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Details for the ship Anna Maria (2) (1852)

Ship Name:Anna Maria (2)  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1836
Size (tons):421
Voyage Details
Master:Edward M. Smith
Surgeon:W. McCrea
Sailed:6 October 1851
Arrived:26 January 1852
Days Travel:112
Convicts Landed:0 males & 196 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Allen, PhoebeDocherty, Mary AnnKnight, SarahPowhill, Mary Ann
Amphlett, MaryDoherty, AmeliaLaing, MaryPreece, Jane
Andrews, JaneDouglas, ElizabethLair, ElizaPurday, Ellen
Archibald, MarionDouglas, MargaretLane, Mary AnnReilly, Margaret
Barber, SarahDowd, MaryLawson, AnnRobertson, Christina
Beckett, Ann JaneEllis, AnnLee, MaryRobertson, Janet
Bell, ElizaErskine, MargaretLockhart, MargaretRogers, Martha
Bence, MargaretEvans, MaryLong, MaryRoss, Jane
Bennett, Mary AnnFarmer, Mary AnnLynch, ElizabethSandles, Hannah
Blick, FrancesFazakerley, CatherineLynch, HannahSaunders, Elizabeth
Bosanko, ElizabethFerguson, AnnMacDermott, BridgetScrymgeour, Jess
Bothwell, MargaretFerguson, Mary AnnMacGuire, MarySelling, Ann
Botibol, Esther HenriettaFerns, BridgetMaddich, EmmaSettle, Ann
Bradley, MatildaFraser, MargaretMalcom, HarrietShields, Catherine
Briggs, EllenGallacher, GraceMallam, ElizabethSimpson, Ellen
Brittain, Mary AnnGarratt, SarahMcCallum, CatherineSkerry, Mary Ann
Broom, ElizabethGauld, ElizabethMcCartney, MarySlater, Margaret
Brown, AnnGee, JaneMcColville, MargaretSmalley, Eliza
Brown, AnnGettans, MargaretMcCormack, MarySmith, Ann
Brown, Mary AnnGibb, ElizabethMcDonald, CatherineSmith, Ann
Bryceland, CatherineGibson, SarahMcDonald, ElizabethSmith, Hannah
Burns, MargaretGilbert, EstherMcEwan, MarySmith, Jane
Campbell, CatherineGlenn, MaryMcGhee, Mary AnnSmith, Margaret
Carnally, AnnGraham, LouisaMcGilvray, CatherineSmith, Mary
Cartmell, ElizabethGraham, MaryMcIntyre, BridgetSmith, Mary
Cartwright, FrancesHamilton, SarahMcIntyre, MarySquire, Mary Ann
Casterton, CatherineHampton, CarolineMcKay, JanetStewart, Jean
Catchlove, AnnHarris, CharlotteMcKenna, CatherineStinetto, Elizabeth
Cavannah, Rose AnnHawkins, AmeliaMcKenzie, MargaretTattersall, Margaret
Cavannah, SarahHealey, MaryMcQueen, MaryTeague, Martha
Cherry, SarahHenderson, JessMead, MaryThomas, Mary Ann
Clabby, BridgetHiggins, MaryMeyrick, MariaThorpe, Hannah Jane
Clark, JaneHoldsworth, EmmaMiller, JanetTucker, Ann
Clement, MargaretHolloway, ElizaMoore, EllenTunnicliffe, Diana
Cooke, EllenHowis, ElizaMorris, Mary AnnTunny, Eliza
Corrigan, MariaInch, MargaretMoulton, JaneTurnbull, Isabella
Crawford, Mary AnnInglis, IsobelMulheron, JaneWalker, Janet
Cummings, RosannaJaag, AnnMurphy, MaryWalker, Mary Ann
Cunningham, AnnJames, ElizaMurray, CatherineWatson, Helen
Cunningham, MayzieJames, ElizabethNelson, BridgetWatt, Mary
Cureton, AnnJohnson, ElizabethNewman, Mary AnnWelsh, Ann
Currans, AgnesJones, ElizaO'Donnell, MaryWelsh, Ann
Currie, AnnJones, EllenOgilvie, MaryWeston, Angelina
Darlington, SarahJones, SarahOliver, ElizabethWhite, Margaret
Day, AnnJoy, AnnOliver, HannahWilkinson, Eliza
Day, LydiaKelly, AnnPainter, CatherineWilliams, Eliza
Dennington, ElizabethKelly, JanePark, JaneWilliams, Mary
Dickson, AnnKennedy, MaryPennington, EmmaWillis, Catherine
Dimmock, MaryKenny, Rose JanePhillips, FannyWillis, Susan
Dixon, AnnKillgriff, EllenPlant, AnnWright, Ann

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Anna Maria (2) is 200 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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