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Details for the ship Katherine Stewart Forbes (1) (1830)

Ship Name:Katherine Stewart Forbes (1)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1818
Size (tons):457
Voyage Details
Master:Thomas Canney
Surgeon:Patrick McTernan
Sailed:14 October 1829
Arrived:19 February 1830
Days Travel:127
Convicts Landed:199 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Bailey, JamesDavies, GeorgeLaceter, JosephSheldon, Thomas
Barber, AndrewDavis, EdwardLamb, LukeShepheard, Joseph
Barnes, JamesDean, CharlesLea, SamuelShield, William
Bassett, ThomasDignum, PhilipLeigh, EdwardSlater, Thomas
Beeton, DavidEdgeley, JamesLintott, RichardSlaughter, Joseph
Boardman, WilliamEdrin, RichardLord, JonathanSmith, John
Botfield, EdwardEldred, WilliamLoveday, JohnSmith, John
Boyton, RichardEmberson, GeorgeLupton, WilliamSmith, John
Brown, BenjaminEveritt, JamesMac Ginnies, HughSmith, William
Brown, JohnFelkins, JohnMacdonald, ThomasSnell, William
Browne, RobertFielder, JohnMajor, JohnSpinks, John
Bulger, JamesFrost, EdwardMartin, JohnStacey, John (the elder)
Bull, JacobGage, RobertMartin, ThomasStaines, Samuel
Burgess, GeorgeGilbert, HenryMason, WilliamStevens, James
Burgess, JosephGingell, WilliamMetcalf, WilliamStock, William
Burkin, Jonathan ThomasGodden, WilliamMetson, JohnStockings, Robert
Burn, LionelGore, WilliamMoore, JosephStotter, George
Burrows, JohnGranner, JosephMorgan, WilliamSutton, James
Butt, ThomasGulley, CharlesMurray, PeterTaylor, Edward
Carey, WilliamGuyton, JohnNewell, ThomasTaylor, William
Carr, JohnHailes, RichardNicholas, Josiah (the younger)Taylor, William
Carr, RichardHammond, JohnNicholls, WilliamTennant, Charles
Carr, WilliamHance, JohnNipperas, WilliamThomas, John
Catling, ThomasHardingham, CharlesNorth, Thomas (the younger)Thomas, John
Chamberlain, GeorgeHargrave, JamesO'Conner, JamesThorn, Robert
Chapman, CharlesHarris, WilliamParker, CharlesThurtell, James
Chapman, ThomasHarrison, ThomasParker, SamuelTilley, James
Chorlton, JohnHartley, JamesParr, WilliamTompson, William
Clarkson, DavidHarvey, ThomasParrott, JosephTonks, Thomas
Claxton, JamesHazell, WilliamParsons, WilliamTownsend, David
Clewley, WilliamHickman, JamesParsonson, JohnTrapp, John
Cobb, CharlesHill, JohnPassaway, JohnTrayford, George
Coe, CharlesHillman, WilliamPewter, MarkTrowles, Isaac
Coleman, AdamHinchley, GeorgePickles, HenryTuckwood, Charles
Cooke, JamesHirons, ThomasPillbeam, JamesVincent, John
Cooper, GeorgeHodges, WilliamPrior, JamesWadsworth, John
Cooper, JohnHolland, JohnPurdy, ThomasWalker, Samuel
Cooper, SamuelHolmes, JamesPym, HenryWare, George
Cooper, WilliamHopkins, JamesRead, WilliamWare, James
Coppard, WilliamJackson, ThomasReardon, JohnWare, John
Coppin, JamesJackson, WilliamReed, BenjaminWaters, Joseph
Coppock, JosephJames, EdwardRichards, CharlesWatts, George Solomon
Cover, EdwardJaycock, RichardRiches, DavidWells, William
Crack, JohnJohnson, WilliamRiley, HenryWilkinson, James
Crawthera, JosephJolly, SamuelRobinson, CharlesWilliams, John
Crewe, FrederickJones, EzekielRoebuck, WilliamWilson, George
Crossley, JamesJones, JonathanRowen, WilliamWisbey, John
Crowley, JamesKeeler, SamuelRuck, CharlesWood, Samuel
Curtis, WilliamKerman, JohnRussell, JohnWoods, James
Daltrey, JohnKeys, JosephSharp, JosephWort, Charles

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Katherine Stewart Forbes (1) is 200 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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