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Details for the ship Equestrian (2) (1845)

Ship Name:Equestrian (2)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1842
Size (tons):801
Voyage Details
Master:Joseph L. Spence
Surgeon:Thomas Robertson
Sailed:5 July 1845
Arrived:15 October 1845
Days Travel:102
Convicts Landed:298 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Allen, ThomasEllis, CharlesJones, WilliamRoberts, William
Allestree, LeviEmery, ThomasJones, WilliamRobinson, George
Andrews, JohnEvans, JamesJoy, ThomasRobinson, John
Ashby, ThomasFaulcham, JamesJudd, ThomasRodgers, John
Ashton, JohnFear, CharlesKay, JohnRodgers, Joseph
Astley, JohnFinch, Henry JosephKenny, JamesRodgers, Richard
August, JamesFisher, CharlesKirby, FrancisRollings, Charles
Banigan, JamesFisher, GeorgeLambert, ThomasRoss, Aaron
Bannister, DennisFisher, JamesLancaster, WilliamRothwell, John
Bates, JohnFitch, ThomasLane, JeremiahRoughley, James
Beale, WilliamFord, EdwardLane, WilliamRoutley, John
Bennett, John WilliamFrancis, GeorgeLangdale, RichardRowe, George
Berry, HenryFranklin, RichardLangtree, ThomasSanderson, John
Berry, JamesFreeman, RichardLarwood, HenrySavage, Thomas
Billington, WilliamFry, JosephLeach, RobertSay, John
Bird, JohnGamble, WilliamLewis, EdmundSharp, William Thomas
Birth, JamesGardner, ThomasLillywall, ThomasShimmin, Thomas
Blundell, ThomasGauntlett, JamesLinaker, ThomasShort, John
Bowen, FrancisGay, JamesLivewight, JohnSimons, John
Boyle, JohnGilchrist, JohnLong, BenjaminSimpson, William
Bracey, GeorgeGilchrist, WilliamLow, WilliamSinger, William
Bradshaw, RichardGillespie, JamesMack, JamesSlack, Robert
Braid, JamesGillespie, JohnMackenna, CharlesSmith, George
Bridgeman, JosephGoodier, JohnMackie, CharlesSmith, George
Broad, WilliamGrandison, ThomasMadden, CharlesSmith, John
Broome, JohnGreen, JohnMaltby, GeorgeSmith, John
Brough, JamesGreen, JohnMarvin, JohnSnook, William
Brough, WilliamGriffiths, GeorgeMason, Thomas (the younger)Stack, John
Brown, JohnHalfyard, RichardMatham, JohnStafford, William
Bryant, NathanielHall, JamesMcCormick, CharlesStares, George
Buchannan, WalterHanlon, JohnMcCoy, AlexanderSteers, Thomas
Buckingshaw, JamesHanlon, MichaelMcCune, William (the elder)Stevens, John
Budgen, HenryHargreaves, JamesMcIver, DonaldStimson, Thomas
Bull, WilliamHargreaves, JohnMcKenzie, AlexanderStow, Samuel
Burgess, WilliamHarries, JohnMcLaren, GeorgeStrain, James
Burns, JohnHartley, WilliamMcMahon, BernardSullivan, John
Burt, GeorgeHatcher, JamesMerriman, JohnSutherland, James
Burtonwood, SamuelHay, GeorgeMichelson, IsaacTatham, Samuel
Butt, JamesHayes, JohnMills, JosephTaylor, Alexander
Cadman, ElijahHaynes, WilliamMoody, ThomasThomas, William
Cains, EdwardHeyes, JohnMorris, WilliamThompson, Thomas
Cant, GeorgeHicks, GeorgeMortimer, RichardThomson, Robert
Carr, WilliamHill, BenjaminMowtell, RobertTinsley, Gabriel
Carson, DavidHillman, JohnMutton, Thomas MartinToft, William
Carswell, WilliamHodges, JamesNash, GeorgeTrickett, William
Cavenah, HenryHolliday, JamesNash, MauriceTuck, Edward
Chalker, GeorgeHolliday, JohnNicol, JohnTucker, Robert
Chapman, JamesHolloway, MosesNorth, HenryWalker, Robert
Clague, RobertHooper, JosephOrford, WilliamWaugh, William
Clark, JohnHootton, JohnPalmer, JamesWeddell, Thomas
Clarke, JohnHore, John ElfordParish, JohnWells, Robert
Clinch, JohnHorrell, JamesParr, ThomasWest, Samuel
Coles, ThomasHughes, RichardParsons, GeorgeWhitehouse, Thomas
Collins, ThomasHunt, ClarePatman, JohnWhitten, William
Colston, JamesHunt, RichardPayne, FrederickWickham, Edward
Colville, RobertHurry, HenryPearce, JohnWilford, William
Courtney, JamesJames, JohnPeel, RobertWilliams, Benjamin England
Cox, JeremiahJames, WilliamPepper, JohnWilliams, James
Crawley, WilliamJenkins, WilliamPercell, JohnWilliams, John
Critchlow, JohnJohns, GeorgePhillips, ThomasWilliams, John
Cunningham, EdwardJohnson, HenryPickett, ThomasWilson, James
Daly, RichardJohnson, HenryPiddlesden, JohnWilson, John
Darby, JamesJohnson, JohnPlumley, CharlesWilson, John James
Davis, JamesJohnson, WilliamPollitt, JohnWood, William
Day, EdwardJoice, JamesPorter, ThomasWright, Joseph
Dean, JohnJones, DavidPowis, RichardWright, Thomas
Dilley, JohnJones, GeorgePriddy, CharlesWright, William
Dobson, JohnJones, GeorgeProctor, JohnWright, William
Doherty, WilliamJones, Henry JohnRatchford, MartinYates, Cornelius
Dowling, JohnJones, JohnReeves, ThomasYork, James
Dring, WilliamJones, JohnRenfree, JohnYoulton, William
Duggin, JamesJones, JohnRiddle, JamesYoung, David
Dunsby, JamesJones, JohnRigby, NoahYoung, William
Durkin, RobertJones, SamuelRoach, Robert
Edwards, RichardJones, ThomasRoberts, Edward
Ellerton, JosephJones, ThomasRoberts, John

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Equestrian (2) is 301 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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