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Details for the ship Marquis of Hastings (3) (1828)

Ship Name:Marquis of Hastings (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1819
Size (tons):452
Voyage Details
Master:John Jeffrey Drake
Surgeon:William Rae
Sailed:30 June 1828
Arrived:12 October 1828
Days Travel:104
Convicts Landed:178 males & 0 female convicts
Notes:HO records show the name as Marquess of Hastings

List of convict passengers

Allkin, WilliamFinch, WilliamKnowles, JonathanRowland, David
Baker, WilliamFleming, Henry HammondLe Count, SamuelRuss, Gifford
Barr, FrancisFloodgate, ThomasLeader, EdwardRussell, Michael
Bavin, WilliamFoot, JohnLedgard, JohnRyan, Michael
Bernard, AnthonyFord, WilliamLevy, JohnSandy, Charles
Binkin, NicholasFowler, HenryLister, JamesSchofield, Edward
Binns, JamesFreestone, SamuelLongman, WilliamScholfield, Abraham
Birch, JohnGlover, GeorgeMackay, JamesSerjeantson, John
Blaney, MartinGodfrey, WilliamMarsden, JohnSewell, James
Booth, ThomasGoodey, JamesMarsh, JohnShearman, Charles
Booty, JohnGoodyer, WilliamMartin, GeorgeShot, George
Brewhouse, CharlesGrace, RichardMason, CharlesSmith, John
Briant, ThomasGreen, MatthewMatthews, JamesSmith, Joseph
Briggs, CharlesGriffiths, JosephMaxfield, JohnSmith, Samuel
Bristow, JamesGumbrell, JamesMcCarthy, DanielSmith, Thomas
Briton, SilasHaines, JamesMcCarthy, JamesSmith, William
Britton, GeorgeHall, MartinMcGinnes, JohnSpencer, George
Brown, HenryHart, RichardMeney, DanielSpencer, Matthew
Burgess, WilliamHawkins, WilliamMillen, JamesStafford, Robert
Burnett, StephenHayes, FrancisMitchell, JohnStockwell, Henry
Burraston, JamesHead, JohnMitchell, WilliamStorr, Abraham (the younger)
Burrows, JohnHedges, StephenMontague, ThomasTaylor, Thomas
Burton, ThomasHenley, GeorgeMoss, JamesThompson, Thomas
Burton, WilliamHermitage, BigleyMunday, GeorgeThompson, William
Bywater, JohnHerring, JamesMurrell, DanielUnsworth, James
Callow, JosephHewitt, ThomasNewberry, JohnVickers, Thomas
Cardinell, WilliamHitchcock, JohnNewman, GeorgeWade, John
Cavanah, JohnHockley, JohnNicholls, HenryWatkins, James
Chambers, JamesHolmes, ThomasNobes, William (the younger)Watt, William
Cherry, ThomasInman, ThomasNortham, ThomasWeller, Thomas
Cobson, JamesJacobs, IsaacOatley, ThomasWestbury, Charles
Collis, JonathanJarvis, JohnOckenden, JosephWhite, Luke
Const, JamesJollan, WilliamOckenden, WilliamWild, John
Cox, HenryJones, JohnOrson, WilliamWilkie, John
Crawley, JeremiahJones, JohnOwen, JosephWilkinson, James
Dace, OwenJones, RichardPascoe, JamesWilliams, Robert
Dennison, ThomasJones, ThomasPhipps, JohnWillis, Thomas
Dignum, HenryJones, WilliamPopple, RobertWinterburn, Thomas
Dixon, JamesKeating, AndrewPye, JamesWiseman, James
Dorman, JosephKeeven, WilliamQuiby, JosephWoodhead, James
Duncombe, WilliamKennedy, JohnReynolds, ThomasWoodwill, William
Edwards, WilliamKilminster, JohnReynolds, WilliamWorthington, Roger
Featherston, JamesKing, ThomasRichardson, JohnWright, John
Field, JohnKinley, WilliamRichardson, Richard
Field, WilliamKnight, ThomasRiches, Philip

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Marquis of Hastings (3) is 178 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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  • The National Archives (TNA) : HO 11/6, pp.431-441

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