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Details for the ship Sir Robert Seppings (1852)

Ship Name:Sir Robert Seppings  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1844
Size (tons):628
Voyage Details
Master:R. S. Stewart
Surgeon:L. S. Cunningham
Sailed:18 March 1852
Arrived:8 July 1852
Days Travel:112
Convicts Landed:0 males & 219 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Adams, CatherineEveritt, Mary AnnLamond, JeanRiley, Ellen
Adams, JanetFalconer, EllenLangley, AmeliaRobinson, Martha
Alexander, LilliasFalconer, MargaretLeigh, ElizaRodgers, Elizabeth
Alford, AnnFay, MariaLindsay, AnnRogers, Caroline Gertrude
Allan, JaneField, MargaretLogan, JeanRogers, Mary
Anderson, AnnForeman, MargaretLyons, BridgetRowe, Mary
Anderson, JeanFrankland, CatharineMacArdle, CatherineRyan, Mary
Anderson, MargaretFreeman, EllenMacDonald, AnnRyan, Susan
Anderson, MaryGallocher, RosaMacKeogh, Mary AnnSaville, Elizabeth
Andrews, ElizaGant, CarolineMacLeod, MarionScholes, Ann
Attwood, ElizabethGardner, IsabellaMagner, JuliaShannon, Catherine
Bale, SarahGiles, JaneManwarren, SusanSimpson, Mary
Ballantyne, ElizabethGillon, AlisonMarker, Mary AnnSmall, Jane
Bateman, MaryGirvan, AnnMarshall, JaneSmith, Alice
Bebe, HannahGleed, SusannahMartin, AnnSmith, Eleanor
Beevers, ElizaGlover, JaneMartin, MargaretSmith, Elizabeth
Bentley, MaryGorman, MaryMaynard, MargaretSmith, Elizabeth
Booth, AnnGraham, Mary AnnMcCormack, MargaretSmith, Isabella
Brash, JaneGreen, ElizabethMcDonald, CatherineSmith, Margaret
Brodly, MargaretGrindlay, JanetMcDonald, CatherineSmith, Mary
Brown, CatherineHalbert, AnnMcFarlane, AnnSmith, Mary Jane
Brown, Mary AnnHandiland, JaneMcGuire, MarySnowden, Elizabeth
Brown, SarahHandley, MariaMcGuire, MaySteward, Jane
Browning, HannahHart, MargaretMcIntosh, JanetStewart, Catherine
Buck, AgnesHenderson, AnnMcIntyre, HelenStewart, Margaret
Burke, CatherineHewens, HarrietMcKee, HarrietSwap, Ann
Burns, SarahHicks, Mary AnnMcKennay, MargaretThompson, Elizabeth
Callagan, CatharineHill, ElizaMcMenemy, AnnThompson, Mary Ann
Capon, Agnes FrancisHill, Sarah AnnMcWalter, ElizabethThompson, Mary Ann
Collins, MaryHines, MaryMellor, ElizabethThorn, Faith Martha
Combs, MargaretHinton, SarahMiller, MargaretTimms, Ann Maria
Condrey, BridgetHogan, Mary AnnMoorhouse, AnnTweedie, Marion
Connell, BridgetHornby, JaneMorris, CharlotteTyson, Ann
Coulson, ElizabethHuggins, JaneMorris, NancyVernon, Ann
Couper, JessieHughes, MaryMunro, MargaretWall, Ann
Crabtree, Mary AnnHunter, MaryNaylor, SarahWallace, Ann
Crawfield, EllenHyde, HannahNisbet, MaryWatt, Agnes
Crawford, SarahIsaacs, SusanO'Neil, AnnWatts, Charlotte
Crighton, MaryJackson, Mary AnnOrton, AnnWebster, Eliza
Crook, AnnJackson, Mary RachaelOsborne, MarthaWeir, Janet
Cruikshank, AnnJohn, HannahParker, MaryWells, Harriet
Daley, MargaretJohnston, ElizaParkin, PhoebeWilliams, Bridget
Darroch, MargaretJohnstone, ElizaPatten, ElizabethWilliams, Catherine
Davidson, HelenJones, AnnPerry, AnnWilliams, Margaret
Davis, ElizabethJones, EmmaPetty, MaryWilliams, Susan
Davis, JaneJones, HannahPratt, HarriettWillis, Caroline
Dawson, AnnJones, JanePrendergast, ElizabethWilson, Ann
Dawson, AnnJones, JanePreston, MariaWilson, Harriet
Dawson, ElizaJones, MaryPrice, Mary AnnWilson, Jane
Detheridge, MaryJones, MaryPritchard, RachaelWilson, Jane
Dinham, AnnJones, Mary AnnProctor, CharlotteWolfe, Ann
Divine, ElizabethJones, SarahProsser, Mary AnnWood, Elizabeth
Doran, SabinaJoyce, Mary AnnRankine, MaryWright, Eliza
Douglas, JaneKeaton, ElizabethRattray, Isabella
Eccles, GraceKennedy, MaryReddoch, Barbara
Etherington, AnnKing, Mary AnnRennie, Sophie

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Sir Robert Seppings is 221 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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