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Details for the ship Lady Harewood (1) (1829)

Ship Name:Lady Harewood (1)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1791
Size (tons):429
Voyage Details
Master:Richard Limon
Surgeon:Campbell France
Sailed:26 March 1829
Arrived:28 July 1829
Days Travel:124
Convicts Landed:207 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Adams, JosephCuser, JamesJeffkins, RichardRye, George
Allensby, WilliamDaily, JamesJohnson, AbrahamSalmon, Benjamin
Allgood, JohnDavidson, WilliamJohnson, JohnSanders, John
Allgood, WilliamDawes, DavidJones, EdwardSansum, James
Allison, ThomasDaws, JohnJones, HenryShanner, John
Allsop, JamesDeacon, WilliamJones, JohnSharples, Richard
Archer, RobertDean, WilliamJubb, BenjaminShea, James
Armstrong, GeorgeDebank, GabrielJurden, GeorgeShearston, Robert
Ashby, EmanuelDennis, JohnKeefe, ThomasShipway, Thomas
Ashmole, WilliamDike, JohnKempson, RichardSmith, John
Ashton, WilliamDowney, PatrickKilborn, DanielSmith, John
Bagnor, HenryDrew, SamuelKimbley, WilliamSmith, John
Barrett, WilliamDriscoll, JohnKinsley, WilliamSmith, Thomas
Bartlett, HenryDriscoll, MauriceKneller, RobertSpooner, James
Barton, RobertDunn, MatthewLame, ThomasSprigg, Thomas
Bath, GeorgeEarle, ThomasLangfield, ThomasStanning, Thomas
Bayliss, WilliamEdwards, GeorgeLawrenson, GeorgeStanton, Henry
Beard, WilliamEdwards, Henry (the younger)Leadbiter, WilliamStevens, Thomas
Beckett, ThomasEdwards, ThomasLedge, ThomasStevenson, Matthew
Bedwell, WilliamElliott, WilliamLee, GeorgeStrahan, Andrew
Bell, WilliamEllis, JohnLee, JohnStrood, Thomas
Bennett, WilliamEllis, RichardLee, LionelStroud, Henry
Bird, EdwardFarmer, WilliamLewis, JamesSturt, George
Bishop, GeorgeFaulkner, WilliamLove, ThomasSudds, Joseph
Black, AndrewFord, WilliamLovell, SamuelSurby, Robert
Black, JohnFraney, JohnLuckhurst, JesseTaylor, Samuel
Blake, JamesFurnell, WilliamLupton, ThomasThompson, George
Blomfield, StephenFurniss, WilliamMacdonald, JamesThrelkeld, Robert
Boyd, WilliamGarlick, GeorgeMansell, JohnTowell, William
Breach, RichardGiles, WilliamMansfield, HenryTrueman, Thomas
Brewell, JohnGisby, StephenMarkham, PhilipTunbridge, Jonathan
Brewell, SamuelGoodall, WilliamMason, JosephTurner, Abraham
Briggs, IsaacGordon, AlexanderMayo, WilliamTurner, William
Bromfield, AlexanderGoulding, JamesMcIntyre, FrancisTurner, William
Brown, HenryGraves, GeorgeMerner, JamesTurrell, Robert
Brown, HenryGreen, JamesMesham, JohnUrrt, James
Brown, JamesGreen, ThomasMoon, HenryVigers, Joseph
Bull, RobertGreene, Emanuel CharlesMoore, JosephVyse, William
Bullen, JosephGreengrass, ThomasMoore, ThomasWalker, Thomas
Bullock, BenjaminGreenley, HenryMoore, ThomasWarby, Daniel
Burrows, GeorgeGriffith, JohnMoran, ThomasWard, George
Bush, OsbornHagger, ThomasMorley, WilliamWard, William
Bye, ThomasHaitt, JohnMorris, JohnWardle, Thomas
Capper, CharlesHalfpenny, ThomasMott, JosephWathess, Thomas
Capping, JamesHall, JohnMurphy, JamesWavell, James
Carr, GeorgeHamer, JamesNewton, HenryWells, Edward
Cartwright, ThomasHand, JamesNorton, WilliamWells, Joseph
Cartwright, WilliamHargrave, JohnPage, JosephWeston, Richard
Chap, JohnHarper, JamesPalmer, James HintonWheeler, Henry
Clark, JohnHarper, JohnPalmer, WilliamWhite, William
Clarke, JohnHarris, EdwinPercival, JohnWilliams, Charles
Cockayne, EdwinHarrison, RichardPicken, JohnWilliams, George
Cocking, WilliamHate, WilliamPorter, GeorgeWilliams, Thomas
Cole, WilliamHerbert, WilliamPowell, WilliamWillis, William
Collier, JohnHoar, JohnPrice, WilliamWilson, Stephen
Collins, HoratioHodson, JohnPrimmer, JohnWise, James
Compton, ZachariahHogg, EdwardPritchard, JohnWood, John
Cook, ChristopherHollingsworth, SamuelPurcell, James (the younger)Wood, John
Cook, ThomasHough, JohnQuadling, JohnWood, William
Cook, WilliamHoughton, JosephQuay, Daniel JohnWoodward, Peter
Cooper, HenryHoward, JohnRaven, CharlesWoodward, Thomas
Cooper, WilliamHowell, FlowerRead, HenryWoodward, William
Cousins, NicholasHughes, ThomasReed, HenryWoollett, John
Cox, RobertHulley, EdwardReid, JohnWright, John
Cox, WilliamHumphreys, WilliamRichards, JamesWright, Thomas
Craigee, WilliamHunt, SamuelRichardson, JosephWright, William
Creamer, EdwardHunter, RobertRiely, MatthewYates, John
Creamer, WilliamInce, JohnRiley, StephenYeates, Charles
Crisp, JohnIsaac, HenryRoberts, William
Curtis, JohnJackson, JohnRoss, John
Curtis, LeviJarmaine, WilliamRyan, Richard

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Lady Harewood (1) is 281 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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