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Tickets of Leave Granted Hawkesbury District 1832  
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Source:  Government Gazette, 12th March 1832 p.24, 17th April 1832 p.62; 22nd May 1832 p.103, 27th June 1832 p.151, 9th July 1832 p.182, 1st October 1832 p.319, 25th November 1832 p.427, 17th December 1832 p.468
List Type:  Convicts
Dates Covered:  1832


NAME SHIP T.O.L.  GRANTED  AT DATE (see abbreviations below)
Bacon, John/td> Henry Windsor E
Bartholomew, Joseph Mangles (3) Windsor H
Bradley, John Cambridge Windsor H
Breen, Michael Boyne Windsor B
Broadhurst, Thomas Marquis of Huntley (1) Windsor H
Brouder, William Eliza (3) Windsor A
Bulger, Walter Marquis of Huntley (2) Windsor B
Butson, Samuel * see CHARD
Bywater, John Marquis of Hastings (3) Windsor H
Byrne, James Medina Windsor B
Castle, Thomas Baring (2) Windsor C
Chard alias Butson, Samuel Bussorah Merchant Windsor H
Clarker, William Grenada (1) Windsor E
Connor, Charles Morley (4) Windsor E
Cormack, James * see COZENS
Cozens alias Cormack, James Guildford (5) Windsor G
Crawford, William John Barry (2) Windsor C
Creech, William Mangle (5) Windsor F
Crossley, Thomas Phoenix (3) Windsor H
David, James John (1) Windsor A
Davis, William Albion (2) Windsor H
Dawson, William John (1) Windsor A
Desmond, Daniel Marquis of Huntley (2) Windsor B
Doyle, Peter Borodino Windsor G
Driscoll, James Borodino Windsor F
Faulkner, Adam Countess of Harcourt (5) Windsor
Fitzgerald, Thomas Asia (2) Windsor A
Flin, James Eliza (3) Windsor A
Fox, Terence Isabella (3) Windsor H
Garbutt, William Maria (2) Windsor E
Gernfield, James Surry (4) Windsor F
Green, John Fame Portland Head D
Habberfield, Joseph Florentia (1) Windsor A
Hammond, William Countess of Harcourt (3) Windsor H
Hazeldine, Richard Earl Spencer Windsor F
Hemsley, William Prince Regent Windsor E
Higgins, Christopher Guildford (7) Windsor G
Holland, John General Hewitt Windsor A
Horne, James Hindostan Windsor B
Howarth, Robert Florentia Windsor E
Hudson, David Mangles (3) Windsor H
Hughes, James or Edward Cambridge Windsor A
Ireland, Robert Asia (1) Windsor C
Irwin, Edward Mangles (5) Windsor G
James, Charles Ocean (3) Windsor G
Jeffrey, Edward Bussorah Merchant (1) Windsor H
Johnstone, George Asia Windsor A
Joiner, Thomas John Windsor B
Keenan, Patrick Morley (4) Windsor E
Kerling, Edward Guildford Windsor F
Landers, James Borodino Windsor H
Law, Benjamin Ocean (2) Windsor
Leach, Thomas John (1) Windsor A
Leeson, James Providence Windsor B
Lockers, Christopher Mariner (1) Windsor E
McCarthy, Bartholomew Eliza (3) Windsor C
McCoy, John Guildford Windsor
McGraw, John Morley (4) Windsor E
Mercer, Joseph Guildford Windsor C
Mongovan, James Marquis of Huntley (2) Windsor B
Morton, John Mangles (1) Windsor F
Mulheran, Thady Brampton Windsor B
Munro, Fraser Ebenezer  Hercules (2) Windsor B
Murphy, John Sophia Windsor E
Murphy, Patrick Cambridge Windsor B
Norris, James  Royal Charlotte Windsor A
Oliver, Alexander Thalia Windsor C
O'Neill, John Earl St. Vincent Windsor A
Pay, Johnson Florentia (1) Windsor H
Pidgeon, James John Windsor B
Price, Benjamin Florentia (1) Windsor H
Quinlan, Darby Castle Forbes (2) Windsor B
Redford, Thomas Sesostris Portland Head C
Reen, Patrick Mangles (2) Windsor B
Reynolds, William Countess of Hastings (3) Windsor H
Roach, Walter Isabella Windsor F
Robinson, Charles Mangles Windsor G
Rogers, William Sesostris Windsor F
Ryan, Dennis Earl St. Vincent Windsor F
Sephton, Richard Eliza (1) Richmond A
Smith, John Speke Windsor A
Smith, Thomas Ferguson Windsor A
Stark, Matthew Mary (2) Windsor C
Stevenson, William Eliza (4) Windsor F
Stott, James Countess of Harcourt (4) Windsor H
Suggett, Robert Champion Windsor H
Sullivan, John Boyne Windsor H
Taylor, William Asia (6) Windsor H
Thompson, Henry Surry (4) Windsor A
Walker, James Canada (5) Windsor F
Walsh, John  John (1) Windsor H
Walsh, John Marquis of Huntley (2) Windsor C
West, Phillip Marquis of Hastings (2) Windsor G
Wolly, John Guildford (2) Windsor C


A 12-03-1832 p.24
B 17-04-1832 p.62
C 22-05-1832 p.103
D 27-06-1832 p.151
E 09-07-1832 p.182
F 01-10-1832 p.319
G 25-11-1832 p.427
H 17-12-1832 p.468

Note: Page numbers refer to the "Government Gazette" during 1832


Credits: Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - May 1994.


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