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Details for the ship Rajah (1841)

Ship Name:Rajah  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1835
Size (tons):352
Voyage Details
Master:Charles Ferguson
Surgeon:James Donovan
Sailed:5 April 1841
Arrived:19 July 1841
Days Travel:105
Convicts Landed:0 males & 179 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Adshead, MaryDonovan, MaryJones, RachaelRobertson, Janet
Agnew, AgnesDundas, CharlotteJoy, MaryRobertson, Nancy
Alcock, JaneDyer, AnnKelly, AnnRook, Mary
Alexander, ElizabethEdwards, JaneKing, Mary AnnRose, Sarah
Anderson, MargaretEsp, SarahLaing, EmeliaRussell, Jean
Angus, CatherineEwer, MatildaLee, Mary AnnScreech, Ann
Archer, ElizabethFeanes, MariaLowry, CatharineScrugg, Margaret
Bailey, MaryFisher, ElizabethLucas, SarahShaw, Margaret
Bailey, Mary MariaFleming, CatherineLynch, MarySim, Mary
Bailey, SarahFogerty, JohannaLyon, MarySlater, Elizabeth
Bannon, MaryFord, MaryMac Gilligan, Mary AnnSlater, Elizabeth
Barnes, ElizabethFord, RosieMack, AnnSmith, Eliza
Barrett, ElizabethFrench, LydiaMaggs, SarahSmith, Mary
Beckwith, SarahGatehouse, GeorginaMaltman, SarahSmith, Mary
Bell, ElizabethGirdwood, MaryMander, CarolineSmith, Mary
Bevington, PetusGoulding, MaryMarr, HelenSmith, Mary Ann
Bowie, JaneGraham, HelenMarsh, Mary AnnSpeirs, Margaret
Boyce, CharlotteGrantham, SophiaMcClewer, ElizaSpreadborough, Esther
Boyle, AnnGreen, FrancesMcGunnigal, GraceStevens, Grace
Brace, AnnGreen, SarahMcLauchlan, JeanStevenson, Christian
Brown, AnnHammerton, AnneMcLeod, ChristineSullivan, Mary
Brown, ElizaHampson, MaryMiller, MargaretSullivan, Mary
Brown, HannahHarrigan, ElizabethMillward, ElizabethSweet, Margaret
Brown, MaryHarrington, MaryMorris, SarahTarton, Sarah
Burt, CatharineHarrison, Mary AnnMuir, AnnTaylor, June
Burt, JaneHawkings, ElizabethMurphy, EleanorTaylor, Sarah
Cale, JaneHeadspith, AnnMusgrove, MariaTaylor, Sarah
Callaghan, MargaretHeald, BetsyNeillis, MargaretThompson, Mary
Campbell, JoanHenley, JaneO'Connor, MaryTurner, Emily
Chapman, AnnHolden, EllenO'Neill, EllenWarren, Catherine
Chapman, JaneHorn, AnnPaddick, LouisaWeatherall, Sarah
Clapperton, IsabellaHoughton, JaneParfitt, SarahWeller, Sophia
Clark, MargaretHowarth, ElizabethPaterson, JanetWelsh, Margaret
Clark, MaryHughes, CatherinePerry, HannahWeston, Elizabeth
Clarke, ElizaHughes, SarahPindar, SarahWhitmore, Mary Ann
Clayton, ElizabethHunter, CatherineRaines, AnnWicks, Maria
Cleveland, ElizabethHutcheson, MaryRatcliffe, HarriettWilliams, Margaret
Copping, MaryJackson, RuthRawcliffe, SusannahWilliams, Martha
Dale, LouisaJohnson, MaryRedman, ElizaWilson, Jane
Davenport, AnnJohnston, JeanRichardson, MaryWilson, Mary
Davis, Mary AnnJohnstone, JeanRickard, JaneWood, Margaret
Deans, ElizaJones, AnnRiley, ElizaWoodhouse, Sarah Paliner
Dennerley, SarahJones, AnnRiley, ElizabethWoolger, Louisa
Dogherty, AgnesJones, JaneRoberts, AnneWright, Ann
Donovan, MaryJones, PhoebeRobertson, JaneWright, Mary

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Rajah is 180 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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