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Details for the ship America (2) (1831)

Ship Name:America (2)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1827
Size (tons):391
Voyage Details
Master:Robert Donal
Surgeon:Richard Lewis
Sailed:6 January 1831
Arrived:9 May 1831
Days Travel:123
Convicts Landed:0 males & 186 female convicts
Notes:Noted inconsistency with numbers reported by Bateson and TNA records - on checking both SRNSW and TAHO records found that 93 additional female convicts came to VDL onboard the America, but had been original listed on the Earl of Liverpool

List of convict passengers

Allen, JaneFobister, Mary AnnLawrence, IsabellaSimpkins, Maria
Anderson, MaryForrest, Mary AnnLloyd, EmmaSloane, Susannah
Baker, MarthaFoster, Mary AnnLynes, EstherSmith, Ann
Baker, MaryFoster, RebeccaMack, CatherineSmith, Eliza
Baker, Mary AnnFoxley, LydiaMaise, MariaSmith, Esther
Baldwin, MariaFozer, HannahMalloy, MargaretSmith, Mary
Barnes, SarahFranklyn, ElizabethMargetson, MarySmith, Mary
Bartlett, AnnFretwell, FrancesMarsden, NancySmith, Matilda
Bateman, BridgetFrost, EleanorMartin, SarahSmith, Matilda
Beavens, JaneGraham, ElizabethMcCabe, MariaSmith, Sarah
Bennett, AnnGrant, CatherineMcCarthy, MarySpry, Mary
Bennett, SarahGreen, AnnMiller, AnnSpurrier, Hannah
Betts, AnnGreen, AnnMilligan, MaryStammers, Harriet
Birkinshaw, ElizaGreen, ElizabethMills, SarahStuart, Margaret
Bleeze, MaryGriffiths, BridgetMitchell, MarySullivan, Phoebe
Blount, Mary AnnHall, Ann TabithaMoody, HenriettaSwain, Mary
Boden, Mary AnnHarris, ElizabethMorgan, ElizabethTagney, Margaret
Boulter, JaneHarrison, SarahMoss, PriscillaTinner, Jane
Brathwaite, Mary AnnHarvey, ElizabethMundell, MargaretTravel, Susanna
Broughton, AnnHatfield, HannahMunro, ElizaTrimby, Elizabeth
Brown, EleanorHerring, MaryMurphy, AnnVallentine, Jane
Brown, ElizaHerwick, AnnMurphy, EllenWalker, Amy
Brown, Mary AnnHolden, MaryMurphy, MaryWalker, Elizabeth
Browning, Mary AnnHollyer, ElizabethMurrell, AnnWall, Eliza
Bryant, ElizaHornet, MaryNolan, BridgetWallace, Sarah
Brymer, MargaretHorrocks, AnnNoy, CharlotteWalters, Ann
Burne, AnnHoward, EllenOdell, MargaretWalters, Jane
Bush, CarolineHughes, AnnOdy, Mary AnnWalters, Phebe
Carter, EllenHughes, MaryOrrill, ElizaWatts, Mary
Chandler, ElizaHulse, MarthaOverton, BridgetWells, Esther
Chilmick, Bridget PriscillaInskip, LouisaPashley, MaryWest, Mary
Clark, FrancesJefferies, CatherinePaton, ElizabethWhare, Eliza
Clayton, DorothyJohnson, ElizabethPiccup, SusanWhiley, Mary
Coffee, CatherineJohnson, ElizabethPonsford, HarrietWhitear, Mary
Collins, ElizaJolly, MaryPryor, AnnWhitehead, Mary
Collis, AnnJones, AnnRelph, AnnWilliams, Eliza
Cook, JaneJones, EleanorReynolds, AnnWilliams, Elizabeth
Corbet, MargaretJones, EllenRoberts, MaryWilliams, Ellen
Crisp, EmmaJones, MarthaRobinson, ElizabethWilliams, Mary
Crosscombe, MarthaJones, MaryRowell, AnnWilliams, Mary
Cull, RebeccaKatley, AnnSandall, SusannahWilliams, Mary
Cully, MaryKeep, ElizabethSaunders, AnnWilliams, Sarah
Daniel, MaryKelley, AnnScace, Mary AnnWilson, Elizabeth
Davies, AnnKennedy, MaryScandling, MaryWilson, Mary Ann
Davies, MaryKing, MariaSeddon, ElizaWinter, Jane
Davis, MaryKingham, Mary AnnShaw, AnnYates, Agnes
Downs, RebeccaKnott, AnnShaw, Margaret
Fitzmaurice, CarolineKnott, Mary AnnSimmons, Elizabeth

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship America (2) is 190 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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