, JohnNorthey, SamuelToms, John
Bullock, NicholasGriffiths, WilliamOliver, RobertTyler, John
Burcher, GeorgeGroves, JohnOllidge, WilliamWade, Thomas
Burgwin, DavidGudge, ThomasOram, WilliamWalker, John
Burnett, WilliamGulliver, SamuelParker, JosephWarminger, Richard
Byford, JosephHanson, WilliamPeck, GeorgeWaterman, David
Canavan, ThomasHarmer, DanielPennycut, RichardWatkins, William
Cane, ThomasHarris, EdmundPerowne, JamesWest, Edward`
Carter, JohnHarris, WilliamPlummer, FrancisWhitaker, Robert
Carter, JosephHart, WilliamProsser, ThomasWhitworth, Luke
Castle, JohnHennessy, JohnProsser, ThomasWicks, Thomas
Chevers, WilliamHensby, RobertPurse, ThomasWilliams, George
Clark, WilliamHenson, JosephRawlins, RobertWood, James
Clarke, ThomasHigh, Henry (the elder)Reeve, JohnWright, John
Cleary, LaurenceHigh, Henry (the younger)Reeve, SamuelWybrew, William
Cobbing, JamesHold, HenryRichardson, JamesYates, Benjamin
Coleman, GeorgeHolloway, ThomasRidd, William
Cook, WilliamHorsell, JohnRing, John

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Mangles (3) is 190 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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