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Details for the ship Hero (1835)

Ship Name:Hero  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1823
Size (tons):402
Voyage Details
Master:Henry Cox Dowson
Surgeon:David Boyter
Sailed:15 March 1835
Arrived:31 August 1835
Route:Rio de Janeiro and King George's Sound
Days Travel:169
Convicts Landed:197 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Armstrong, WilliamDonnelly, RichardKilpatrick, McCluneNolan, Thomas
Atkinson, HenryDouglas, AndrewLark, WilliamNowlan, Peter
Baldwill, ThomasDowling, JamesLeary, HumphreyO'Brien, Henry
Bannon, HughDoyle, MichaelLittleton, DanielO'Brien, James
Barclay, HughDrury, WilliamLowry, AustinO'Donnell, William
Barnes, JohnDunne, JohnLunnon, PatrickO'Man, James
Barrie, NelsonEarles, EdwardLynch, DanielO'Reilly, Hugh
Barry, JohnEgan, MichaelLynch, JosephPetticrew, Thomas
Beare, GeorgeFahey, JohnLynch, StephenPhelan, Timothy
Bentley, WilliamFannin, PatrickLyons, JohnPower, John
Boyes, James CrowFanning, DanielLyons, JohnPower, Nicholas
Brady, HughFanning, JohnLyons, PatrickQuin, George
Brady, JohnFarrell, JohnMaguire, JohnQuinn, James
Brady, JohnFehilly, JohnMaguire, MichaelQuinn, Patrick
Brennan, PatrickFellon, HenryMaguire, WilliamRafferty, James
Brennan, ThomasFennessy, RichardMaher, PatrickRafferty, William
Brien, JamesFinegan, JosephMakesy, JohnReddy, Patrick
Broder, PeterFinn, ThomasMalone, PatrickRegan, William
Brown, GarrettFitzgerald, EdwardMaltee, ThomasRobinson, Henry
Brown, JamesFitzgerald, EdwardMartin, RichardRooney, Moses
Browne, HenryFitzgerald, JamesMcCabe, JamesRostion, William
Bryan, MartinFitzgerald, MichaelMcCarthy, JohnRourke, William
Bryan, MichaelFitzpatrick, DavidMcClernon, HughRowland, Christopher
Buckley, JamesFoley, JeremiahMcCluskey, JeremiahRyan, John
Bunting, WilliamGarrett, JamesMcCrea, AlexanderRyan, Martin
Byrne, MichaelGeoghegan, JeremiahMcDonagh, WilliamRyan, William
Cahill, MichaelGraham, GeorgeMcDonald, MichaelScanlan, John
Cahill, RichardGreen, JohnMcDonald, TimothySharkey, Francis
Callagan, DanielGreenaway, JamesMcDonnell, JohnShea, Dennis
Campbell, PatrickGriffin, JohnMcDonnell, WilliamSheehan, Patrick
Cashion, PatrickGuery, PatrickMcEvoy, JamesSheridan, Richard
Caulfield, JamesHamilton, JohnMcHenry, BartholomewSmall, Patrick
Cavanagh, DarbyHarvey, PatrickMcKeon, JamesSmith, Patrick
Clarke, JohnHeadon, DennisMcMahon, PatrickSpackman, William
Coffee, DarbyHeadon, JamesMcMillon, PeterSt. George, Edward
Colgan, JamesHeath, JamesMolloy, PeterStephenson, George
Collins, JohnHegarty, JohnMolloy, ThomasSullivan, Michael
Collison, WilliamHickey, JohnMonks, LawrenceSwan, Patrick
Connell, JohnHogan, PeterMoore, PatrickThornhill, Thomas
Connors, JohnHollman, JohnMoran, WilliamTobin, John
Corkeran, DennisHonan, MichaelMorris, WalterTyrrell, Thomas
Cullen, DennisHonan, PatrickMorrissy, PhillipWalker, George
Cunningham, MichaelHonan, ThomasMulhare, JamesWalker, Joseph
Curran, PatrickJohnson, SamuelMullaghan, ThomasWalsh, Andrew
Currie, JohnJohnston, AlexanderMurphy, GeorgeWarren, Hugh
Dalton, WilliamKeefe, MichaelMurphy, MauriceWhelan, John
Deacon, JamesKeenan, DanielMurphy, PatrickWilson, John
Delahunty, JosephKelly, JohnMyles, StephenWoodsides, John
Dillon, ChristianKelly, JohnNaughton, TimothyWye, Henry
Dobbin, JohnKennedy, EdwardNeill, John
Donnelly, JamesKennedy, JohnNeill, Patrick

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Hero is 202 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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