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Hawkesbury River County Council
Government Services Details
Purpose  Eradication of Noxious Weeds
Meetings  3rd Thursday of even months
Address:  PO Box 6021
 South Windsor Delivery Centre NSW 2756

 6 Walker Street
 South Windsor NSW 2756

Phone:  +61-2-45870230
Fax:  +61-2-45877354
For enquiries, email:  council@hrcc.nsw.gov.au
Website Address:  http://www.hrcc.nsw.gov.au
Government Services Type:  Local Government Councils
Hawkesbury River County Council is located in South Windsor

Hawkesbury River County Council




Description: DELEGATES (2) COUNCILS (4)

Baulkham Hills:
Hawkesbury: Clr Henry (Ted) Books
Penrith: Clr John Thain

General Manager: Mr Edward J Dobson
Member: Clr Les Shore
Member: Clr Jackie Greenow
Member: Clr Charlie Lowles
Member: Clr Bob Porter
Member: Clr Leo Kelly
Member: Clr Raymond Harty
Weeds Operations Manager: Mr David Karlson
Chair: Clr John Thain
Deputy: Clr Henry (Ted) Books
Auditors: Truman & Co


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