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Hawkesbury Electors 1860
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Source:  Advertising. The Sydney Morning Herald 14 December 1860 p. 6. Retrieved 23.1.2011, Cite:
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Dates Covered:  1860


"TO MR DARVALL Esq - We the undersigned electors of the Hawkesbury, impressed with a due sense of the honesty, talent, and ability which you have always evinced in the representation of our district, in Parliament, beg to request that you will allow yourself again to be placed in nomination for the Hawkesbury in the ensuing Parliament; and in the event of your so doing, we pledge ourselves to use our best endeavours to secure your return.


Thomas Arndell
Richard Arnold
James Ascough
George Atkins
John Barker
John Barrett
John Basham
John Basham
William Benson
Richard Bonas
George Bowman
Joseph Bredall
Joseph Brown
George Brown
George Brown, senior
John Buttsworth
Patrick Byrne
Thomas Cambridge
John Carney
Thomas Chaseling
Edward Chatterton
Joseph Clark
Richard W. Cobcroft
David Cobcroft
James Cobcroft
George Cobcroft
John Cobcroft
George Cobcroft
Joseph Cope
William Cormick
C. C. Cox
John Crappen
David Cross
Thomas Cross
William Cross
John Crowley
Patrick Cummings
John Davis
George Davis
Syrus Davis
James Davis
George Deane
Joseph Dorset
John Dunstan
Stephen Dunston
Richard Edwards
James B. Edwards
John Ezzy
William J. Ezzy
Henry Ezzy
Richard Ezzy
Joseph Fairs
Michael Fitzpatrick
John Ford
Henry Forrester
George Freeman
John Gardner
James Geehan
Alexander Gough
Robert Greentree
Richard Gregory
Hugh M. Guyre
John Hale
John Hall
William Hall
Daniel Harriskey
James Harriskey
Thomas H. Hart
Thomas Hartley
Joseph Hawkins
Daniel Higgins
Robert Hobbs
James Holmes
James Holmes Randle
George Holton
John Hoskisson, junior
John Hoskisson, senior
Owen Hunt
Samuel Hurst
John Hurst
William O. Irwin
George Islaub
Edward Ivall, junior
Joseph Jackland
John Jackland
William Jones, junior
William Jones, senior
Thomas Kearns
Joseph Kermond
Israel Leet
Michael Mahoney
Thomas Maloney
Arthur Maly
George Marden
Charles Mather
Richard Mawson
William Maxwell
C. W. May
Thomas Mitchell
John Molloy
Jeffrey Morris
H. A. Morrison
John Morton
Joseph Munday
Patrick Murphy
James Nagal
Daniel Neal
Frederick Nichols
Joseph Onus
John Ovens
James Overton
John Overton
William Parnell
William Pearce
Robert Peck
Henry Peck
Thomas Phillips
Joseph Pitt
Henry Platt
Henry Powell
George Rabie
Benjamin Richards
Richard Richards
Thomas Ridley
William Roberts
Edward Roberts
Robert Roberts
R. Robinson
James Rose
Thomas Rose
Thomas Ryan
John Savage
William Scarff
Morgan Sheehy
Thomas Sherwood
William Shiels
John Silly
James Smallwood
James Smith
William Smith
Alfred Smith
Charles Smith
William Smith, junior
Thomas Stewart
John Stewart
Edward Stranger
Thomas Stubbs
Thomas Tebbutt
Robert Thorley Bolton, M. A.
William Town
John Town
James Upton
James Upton, Junior
James Upton, senior
Robert Wade
Thomas Wall
James Walmsly
Michael Walter
Richard Weavers
David Wenban
William Wenman
James Wilbow
John Wilson
Edward Wilson
Timothy Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Job Wilson, Junior
Job Wilson, senior
Denis Wolfe
James Wright

(171 signatures)
Sydney, 13th December, 1860.

To R. W. Cobcroft, Esq , and the Electors who have signed the above Requisition. GENTLEMAN-The renewed expression of your confidence is deeply gratifying to me. However reluctant to involve my friends and my esteemed colleague in a contest with a former supporter, I cannot allow any personal considerations to interfere with my duty to yon. My best services are at your disposal, and if elected I trust that my efforts to facilitate the purchase of land, without unreasonable conditions, and to secure economical, just and liberal government, will not be fruitless. I remain, Gentlemen, Yours very faithfully, JOHN BAYLEY DARVALL


Sir John Bayley Darvall 1809-1883 was a barrister and politician, who arrived from England on the “Abberton” in 1839. His parents and siblings arrived the following year. He was admitted to the bar in 1839 and also had interests in the pastoral and finance industry. In 1844 he was a Member of the NSW Legislative Council but he resigned in 1848. He was then elected as the Member for Cumberland serving between 1851-1856. He was also a member of the Legislative Assembly between 1856 and 1865.

Darvall was involved in various businesses and organisations including the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Sydney Chamber of Commerce and Australian Club. He also served as Solicitor-General and Attorney-General.

Darvall resigned in 1865 and departed for England and he returned to the law. He was awarded the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, a British order of chivalry, the Companion (C. M.G.) in 1869 and then the Knight Commander (K.C.M.G.) in 1877 for his services to the Commonwealth. Sir Darvall died in 1883 in London.

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