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Hawkesbury Community College  
Education Details
Contact Name:  
Address:  Suite 9, Civic Arcade
 225 Windsor Street
 Richmond NSW 2753

 P.O. Box 272 
 Richmond NSW 2753

Phone:  +61-2-45885466
Fax:  +61-2-45885454
For enquiries, email:  admin@hawkesburycommunitycollege.com.au
Website Address:  http://www.hawkesburycommunitycollege.com.au/
Education Type:  Adult
Hawkesbury Community College is located in Richmond




Description: The college offers short courses packed with essential information so you can get to the core of what you need to know quickly and apply it straight away.

The courses are held at different times in 10 locations throughout the Hawkesbury which means you can fit your learning into your life with the minimum of disruption.

Over 160 courses are offered during the day, weekends and in the evenings each term.


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