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Memorial from the Colonists 1822
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Source:  Historical Records of Australia, Series I, Vol. X, pp.738-744
List Type:  Government
Dates Covered:  1822


Re: Payments by the Government in Spanish Dollars

On the 2nd September 1822 a selection of Colonists wrote to Governor Thomas Brisbane in relation to the method of payment by the Commissariat in Spanish Dollars. These men listed themselves as "Inhabitants, Landholders, Merchants & Free colonists of New South Wales". The inhabitants were concerned with the financial loss as well as the depreciation of their property and they wished to be paid in Sterling. The memorialists gave their "support for measures of economy" but hoped the Governor would give the matter his full attention. The signatories to the letter were a number of influential men of the time as well as signatures from the districts of Liverpool, Parramatta, Castlereagh and Windsor. The signatures from Windsor (in full) were as follows, it is in alphabetical order by first name:


Andrew Johnston
Arch'd Bell
Benjn. Jouth (sic)
Daniel Smallwood
David Horton
Elias Bishop
G. Cox
G. S. Hall
George Blummer
George Bowman
George Hall
H. Baldwin
H. Cox
Henry Fleming
Henry Fras. Seymour
J. Jones
J. P. Mackenzie
James Dawson
James Hall
James Mileham
James Min
Jno. McDonald
Jno. Stevenson
John Booth
John Bowman
John Davis
John Dight
John Graham
John Hall
John Howe
John Town
John Trill
Joseph Orms (sic)
Joseph Smith
Law'ce May
Math'w Thomson (sic)
Matt'w Hughes
Moses Nelson
Paul Bushel
Peter McAlpine
Philip Thorley
R. Kedge
Robert Martin
Robert Smith
Stephen Dunn
Stephen Tuckman (sic)
T. Parmeter
Thomas Griffith
Thomas Jones
Thomas Parnell
Thos. Arndell
Thos. Dargon, Junr.
William Bell
Willm. Hall
Wm. Baker
Wm. Bowman
Wm. Cox, Clarendon
Wm. Cox, Junr.
Wm. Faithful
Wm. Mason


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