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Details for the ship Gilmore (3) (1843)

Ship Name:Gilmore (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1824
Size (tons):500
Voyage Details
Master:William M. Maw
Surgeon:James Syme
Sailed:14 April 1843
Arrived:19 August 1843
Route:Cape Verde Is.
Days Travel:127
Convicts Landed:249 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Addison, EdwardDuckworth, JohnKing, JamesSaunders, Richard
Alston, PeterDuckworth, JosephKnight, WilliamScherle, William
Annetts, JosephDudgeon, JohnKnox, AlexanderScott, Thomas
Bailey, WilliamDuff, JohnLawrenson, WilliamShaw, George
Ball, HenryDuffy, ThomasLeech, WilliamShaw, John
Barker, JamesDunn, JohnLees, JosephSlaughter, Henry
Barker, ThomasDykes, EdwardLennon, RossietSlaughter, Robert
Barker, WilliamEatall, AmosLewis, AlfredSmith, John
Barr, ThomasEdwards, WilliamLewis, RobertSmith, Richard
Barton, WilliamFayerman, FrancisLord, HenrySmith, William
Baston, HenryFender, GeorgeMacGuire, HughSmith, William
Batty, WilliamFidge, GeorgeMackenzie, GeorgeSmithers, George
Beard, SamuelField, JamesMansfield, WilliamSpooner, Joseph
Belben, WilliamFisher, JamesMartin, AaronStafford, Jonathan
Bell, DavidFleming, JohnMcAllister, JohnStanbrook, Joseph
Bell, GeorgeFurness, EdwardMcCarter, RobertStewart, Robert
Bliss, DanielGiddins, ThomasMcCrone, AlexanderStiles, Henry
Blissett, JosephGissing, JamesMcGee, JohnStitt, Edward
Blower, CharlesGlazebrook, WilliamMcGrade, JohnStockton, William
Bore, JohnGlover, GerardMcGrady, JohnStrain, Edward
Branchett, JohnGlover, JohnMcKenna, HughStuart, John
Brett, JamesGreen, SamuelMcKenzie, AlexanderSullivan, Martin
Britcliffe, RobertGregory, GeorgeMillard, JosephTarpey, Benjamin
Brown, GeorgeGrove, SamuelMills, AbrahamTasker, John
Brown, JamesGroves, FrederickMinns, JohnTaylor, Robinson
Brown, JohnHaines, WilliamMitchell, JamesTaylor, Thomas
Brown, JohnHall, CharlesMitchell, ThomasThomas, William
Brown, JohnHallas, JamesMorralee, GeorgeThompson, George
Brown, MichaelHampton, WilliamMortimore, WilliamThompson, Richard
Brown, WilliamHanson, EdmundMoss, AndrewThornton, James
Buchanan, JamesHardman, WilliamMurdock, JohnTurner, Henry
Buckland, WilliamHardy, SamuelNewnham, RobertTwitty, John
Buckley, HenryHarper, Frederick PeterNicholls, HenryTyers, James
Burton, JohnHazell, FrancisOakenfull, ThomasVeatch, Matthew
Campbell, RichardHeys, ThomasOliphant, John JamesWade, John
Carby, SamuelHibberd, GeorgeOnn, RobertWaile, Thomas
Carr, JamesHickman, JamesPankhurst, JohnWallis, Richard
Carr, ThomasHigginson, WilliamParker, WilliamWarburton, Robert
Carter, AlexanderHighmarsh, JamesPartington, WilliamWard, John
Castles, JohnHignell, JohnPaterson, JohnWare, James
Cave, ThomasHirst, JamesPearson, JohnWhite, James
Chaplin, WilliamHiscock, GeorgePegg, WilliamWhite, James
Childs, JohnHobbs, JamesPenn, JohnWhiting, George
Church, ThomasHolland, JamesPilkington, EdwardWhitlow, William
Clarke, AnthonyHolland, WilliamPilkington, WilliamWilkins, Charles
Clayton, GeorgeHorner, JacksonPlant, CharlesWillcox, William
Colton, HenryHughes, WilliamPlucknett, JohnWillis, Jacob
Conway, PeterHulbert, JamesPratt, JohnWilson, James
Cooper, GeorgeJerratt, AbrahamPrice, WilliamWilson, Robert
Cooper, JesseJimpson, ThomasPullan, JohnWinnington, John
Cort, ThomasJohnson, JohnReed, JamesWitchlow, Joseph
Crowther, DanielJohnson, RobertReed, ThomasWolfendale, Thomas
Crowther, HenryJohnston, JohnRees, DavidWood, John
Daly, MatthewJohnston, WilliamRoberts, DanielWood, Joseph
Dance, WilliamJones, Edward William WilliamsRoberts, JamesWood, Timothy
Davidson, JohnJones, GeorgeRobinson, JamesWood, William
Davies, WilliamJones, JohnRobinson, JohnWoodman, Philip
Delaney, WilliamJones, RobertRoger, HenryWoods, James
Dickinson, WilliamKeen, WilliamRooke, JohnWoods, William
Dilkes, JohnKellet, JohnRooms, ThomasWorman, George
Dixon, WilliamKelley, JamesRoss, DonaldWraith, David
Dowthwaite, RichardKelly, ThomasRowley, JohnWyer, David
Drewry, WilliamKershaw, CharlesRowley, William
Driver, ThomasKimber, ThomasSallows, John

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Gilmore (3) is 254 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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