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Details for the ship Susan (3) (1837)

Ship Name:Susan (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1813
Size (tons):573
Voyage Details
Master:Henry Neatbey
Surgeon:Edward Hilditch
Sailed:5 August 1837
Arrived:21 November 1837
Days Travel:108
Convicts Landed:293 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Abbott, CharlesFirth, JohnLalley, MichaelScott, George
Abbott, GeorgeFoots, JosephLane, ThomasSeldon, Joseph
Abrahams, ThomasFoots, StephenLapham, JamesSellard, John
Adams, GeorgeFowler, NicholasLee, RichardSelwood, Jesse
Angove, WilliamFrancis, JamesLing, JohnSharpe, Henry
Appleton, JohnFruke, FrancisLing, WilliamShearn, John
Appleton, WilliamGascoine, ThomasLinnett, AbrahamShears, Josiah
Aram, EugeneGibbs, JohnLucas, WilliamShears, Thomas
Ashen, WilliamGibbs, ZachariahLush, JamesShillite, George
Atack, JamesGirling, Henry (the younger)Macassey, PatrickShorland, William
Atkinson, ThomasGodfrey, JamesMacOnnel, PatrickSilvester, John
Austin, ThomasGoff, GeorgeMansfield, JohnSimpson, Arthur
Austin, WilliamGosney, EliasMarginson, WilliamSims, John
Bagshaw, WilliamGould, GeorgeMarriott, JohnSims, Robert
Bailey, JonathanGrace, WilliamMarsh, RobertSkinner, Henry
Baker, JamesGraham, ThomasMcGuinness, FelixSmee, Robert
Baker, JohnGrantham, JohnMcLean, RoderickSmith, Henry
Banks, ThomasGreen, JohnMcMahon, ThomasSmith, James
Bantick, WilliamGroves, WilliamMcMillen, WilliamSmith, John
Barin, ThomasGyp, WilliamMead, ThomasSmith, John
Bateman, JosephHall, John MetcalfeMills, SamuelSmith, Lawrence
Beale, JamesHam, Richard PykeMitchell, ThomasSmith, Robert
Bellamy, HenryHarding, JohnMoore, RobertSmith, Samuel
Benson, AmbroseHarding, JosephMorris, BenjaminSmith, Saunders
Beresford, ThomasHardwicke, WilliamMurray, JohnSmith, William
Bird, JohnHarper, WilliamNewcombe, HenrySpringay, Joseph
Bird, JohnHarris, GeorgeNewell, JamesSquirrell, Samuel
Bishop, ThomasHarris, HenryNewitt, CharlesStanford, Samuel
Blinkhorne, ThomasHarris, JohnNewman, WilliamStanley, Nicholas
Bond, JamesHartel, JohnNewton, JamesStokes, William
Bond, JohnHarvey, ChristopherNichols, WilliamSweeney, Anthony
Bovis, ThomasHarvey, StephenNorth, EdwardSweet, George
Bowley, ThomasHarvey, William (the elder)Noyce, JohnTandy, John
Braithwaite, WilliamHarvey, William (the younger)Nunn, Robert (the younger)Taylor, George
Broad, CharlesHasard, RichardOllive, RichardThomas, George
Brokin, JohnHawkes, AugustusOsman, TimothyThomas, John
Brown, GeorgeHawkins, JamesOwen, WalterThomas, John
Brown, JohnHaydon, CharlesPage, GeorgeThomas, William
Brown, ThomasHeaven, JosephPage, TraytonThompson, John
Bryley, WilliamHewitt, ThomasPallent, ThomasThompson, William
Bucknall, ThomasHill, GeorgeParsons, JohnThompson, William
Bullock, JamesHines, JamesPearce, JohnThrower, James
Burgess, ThomasHobson, HenryPearcy, SamuelTom, John
Busson, JohnHolland, RobertPearle, GeorgeTooley, William
Butwright, JohnHorton, JosephPerkins, Joseph FisherTownsley, Joseph
Canham, SimonHorton, WilliamPerry, JamesTrigwell, John
Carey, WilliamHorton, William (the younger)Petchey, JohnTurner, Daniel
Carter, GeorgeHowes, JohnPinfold, HenryTurner, James
Chapman, JohnHumphries, WilliamPinner, WilliamTurner, John
Chorley, JamesIngram, CharlesPlayle, SamuelTurner, Robert
Churchman, IsaacInsoll, BenjaminPoland, WilliamTurner, William
Coleman, JohnJamaison, GeorgePorter, WilliamVallice, James
Collard, CharlesJefferies, JohnPowell, WilliamVince, Henry
Cook, AlfredJenner, JosephPrice, JamesWade, Job
Cooke, WilliamJennings, GeorgePurdom, ThomasWainewright, Thomas Griffiths
Coombs, RobertJohnson, HenryRadford, Charles FrederickWallis, George
Crane, JohnJohnson, JonathanRafley, JosephWard, James
Crask, WilliamJohnson, WilliamRand, JohnWay, John
Cripps, IsaacJones, DanielRandall, JosephWebb, James
Crozier, WatsonJones, JohnRandall, PeterWebb, Robert
Cruell, JohnJones, JohnRattew, JohnWebb, William
Cupit, RobertJones, JohnRawlinson, ThomasWells, James
Davis, AbrahamJoyce, ThomasReed, RichardWeyman, Thomas
Davis, JohnJude, WilliamRhodes, JamesWheeler, John Brown
Davis, JohnJude, WilliamRidgeon, GeorgeWhite, George
Day, WilliamJupp, JohnRiley, JamesWhite, John
Divall, JohnJupp, PhilipRisley, JohnWhite, Thomas
Dixon, ThomasKempster, WalterRobinson, JamesWilcox, John
Donnison, ThomasKestle, RichardRogers, GeorgeWilliams, John
Doyle, GeorgeKett, IsaacRogerson, GeorgeWilliams, Thomas
Duningham, JamesKibby, WilliamRudgeley, SolomonWilliams, Thomas
East, EdwardKing, CharlesSageman, ReubenWilson, James
Evans, WilliamKing, JamesSamuels, AbrahamWiltshire, Robert
Everitt, WilliamKnowles, WilliamSaunders, JamesWinter, Henry
Eyles, GeorgeKnox, ArthurSaw, JohnWoby, John

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Susan (3) is 300 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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