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Details for the ship Andromeda II (1) (1830)

Ship Name:Andromeda II (1)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1819
Size (tons):408
Voyage Details
Master:Robert Parkin
Surgeon:George Fairfowl
Sailed:28 August 1830
Arrived:18 December 1830
Days Travel:112
Convicts Landed:172 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Ahern, EdwardDempsey, EdmondKelly, JohnMurphy, James
Alone, DanielDinan, CorneliusKelly, MichaelMurphy, John
Anglin, MichaelDonoghoe, PatrickLahy, PatrickMurphy, Michael
Barry, MichaelDonovan, JamesLawler, JamesMurphy, Patrick
Beckam, JohnDoolan, JamesLeary, JohnNaughton, William
Blackwood, JohnDowney, MichaelLee, WilliamNolan, John
Booth, WilliamDowney, StephenLeonard, JohnNolan, John
Bowes, PatrickDowning, JohnLeonard, PeterNorris, James
Brennan, JohnDowning, RobertLowland, JohnNowlan, Edward
Brick, JohnDoyle, JohnLundy, JohnObrien, Patrick
Brooks, JohnDunn, WilliamLynch, PatrickReed, John
Brown, PatrickDwyer, JohnLyne, JohnRegan, John
Bryan, MichaelDwyer, PatrickMacks, DennisReilly, Daniel
Bryan, ThomasEagan, JamesMacks, MichaelReilly, Patrick
Byrne, WilliamEaves, JonathanMagan, EdwardRoache, James
Cahill, ThomasFalvey, JohnMaher, MichaelRyan, Francis
Callaghan, JohnFanell, JamesMalone, FrancisRyan, John
Callaghan, MarkFisher, MichaelMalowney, MichaelRyan, Michael
Campsy, John JosephFitzpatrick, BernardMathews, MichaelRyan, Patrick
Carey, JohnFitzpatrick, DenisMcCarrick, FrancisRyan, Richard
Carmody, PatrickFitzpatrick, PatrickMcCarthy, ThomasSeares, Jacob
Casey, MichaelFlanigan, JohnMcCullogh, JosephShehan, Cornelius
Cavanagh, CharlesFox, BernardMcEvoy, PatrickShehan, Michael
Cavanagh, JohnFox, JohnMcGrach, JamesShelton, William
Connell, PatrickFox, LukeMcGrath, DanielShine, William
Connolly, MichaelFraher, ThomasMcGuiness, WilliamSlatting, Daniel
Connolly, PatrickGallagher, MartinMcMahon, JamesSmith, John
Connolly, ThomasGeary, HumphreyMcManus, PhilipSullivan, John
Connoly, JamesGeraghty, John JnrMcMullins, PeterToohy, John
Connor, DennisGeraghty, John SnrMcNamara, MichaelToohy, Michael
Connor, JohnHamill, JohnMcNamara, WilliamToohy, Thomas
Connor, JohnHandibo, JohnMcSweeny, ThomasTurner, Thomas
Costigan, WilliamHanly, JohnMeade, TimothyTyne, Edmond
Cotter, DavidHayden, JohnMeahy, JamesVerdon, Patrick
Cox, JohnHearn, JohnMinaghan, JohnWallace, William
Creagh, GeorgeHendrick, StephenMinaghan, MichaelWard, Charles
Creagh, PierceHogan, PatrickMohe, JohnWedge, John
Crosby, PatrickHoughey, PatrickMolloy, JamesWhelan, James
Daly, CharlesHurley, WilliamMolouney, MichaelWhelan, Patrick
Darcy, MichaelIrwin, HenryMolowney, EdwardWhelan, Paul
Dartnell, EdwardJones, HenryMulchahy, EdwardWhelan, Philip
Davoran, ThomasJordan, DanielMuldowney, JohnWhittle, Joseph
Deady, JohnKeating, CorneliusMuldowney, ThomasWilliam, Driscoll
Dean, CorneliusKeefe, JeremiahMullaly, James
Delany, CharlesKeefe, JohnMurphy, Humphrey

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Andromeda II (1) is 178 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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  • Bateson, Charles & Library of Australian History (1983). The convict ships, 1787-1868 (Australian ed). Library of Australian History, Sydney : pp.348-349, 387

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