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Hawkesbury Benevolent Society List of Donations 1846
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Source:  Annual Report of the Hawkesbury Benevolent Society & Windsor Hospital 1846
List Type:  Donations
Dates Covered:  1846


The Hawkesbury Benevolent Society was established in 1818 with "the sole object of which shall be the support and relief by voluntary contributions of all real objects of charity within the districts of Windsor, Richmond, Wilberforce, Portland Head and Pitt Town." The first committee were elected in 1819 consisting of William Cox, Rev Robert Cartwright, James Mileham, John Brabyn, Archibald Bell, John Jones, Henry Baldwin, Thomas Pitt & George Hall. The Committee was to meet monthly & to provide "some permanent relief in aid of the poor, aged & infirm" in the district. The Society also hoped to assist families distressed from floods. The Hawkesbury Benevolent Society later took over the running of the Windsor Hospital in the 1840s and the society was disbanded only recently (in the 1980s) when the Western Area Health took over. The Society published Annual Reports from the early 1830s and listed subscribers and persons making donations of money & goods in kind which are a good source for family historians. These reports are in the Mitchell Library (as well as other miscellaneous papers) and the Windsor Library has an incomplete set of Annual Reports.

List of persons making a donation to the Hawkesbury Benevolent Society and listed in the "Annual Report of the Hawkesbury Benevolent Society & Windsor Hospital for the year 1846". A total of 64/7/9 was donated with amounts ranging from 2/6- to 4/14/9.

A Friend
Thomas Ambrose
George Ancel
Samuel Armour
Thomas Arndell
Mr J Atkinson
Mr Arndell
James Abbott
John Baker
Thomas Brown
Gabriel Brady
John Bailey
E J Blaxland Esq.
Francis Beddek Esq.
Mrs F Beddek
Miss Beddek
Master Beddek
Mrs Blatchford
Mrs C Barker
Mr J Beveridge
Mr R E Bourne
Thomas Byrne
W Bowman Esq. M.C.
H Butsworth (sic)
Mrs W G Burgis
Mr W Blanchard
William Crew
John Curneen (sic)
Thomas Carty
Mr A Cornwall
Miss E Chapman
Mr J Cope
James Cotton
Robert Dick
Mrs Donovan
Charles Daley
Mrs Dargin
Miss Dargin
Mrs Doyle
Mr T Dent
Mr M J Everingham
Mr Everingham (Tertius)
Mr M Everingham Snr
Mr W Everingham Snr
Mr G Everingham
Joseph Fernance
John Fernance
John Fernance Snr
James Fernance
John Fleming
James Fleming
Mr R Fitzgerald Esq. J.P.
Mrs Fraser
Mr T Freeman
Geroge Freeman
Mr W Farlow
Thomas Gurney
John Galloway
Mr T Graham
William Goss
John Gough
Miss Grylls
John Horan
Mr W Harrington
James Hale Esq.
Miss Hale
James Hall
Mr F Herne (sic)
William Hall
Mr R Howarth
Mrs Mary Hassall
James Ingram
John Jones
Mrs A Johnston
R. Johnson Esq.
Mrs Izzard
Mr R Jurd
James Jurd
John Jeffery
William Kehoe
Senis B Kerwan
Barnet Levy
Michael Lamb
John Lowe
M. McQuade Esq.
Daniel Meehan
Mr J Mountford
Mr Morris
John Martin
Mr G Manning
Peter McCabe
James Metcalf
William Nowland
Samuel Paul
Mr T Parnell
Mr G M Pitt
Miss Panton
Mr R Page
Edward Quaife
William Ross
John Robinson
Mr J Richardson
Mrs R Ridge
Mr D Rogers
Mr R Sheen
Mr Sullivan
Walter Scott
Mrs Charles Soole
Miss Soole
Mr Stretton
Mr J Suffolk
Phillip Smith
Mrs W F Stewart
Mr G Seymour
Mr R Seymour
Mr R Smith
Mrs Smith
Thomas Stewart
James Smith
John Smith
Mr C Sommers
George Spice
Mr G Sternbeck
Mr R Sherriff
Mr G Turnbull
Mr W Thompson
John Teale
Thomas Tebbutt Esq.
John Tebbutt
Charles Tilly
Mrs Tredaway
S Tuckerman Esq.
Mr G Thompson
Mr G Tomside
Mrs Thompson
Mr T Templeton
Mr J Williams
William Walker
James Wood
John Walker
John Ward
Thomas Wall
Mr C Williams
James Ward
Jonatham Walcom
John Yeomans
Sacramental offering via Rev John Elder


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