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Coroner's Inquest 1840-52  
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Source:  Registers of Coroner’s Inquests, SR Reel 2921, State Records NSW
List Type:  Court records
Dates Covered:  1840-52


Coroner's Inquests in the Hawkesbury - a selection from the registers of Coroner's Inquest.

John McGuiness d. 1.7.1840 Richmond Accidently killed
Honorah Mansfield d. 1.7.1840 Richmond Visitation of God
John Grono d. 22.12.1842 Windsor Natural causes
William Townsend d. 28.12.1842 Windsor Accidently drowned
Rebecca Cox d. 6.7.1845 Richmond Accidently burned
William Wilmot d. 12. 7. 1845 Richmond Apolexy – internally
Patrick Collins d. 31.7.1845 Windsor Accidently killed
William Eaton d. 21.8.1845 Richmond Natural causes
Lucinda Huxley d. 7.9.1845 Portland Head Accidently scalded
William Davis d.16.9.1845 Pitt Town Visitation of God
Edward Rohen? d.16.9.1845 Windsor Accidently died
Catherine Sheehan d.22.9.1845 Windsor Apolexy
Charlotte Hensley d. 7.9.1851 Windsor Accidently killed
Joseph Mortley d. 15.6.1852 Windsor Natural causes

Credits: Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - May 1994.


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